Season 13 Episode 10

Tell Me No Secrets...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC
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Luka is startled when he spies Ames lurking outside his apartment building. The police can do nothing, so Luka decides to confront the problem himself. Pratt struggles to cope with his brother's "coming out." Luka and Gates treat a teenage girl found in front of her school, bleeding and apparently raped. As Abby and Neela try to figure out what happened, Luka must help the girl's mother cope with the assault. Abby's friend from Ike's returns.moreless

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  • Some personal troubles

    This episode seems to be the one, where everyone is effected of troubles around them. A lot of dramatic and tragic scenes. First the little children and the whole story why things went as they went. Then ofcourse Luka and Abby. Luke does what he thinks is the right thing and while doing it she hurts Abby's feelings and those last scenes trying to get a taxi - it really showed the variety of the emotions they have around.

    And Ray and Neela and Gates. I think what Ray said was right and Neela just does not understand yet what she is getting herself in as with few beautiful words she is ready to play the came Gates wants.moreless
  • This is an example of the versatility of Goran Višnjic's acting; he is equally good at playing tender, caring scenes and violently dramatic ones, as this episode shows.

    Cutest scene turning into scary scene: Luka feeding little Joe, seeing Curtis Ames through the window and running outside, but Ames can't be seen anywhere. A scene that leaves you with an ice cold feeling of worry.

    Best scene: Luka in the locker room comforting Angela. It's such a sad sad story.... Best "angry Luka scene": Luka threatening Ames. Goran is very credible as "angry Luka" (and, judging by earlier seasons of the show, Luka has always reacted like this when Abby has been under some kind of threat). Forrest Whitaker is excellent, as usual, and I have to say it again: Forrest and Goran work so well together.

    Best "angry Abby scene": Abby freaking out after Luka eventually tells her about Curtis Ames.

    Weirdest scene: The patient with an ice pick in his head.moreless
  • A little bit of everything for everyone...

    My memory's already a little fuzzy over what happened because once I finished watching this episode I went upstairs and watched about four episodes from season 10, but here goes...

    Pratt: His relationship with his brother Chaz is still pretty shaky...but if he weren't such a womanizer it might have been easier for him to accept his brother's sexual orientation. But, Pratt is...Pratt. What else are you gonna do about it?

    Patients: Firstly, that guy with the icepick stuck in his ear to block the demons? I saw the episode of Untold Stories of the ER where this was featured,and it was imitated nearly exactly. Thanks to this guy, Hope gained some respect, and we all got to watch Morris knock Creepshaw---erm, Crenshaw, down a notch. But then again, Crenshaw was absolutely right: you're never supposed to just pull things out like that. More trauma is usually caused *after* foreign objects are removed...just pulling the ice pick out like that would have likely resulted in severe bleeding and damage. But we dislike Crenshaw and root for Mo-mo-morris!

    Quote of the show was definitely right after Morris's speech:

    Hope: I could kiss you right now.

    Morris: Really?

    Hope: Umm...Now it's gone. ...

    The other patient made me extremely sad....poor girl. Nobody should have to feel that they have to do that to themselves.

    Oooh and the new and potential couples...!

    Ray and Katey? What's with the secrecy? Everyone in the ER has more or less slept with everyone else at some point or another, and trying to hide that relationship is like trying to hide from someone by standing the middle of the room and covering your eyes, shouting "You can't see me!"

    Ooh and watch out, Nurse Ben! Let's see, he's strong, he's quick-acting in emergency situations(always a bonus when working in the ER, right?) and he's very straightforward with his thoughts and emotions. Sounds like a female version of Sam to me. Obviously this is gonna be Sam's new relationship to make up for crushing Samka-believers' souls with the return of Luby and with the death of the only other man in Sam's life(not that he was very much of a man)...I like Ben so far, but I think that he and Sam are far too much alike for this ship to sail very far.

