Season 2 Episode 21

Take These Broken Wings

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 09, 1996 on NBC

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  • Painful to watch Susan's suffering...

    Susan is the one in this episode, really making it special. Those somehow pointless and not fitting monologues in the middle of the other actions, they just really make you feel... different. The deep sadness, the pain and the feeling - I have feel it too. The horrible feeling inside, not able to let go, same time knowing you have to. It is a pain tearing you apart. And seeing all those things what make connections for us with those lost - making the pain even deeper.. and us.. trying to get over it. And there is not much to say, not much others can do. It is only the one in pain.. and sometimes leaving some things behind, trying to lost objects belonged to the left one - it does can help. For me all that struggle with Susan - it is the same I have been going around past year, not found a way out yet. That's why this episode was just so emotional and meaningful for me.

    Take those broken wings and learn to fly... I wish it would be so easy
  • Susan goes to a therapist to deal with not having little Susie anymore, Jeanie finds out that her husband has HIV which causes strain between her and Benton and Hathaway lies to protect her boyfriend, Shep after he injures someone while on the job.

    This episode was a bit of a tearjerker yet still a very special episode. While watching Susan talk to the therapist about what she went through giving Little Susie back to Chloe and how she felt about it, you as a viewer feel for Susan. You almost feel her lose yourself. You realize in this episode that Susan loved little Susie as if she had given birth to her and Susie was her own daughter. And then you witness her putting Susie in Chloe's car. It was just sad. The storyline involving Hathaway and Shep shows that sometimes if you love someone you will do anything for them even lie for them just so that they keep their job. It makes you think if you would actually do that for someone you loved. This was a great episode for all the reasons that make it just an amazing t.v. series.
  • Susan Lewis discusses her feelings about the departure of her niece, a young patient cannot play sports due to her illness, and various other events.

    I bought the Season 2 DVD just for this episode, which is sad and touching and utterly realistic. Susan Lewis is obviously suffering the loss of her niece, who was taken away from her by Susan's sister, Chloe. Susan had been counting on getting custody of the child, only to have her yanked away when her sister returned to fetch "Little Suzie." The other part of the story, with the young girl whose illness is going to prevent her from playing in a tournament, is good as well. The other goings-on in the episode are, for me, an also-ran. I paid more attention to how Dr. Lewis was coping. I found the ending of the episode utterly hardbreaking, and incredibly well done. While Susan did the voice-over about loving her little story book and not feeling alone, the viewer saw Dr. Lewis enter a church, during what looked like a baptism, complete with beautiful choral music, and place a toy, left over from Suzie, in a pew, then walk away as the music came to an end. Roll credits. Not a dry eye in the house, I bet. I can't get through the ending without tearing up, and I'm sure others may feel the same way. This episode showed the Glory Days of ER.
  • very memorable episode

    This episode always makes me sad because of the way it's shown. It is definitely the saddest that doesn't involve anyone dying or being seriously ill. It is kind of cool to hear Dr Lewis' perspective on what's going on while she is talking to the therapist, who ironically, we never see or hear. The ending is great, I can never forget the quote at the end, which I posted under quotes. We also see another great storyline with Carter's patient TC who is in liver failure. It must have been incredibly hard for her to know that she would have to be in the hospital rather than playing in her tournament. The other two storyline with Doug and his dad and the one with Carol and Shep aren't as good, but it is still a great episode.