Season 13 Episode 10

Tell Me No Secrets...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Opening scene … Pratt and his brother ... brother has been studying all night when his bedroom door opens and Nicole steps out wearing just a sweatshirt. Jack says Nicole is his study partner and leaves Pratt with the impression that they are a lot more than that. Pratt is happy.
In ER the young intern Katy asks Ray how to transfer a patient … which he explains in between asking her if it is alright they keep their relationship secret, when Hope says to them that they make such a cute couple, which they try to deny.
Sam introduces Ben Parker the new male nurse from Savannah – Sam says the have to be nice to him because they want him to come back the next day - where upon they all start taking bets as to how long he will last with Weaver staking $40 he only stays three days!
Pratt tells Weaver that she was wrong about his brother – his brother is not gay – it was only a phase – he tells her about Nicole being in his brother's room and – showing how happy he is – that his brother is straight! "Gee Greg you must be so proud!" says Weaver … "No, that's not what I meant … what I meant was … er you know what I meant!" Pratt uncomfortably says. Weaver retorts: "Yeah and you are not my only black friend!"
Kovac is feeding his son telling him girls don't it when boys throw food; Abby asks him about the budgets and Kovac he has been told to cut an attending, but she isn't to tell anyone. He looks out of the window and sees Ames watching him; he suddenly rushes out of the flat and chases after Ames who has vanished and nearly gets himself run over by a bus and a car! Abby asks him why he is acting so weird running out of the house with no shoes on but Kovac tells her it was because he thought his car was going to get towed because he was parked on the wrong side of the street – "they don't have alternate side of the street parking in Croatia?" asks Abby!
As they arrive at the hospital a young girl is being brought-in in an ambulance; she is bleeding having supposedly fallen down the steps at school. Abby thinks the girl is having an entopic pregnancy.
Ray is taking liquid from a patient's leg with Katy watching; he tells the patient that he has "boomeritis" which the patient thinks sounds bad … Ray tells him to take up swimming or cycling instead. Katy asks Ray … "boomeritis – you come up with that?"
Morris asks Ray how Katy is working out as an intern – he asks Ray "is it me or are med students getting younger … what she … 24 is?" "I don't know" says Ray " I have never noticed how hot she is"! Morris says "What? I didn't say anything about her being hot!"
Pratt asks Hope about her patients who are newlyweds with the flu symptoms: "Why would you prescribed long walks holding hands and romantic dinners?" hope explains: "Well I sensed tension in their young marriage and when we are tense and stressed … as you know … limits our ability to fight off infections and viruses. I felt if Andy and Phyllis carved out more time for one another they could strengthen their marriage and so speeding their recovery and preventing them against future illnesses." Pratt looks totally bewildered! As they are talking a noisy patient starts verbally attacking Hope saying she has stolen his ring. He grabs her ponytail whereupon the new nurse, Ben, grabs hold of the guy and forcibly takes him away. Morris, Pratt and Ray look on feeling inadequate: "I think we just got shown up by a male nurse" …. "Oh that's bad!" … "Yeah, but he's pretty macho tho' ?" says Morris – the other two look on in disbelief!
Gates and Kovac are checking over the girl, Danielle, and say she was attacked because her vaginal area has been damaged. Kovac tries to get a scanner to check her brain. The Vice Principal of the school comes in and is shocked when she finds out how ill Danielle is. She tells Kovac that the girl's mother is Angela Gilliam, the hospital lawyer.
Gates is with Neela diagnosing a patient. Gates says the patient has a blockage or obstruction because he hasn't gone to the toilet for three days. Neela is being very off with Gates and tells him there is nothing to suggest there is an obstruction. Gates tells her that you can't be sure because things aren't always the way they seem. He tries to talk to her about the other night but she tells him to stop. He tells her that he has told Megan it is over but Neela says that maybe so for him but that any idiot can tell Megan doesn't feel the same. She walks off angry having told him to give the patient a laxative because he has i-l-e-u-s !
Kovac meets Angela at the lift to tell her that Danielle has been injured and possibly sexually assaulted. She is mortified and rushes to her daughter's side.
Abby has a patient called Trudy who has had a row with her boyfriend over his phone – and a girl called Debbie who keeps ringing him … so she has grabbed the phone and when he started to chase her to get it back she decided to swallow it!! She asks Abby if her old man keeps secrets from her to which Abby replies "No … he is pretty cool!" Abby tells Trudy that with an X-ray they will be able to tell if they can pull it out in ER or if they will have to operate! Trudy says: "Oh it's OK it's one of those tiny ones, I could stick my fingers down my throat and barf it up!" Sam calls Abby and Abby says to Trudy "Hold that thought!"
