Season 14 Episode 18

Tandem Repeats

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Another ok episode.

    In this episode we discover that, Morris is in therapy after being taken hostage in the previous episode. Abby goes for a new job and the ER gets a new medical student. Lois is in an accident and is brought into the ER. Her mother is called and from her reaction when she arrives, we learn that she was a he and her mother didn't know. They haven't seen each other in 6 years.

    Jerry & the security guard watches footage of people having sex in the hospital. It is Sam and Gates on the tape, and yet no one seems to realise. Lois is in liver failure, as she had hormone injections from Mexico. Gates tries to get the disc which has him and Sam on. Sheryl (from previous episode) 's condition is getting worse. We learn that Abby has accepted the other job offer. Lois's father turns up and we learn that she has to have a liver transplant. Then Abby mentions that a parent could be a match. Gates gets back the disc only at Morris's trauma speech, it becomes known that gates took back the wrong disc and so the sex tape is played to everyone. Lois's mother is a match but she also has a condition due to the fact that she used to drink. And so she can't donate. Lois's heart stops, but they manage to bring her back. Father asks if she is alright and Abby tell him that she will keep arresting or die until she gets a new liver. Now everyone in the ER knows that Sam and Gates are sleeping together. Neela watches Sheryl's family's videos on their family websites and she starts to cry. Pratt speaks to Abby about her job and Morris goes back to therapy. Pratt makes an announcement to the ER that Abby is new attending. She phones Luka and leaves a voice mail for him to tell him the good news.