    And how can we forget Luby:

    Surprise, Surprise! Luka cannot communicate to save his life! You think that after sinking so many relationships through lack of communication that he would make *some* effort...but I suppose old habits die hard. As for the EL scene: You want to make things up to someone, get on the EL...everything gets better on the EL.moreless
  • teenaged girl is found in front of her school, bleeding and apparently raped. As Luka and Gates treat her, Abby and Neela try figure out the truth about what happened, while Luka must help the girl's mother.moreless

    Great episode and good title. I so like when Luka gets angry because he sees Ames but then he is gone. Then he threatens Ames when he said he wasn't their and trying to live his life day by day. I like when Luka is talking to the cop dude and he said that Ames is just a loser with a crappy job! Haha! That was so funny! I so don't get why that girl would cut herself even though I know she was drepressed but most people when they are depresses just cut their wrists and not their whole body.moreless
  • Ok, this was a good one just because Hope and Morris.

    Let's check the comments:

    ~> Chaz: still not decided ?

    ~> Kerry & Greg: discussing homossexuality? what an impressive pair !

    ~> Joe, you are really cute ! Your laugh is music, boy !!!

    ~> Tata Luka, how about feeding me ?

    ~> Hope, you are THE doctor ! Romantic dinners ? You are great, girl !

    ~> Neela & Gates: oh my God ! this is becoming so boring. Make up your mind, woman. Fight or give up but decide now...

    ~> Swallowing a mobile ? You people are nuts, for sure...

    ~> Who is this Eddie ? My guess he is Abby's father. But don't tell me.. At least this surprise I want to enjoy...

    ~> New guy Ben: smart guy ! Sam, give a try!

    ~> Migranine, uh? Oh, boy, as I said, you people are nuts, for double-sure...

    ~> Angela's kid: I must be getting dumb with the aging, but I really didn't get why the girl did that to herself... Ok witnessing the rape of her mother must have been quite shocking, but then hurting herself ? Really, someone please help...

    ~> Ok, Chaz, then you have decided. Hey, Greg, what now ? ~> Morris, let me pull it, let me pull it !!!!

    ~> Ames knows about Luka's past ? How come ? Did I miss something? Or is it to be explained yet ?

    ~> Hope, kiss him, Morris is the guy! ~> Told you, Luka, bad decision not to tell Abby about the Ames situation... Told you !!!moreless
Goran Visnjic

Goran Visnjic

Dr. Luka Kovac

Laura Innes

Laura Innes

Dr. Kerry Weaver

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Nurse Sam Taggart

Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer

Dr. Greg Pratt

Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes

Dr. Archie Morris

Shane West

Shane West

Dr. Ray Barnett

Fred Ward

Fred Ward


Guest Star

Paige Hurd

Paige Hurd

Danielle Davis

Guest Star

Jordan Ballard

Jordan Ballard

Trudy Grovener

Guest Star

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker

Curtis Ames

Recurring Role

Charlayne Woodard

Charlayne Woodard

Angela Gilliam

Recurring Role

J. P. Manoux

J. P. Manoux

Dr. Dustin Crenshaw

Recurring Role

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    • Katey: (examining the X-ray of a patient) How'd he get an ice pick shoved in his ear?
      Gates: Ran out of Q-tips?

    • Luka: Joe! Next time, try eating your apricots, not throwing them! (Joe smiles) Hey! You think this is funny? (Joe laughs, and Luka gently imitates his laughter, then puts the spoon down and sits him up in his high chair) Girls don't like it when you wear your food. Trust me.

    • (Luka has just told Abby about what Ames has been doing.)
      Abby: I can't believe this. I cannot believe you didn't tell me.
      Luka: I didn't want you to worry.
      Abby: You didn't want me to worry?
      Luka: Yes!
      Abby: I thought we were past this.
      Luka: Past what? What are you talking about now?
      Abby: This! In our relationship. This need you have, to protect me, or-or-or shield me from the hurts of the world.
      Luka: What are you bringing that now?
      Abby: Taxi!
      Luka: It's different now. We're different people.
      Abby: Yeah, that's what I thought.
      Luka: Look, I know I should've told you but this is just about Ames. Don't make it about us.
      Abby: It ís about us. (She gets in the taxi) I'm going. Are you coming or what?
      (Luka stands, warring with himself for a moment, then gets in the taxi, closing the door angrily.)