Sam introduces Ben to Abby who says he knows her because she is the one who went from nurse to doctor: "Got seduced by the dark side eh?" – "Well I use my powers for good not evil now" she says. Sam tells Abby there is an asthmatic asking for her – it turns out to be Eddie who she had previously met in a bar. Suddenly there is a ringing tone playing Scotland the Brave – it is coming from inside Trudy who says: "You hear that – it is probably that stupid bitch Debbie calling!" The ringing tone keeps on ringing!
Abby is with Eddie testing his asthma and asks him how his buddy is – the one at County – Eddie looks uneasy but says he is doing better. She tells him he would be doing better if he quit smoking – killjoy he says! Kovac walks in – Eddie says "Oh you work here too – small world!" Kovac looks annoyed. Eddie watches Abby leave.
Kovac asks Abby to do a rape examination on Danielle telling her she is Angela's daughter. Kovac talks to Officer Hollis about Ames who doesn't believe him that Ames was outside his house or that he is following Abby. He says Ames is getting on with his life and Kovac should move on.
Pratt has a patient who thinks she has avian flu because she has eaten take out chicken chow mien! She says she has had diarrhoea and that viruses mutate all the time – Pratt tells Dawn to get rid of her before she convinces everyone they all have avian flu!
Dawn tells Katy she has done nice work on a patient's leg and asks her and Ray how long they have been dating. "We're not dating" says Ray. "You're not?" says the patient! "Mmm I bet" says Dawn!
Meanwhile Abby is explaining the procedure she is going to use to check out Danielle to see if she has been raped. Danielle sighs.
Ray asks Sam why she blabbed about him and Katy. She says she didn't. He says everybody knows, even the patients! The angry patient starts spitting at them. Ben to the rescue! He grabs a arm/leg band and uses it as a mask across Mr Angry's mouth. Everyone is very impressed with Ben.
Hope asks Morris to look at a patient who has migraine. He is shocked because the matter is so trivial "Would you drive a Lamborghini to a laundry mat?" he asks. "I am Dr Archie Morris – I don't do migraines!" "I think it is more than that", says Hope and as she pulls back the curtain there is a man with an ice pick stuck in his ear! "You think??" says Morris to Hope!
Kovac is outside talking to Officer Hollis about Ames who tells him that he could piss off Ames if he pursues him and Ames could end up doing something worse. Abby arrives and they change the subject. She asks if he is OK and he says yes but changes the subject to Danielle asking whether the tests have been sent off. She looks confused and suspicious.
The police are questioning Angela and her husband Paul. The police want to know who last saw Danielle and want to question Paul further hinting they are suspicious that Paul might have done something to Danielle. Paul is angry but Kovac tells him to just answer the police's questions quickly so he can get back to being at Danielle's side with Angela. Kovac tells them that Danielle was not raped but she was cut and penetrated with a razor blade.
Angela tries to get Danielle to tell her who hurt her but she won't tell her mother because "he will be mad". Haleh and Kovac worryingly look at each other.
Hope, Pratt, Morris and Gates are looking at the X-rays of Ice Pick Man trying to work out how he stuck it in his ear and didn't hurt any other organ – missing the brain and spine. Ray comes to look at the cool case. Katey asks what makes a man stick an ice pick in his ear; Gates says "ran out of Q-tips?" "Guy kept hearing voices he just wanted them to shut up!" "Why didn't he pull it out himself?" "He said the demons in his head would get loose if he did!" "Hey is this an ER case?" "I'd say neurosurgery!" "No ENT". "No definitely psych!" "I say we page them all and let them fight it out!"
Pratt's brother arrives wanting to talk about Nicole. Pratt is happy he is talking about girls and tells Jack they have similar tastes in girls. Jack tells Pratt that he isn't interested in girls and that he is gay. Pratt says that Jack had said it was just a phase because he is only 18, Jack says that all the talk of girls and sports is not going to change him. Pratt says Jack was lying to him but Jack says he was lying to himself and he isn't going to do that anymore because it is his life and who he is. He is sorry if it makes Pratt hate him. Pratt says he doesn't hate him. Jack says he may not hate him but can he deal with it. Dawn comes in asking for help and Pratt tells Jack he can't deal with this now and leaves. Jack looks gutted.
Abby has several 8th graders with gastroenteritis and Kovac tells her that Danielle won't tell Angela who attacked her. Abby asks if Danielle is protecting someone and asks Kovac what Hollis thinks – Kovac doesn't realise what she is talking about – until Abby mentions about his being outside talking to Hollis, so Kovac lies and says Hollis doesn't know much more than they do. Kovac changes the subject and tells her Eddie is still waiting but Abby has the 8th graders so Kovac says he will deal with Abby. Eddie asks Kovac if he drew the short straw and is taking care of him now. Kovac tells him that "Dr Lockhart" is looking after other patients. Eddie says "I am only guessing but you are not from around here". "No," says Kovac "I'm from Croatia". Eddie goes on: "Long way from home?" Kovac says "This is my home now." Then Eddie asks "You planning on raising your son here?" Kovac instantly looks suspicious. "Abby told me" says Eddie. "You mean Dr Lockhart?" says Kovac and glares at Eddie … "I am not discussing my personal life with patients". Eddie says "Listen doctor, if I spoke out of line …" but Kovac walks out. Eddie looks uncomfortable.
Ray, Gates, Katey, Hope and Morris are with Ice Pick Man. Ray tells them that none of the other departments want anything to do with it. Hope asks what they are going to do. Morris says they should pull it out. They all laugh. "Come on let's show those woosses that ER is not frightened of ..." says Morris … "a ten inch ice pick stuck in a man's skull?" says Gates. IPM starts to try and pull it out himself. Morris tries to convince them they can do it on the grounds that it is a publishable case for any ambitious med student, intern or resident. All they have to do is pull it out in the same path as it went in! They all agree if they don't do it he will only pull it out himself and Hope volunteers to do the pulling. However, despite reassurances from her colleagues, as she pulls the handle comes off in her hand and the pick stays inside the guy's head!
Neela is examining Danielle. The police want to see Angela and Danielle wants her mother to leave the room. She admits to Neela and Haleh that the cuts are deep. Haleh asks Danielle if she did it to herself. Danielle asks that they don't tell her mother.
Kovac goes to where Ames is working. It is obvious he is having a hard time at work with his colleagues telling him to go screw himself and the boss shouting at him for having visitors. Ames denies all of Kovac's accusations; he says it wasn't him following Kovac outside his house. Kovac says then it wasn't Ames in the park with Abby or sending the baby's toy in the post. Ames asks why Kovac is doing this to him; sending the police to his place of work. Ames says he has lost everything and is now living in his car. Kovac says it is not his problem. Ames asks Kovac what he wants from him. Kovac says that he has been watching and following his family and that stops right now. Ames says he would never do anything to hurt Kovac's family. He says that he knows what it is like to lose a family and that Kovac does too. Ames says he heard that Kovac and been married with kids and that it must have been horrible going through the loss of them. Kovac is furious and grabs Ames. He tells him that if Ames goes near his family again he will kill him.
Hope is apologising to Morris about the handle coming off in her hand with the IPM. Morris says it is fine because it was his idea and that she was the only one in the entire hospital to "step up to the plate". He says he is proud of her. Dr Crenshaw comes out of surgery saying the human shish kebab will be fine but no thanks to the incredibly imbecilic stunt of theirs. Morris says how were they supposed to know the handle would break off. Crenshaw says "OK, just for fun, let's imagine that both of you had just a modicum of grey matter, that you managed to fashion into some crude example of a brain, you would know that you never pull out any obstruction unless you are in the OR". Hope says they remove foreign bodies all the time in the ER. Crenshaw says that pulling a vibrator out of someone's ass is not the same thing! Morris tells Crenshaw that Hope acted under his supervision and orders. Crenshaw says "Perfect you have the halfwit leading the dimwit!" Morris is pissed: "Listen you obnoxious bore! The ER works damn hard for every patient we see; we acted in this guy's best interest when no-one, not even surgery would give him the time of day. Now did we do something that didn't work, yes. Fine that happens sometimes and I will take full responsibility, but at least we got off our asses and tried to help." "Oh", retorts Crenshaw, "well gold stars for the ER asses!"