    • (Luka listens to Eddie's breathing, very business-like. He doesn't trust this guy.)
      Eddie: I'm only guessing, but you're not from around here.
      Luka: (Tersely, as he eyes Eddie from behind.) No. Croatia.
      Eddie: Long way from home?
      Luka: This is my home now.

    • (Hope wants Morris to see her patient who complains of a migraine)
      Morris: No, I'm doctor Archie Morris, I don't do migraines.
      Hope: I think it's more than that.
      (She opens the curtain and there's a man with something sticking out of his head)
      Morris: (He gives the man a look and then turns back to Hope) You think?

    • Trudy: Anyways. Wes gets all mad, starts chasing me around the room when I see that it's Debbie callin'. So I say: who the hell is Debbie? He tells me it's none of my damn business.
      Abby: And that's when you decided to swallow his cellphone?

    • Trudy: Wes, that's my boyfriend, he's always talking on his cell. But when I'd ask: who you calling, who you talking to? He gets all secretive on me. Does your old man do that to you?
      Abby: No. My old man's pretty cool.

    • Gates: You know, you're not making this easy.
      Neela: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was supposed to!

    • Hope: I could kiss you right now.
      Morris: Really?
      Hope: Umm...Now it's gone.

    • Crenshaw: The human shish kebab will be fine, no thanks to that incredibly imbecilic stunt of yours.
      Morris: Hey, how were we suppose to know the handle would break off?
      Crenshaw: Ok, alright, just for fun, let's pretend that you each have even a modicum of gray matter that you've somehow managed to fashion into some crude rudimentary semblance of a brain. Then you would know you never pull out something near a vital structure unless you're in the OR.
      Hope: We remove foreign bodies all the time in the ER.
      Crenshaw: Pulling a vibrator out of someone's ass--not the same thing.
      Morris: Hey, hey! Dr. Bobeck acted under my supervision and on my orders.
      Crenshaw: Perfect! It's the halfwit leading the dimwit!
      Morris: Look, you obnoxious bore! The ER works damn hard for every patient we see. We acted in this guy's best interest when no one, not even surgery, would give him the time of day. Now, did we do something that didn't work? Yes. Fine, it happens sometimes. I will take full responsibility, but at least we got off of our asses and tried to help.
      Crenshaw: Oh, well, gold stars for the ER asses!
      Morris: Hey! What is it about your need to belittle other people? Does insulting someone make you feel like a man? Bolster what little self-esteem you're clinging to? Wow! You know, I can't even begin to imagine what happened in your life to make you the kind of person that everybody hates.

    • Sam: This is Ben Parker, the new RN.
      Abby: Hi, Abby Lockhart.
      Ben: Hi Abby, you're the nurse who became a doctor right?
      Abby: Guilty as charged.
      Ben: Got seduced by the dark side huh?
      Abby: Well I use my powers for good not evil.

    • Pratt: Turns out, not everyone who experiments is gay.
      Kerry: Excuse me?
      Pratt: I'm talking about my brother, Chaz. It's like he said, it's just a phase.
      Kerry: Is that so?
      Pratt: Yep. You remember that girl he took home for Thanksgiving?
      Kerry: Um hmm.
      Pratt: Well she spent the night. My brother's straight!
      Kerry: Gee Greg, you must be so proud.
      Pratt: What? No, that's not what I meant. What I meant was uhh...well you, you know.
      Kerry: Yeah, and you're not my only black friend.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The bridge on which Luka and Ames argue is the LaSalle Street Bridge, one of the most photogenic of a group of truss (bascule) bridges across the Chicago River. Built in 1928, the La Salle Street bridge is unique in its ornate railings, against which Luka can be seen to hold Ames, and the ornate bronze capitals at each end of the bridge, decorated with griffons holding shields. The bridge is characterized by very distinctive, rounded trusswork at each end, with each pair of bascules holding exactly 1/2 the weight of the bridge from end to center.