Morris is even more pissed: "Hey what is it about your need to belittle other people? Does insulting someone make you feel like a man? Bolster what little self esteem you are clinging to? Wow, you know, I can't even imagine what happened in your life to make you the kind of person everybody hates!". Crenshaw looks gutted, drops his files, picks them up and storms off. Hope says to Morris "I could kiss you right now!" "Really??" asks Morris full of hope (well hoping to be full of Hope!) "Hmm, now it's gone" says Hope and walks off. Morris smiles to himself.
Abby apologises to Eddie for being kept waiting so long; he says he doesn't mind. She tells him to take his tablets and follow up with his doctor in a week's time. He asks her what her office hours are. She says she can refer him to the pulmonary clinic. He says that alright he will work something out. Kovac walks in from outside but when Abby asks where he has been he says nowhere. Eddie says to Abby that Kovac seems like an interesting guy, but could use a little work on his bedside manner. Abby says it has been a rough day. Abby says goodbye to Eddie and he watches her go – can't seem to take his eyes off her. Abby and the nurses stop to watch Weaver on the television. Ben asks Sam to go out for a drink or have dinner with him. Sam asks if it is a date. He says call it what you want as long as she says yes.
Pratt tells Ray to stop going out with Katey because she is a med student and he doesn't want her distracted. Ray says that it isn't as though it isn't happening elsewhere in the ER but Pratt says it has got to stop. So Ray says that he will let Pratt know when it is time for him to know about his love life.
Weaver and her producer, Courtney Brown, are at Weaver's home watching Weaver on TV. After how deliberating about how important Weaver's appearance is, Courtney tells Weaver is very good at it. Weaver tells her she couldn't have done it without her and starts kissing her.
Neela tells Ray that it is not cool to date medical students even though Katey is nice. She says she is concerned. Ray says everything is good and he is happy. Neela says she is happy for him. Ray asks her what this is really about? Why does she care all of a sudden? She says it's because they are friends and that's what friends do talk about people in friend's lives. He says that if that is how it is … how is Gates? He says he is not into playing her games anymore! Did she think that he was going to wait around to find out that Gates was jerking her around? He tells her that she made her choice and she can't have it both ways.
The police ask Angela to call them if she can think of anything else. She tells Kovac that the police want to look at Danielle's computer to see if she kept a diary. Kovac tells her that when Neela was examining Danielle, she owned up to harming herself. Angela doesn't believe him. Kovac tells her that Danielle has done it before but that day she couldn't stop the bleeding; she got frightened, tried to run home and that's when they found her. Kovac goes on to tell Angela that Danielle had said that a boy had kissed her before and had put his hand up her skirt. She pushed him away but she remembered something, which is why she went to the girls' room and cut herself. Angela doesn't understand. Kovac explains that Danielle saw something that happened to Angela in Detroit. Angela can't believe it. She didn't know Danielle had seen her. She explains to Kovac that when she was home in Detroit and Danielle was 9 years old, a man came to the door to fix something. The man raped her. Angela didn't report it; she thought Danielle was in the garden. Angela never told anyone not even her husband. She questions herself as to how she has behaved and what it has done to her daughter. By wanting to put it behind her and keep it altogether she says she didn't see what was happening to her own daughter. Kovac tells her she was only doing her best in trying to protect her family. Angela breaks down crying.
Gates follows Neela to the train station to tell her he is moving to a new home, although he doesn't know where. Neela is not impressed. He tells her that he stayed because he promised his best friend that he would take care of his wife and daughter and Neela says did that include sleeping with the wife. Gates says they only slept together out of comfort not love. Neela tells him to stop lying. Gates says he hasn't been honest and has dealt with things in a way that he wouldn't get close to people. He tells her that being with Neela has shown him how he wants his life to be from now on. The train comes in and Neela gets on. She pulls Gates into the train!
Pratt gets home to find his brother is moving out with his boyfriend because Jack doesn't think Pratt can deal with it. He accuses Pratt of being like their father and not being OK with him being gay. He hopes Pratt will prove him wrong and accept him one day.
Kovac tells Abby about Ames following them and where he was earlier that day i.e. going to see Ames. Abby is furious Kovac didn't tell her before. She asks him how he knows Ames isn't going to do something to them and he tells her he has taken care of it. She says that she can't believe he didn't tell her. He says he didn't want her to worry she says she thought they were past the time when Kovac kept protecting her from the hurts of the world and says a lot about where their relationship is at the moment. He says it is about Ames not "us"; she says it is about "us"! Instead of getting the train home she gets a taxi to get home quicker to Joe. She says to Kovac whether he is coming too – he reluctantly gets in the taxi.