Season 13 Episode 10

Tell Me No Secrets...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • Some personal troubles

    This episode seems to be the one, where everyone is effected of troubles around them. A lot of dramatic and tragic scenes. First the little children and the whole story why things went as they went. Then ofcourse Luka and Abby. Luke does what he thinks is the right thing and while doing it she hurts Abby's feelings and those last scenes trying to get a taxi - it really showed the variety of the emotions they have around.

    And Ray and Neela and Gates. I think what Ray said was right and Neela just does not understand yet what she is getting herself in as with few beautiful words she is ready to play the came Gates wants.
  • This is an example of the versatility of Goran Višnjic's acting; he is equally good at playing tender, caring scenes and violently dramatic ones, as this episode shows.

    Cutest scene turning into scary scene: Luka feeding little Joe, seeing Curtis Ames through the window and running outside, but Ames can't be seen anywhere. A scene that leaves you with an ice cold feeling of worry.
    Best scene: Luka in the locker room comforting Angela. It's such a sad sad story.... Best "angry Luka scene": Luka threatening Ames. Goran is very credible as "angry Luka" (and, judging by earlier seasons of the show, Luka has always reacted like this when Abby has been under some kind of threat). Forrest Whitaker is excellent, as usual, and I have to say it again: Forrest and Goran work so well together.
    Best "angry Abby scene": Abby freaking out after Luka eventually tells her about Curtis Ames.
    Weirdest scene: The patient with an ice pick in his head.
  • A little bit of everything for everyone...

    My memory's already a little fuzzy over what happened because once I finished watching this episode I went upstairs and watched about four episodes from season 10, but here goes...

    Pratt: His relationship with his brother Chaz is still pretty shaky...but if he weren't such a womanizer it might have been easier for him to accept his brother's sexual orientation. But, Pratt is...Pratt. What else are you gonna do about it?

    Patients: Firstly, that guy with the icepick stuck in his ear to block the demons? I saw the episode of Untold Stories of the ER where this was featured,and it was imitated nearly exactly. Thanks to this guy, Hope gained some respect, and we all got to watch Morris knock Creepshaw---erm, Crenshaw, down a notch. But then again, Crenshaw was absolutely right: you're never supposed to just pull things out like that. More trauma is usually caused *after* foreign objects are removed...just pulling the ice pick out like that would have likely resulted in severe bleeding and damage. But we dislike Crenshaw and root for Mo-mo-morris!

    Quote of the show was definitely right after Morris's speech:

    Hope: I could kiss you right now.
    Morris: Really?
    Hope: Umm...Now it's gone. ...

    The other patient made me extremely sad....poor girl. Nobody should have to feel that they have to do that to themselves.

    Oooh and the new and potential couples...!

    Ray and Katey? What's with the secrecy? Everyone in the ER has more or less slept with everyone else at some point or another, and trying to hide that relationship is like trying to hide from someone by standing the middle of the room and covering your eyes, shouting "You can't see me!"

    Ooh and watch out, Nurse Ben! Let's see, he's strong, he's quick-acting in emergency situations(always a bonus when working in the ER, right?) and he's very straightforward with his thoughts and emotions. Sounds like a female version of Sam to me. Obviously this is gonna be Sam's new relationship to make up for crushing Samka-believers' souls with the return of Luby and with the death of the only other man in Sam's life(not that he was very much of a man)...I like Ben so far, but I think that he and Sam are far too much alike for this ship to sail very far.

    And how can we forget Luby:

    Surprise, Surprise! Luka cannot communicate to save his life! You think that after sinking so many relationships through lack of communication that he would make *some* effort...but I suppose old habits die hard. As for the EL scene: You want to make things up to someone, get on the EL...everything gets better on the EL.
  • teenaged girl is found in front of her school, bleeding and apparently raped. As Luka and Gates treat her, Abby and Neela try figure out the truth about what happened, while Luka must help the girl's mother.

    Great episode and good title. I so like when Luka gets angry because he sees Ames but then he is gone. Then he threatens Ames when he said he wasn't their and trying to live his life day by day. I like when Luka is talking to the cop dude and he said that Ames is just a loser with a crappy job! Haha! That was so funny! I so don't get why that girl would cut herself even though I know she was drepressed but most people when they are depresses just cut their wrists and not their whole body.
  • Ok, this was a good one just because Hope and Morris.

    Let's check the comments:

    ~> Chaz: still not decided ?
    ~> Kerry & Greg: discussing homossexuality? what an impressive pair !
    ~> Joe, you are really cute ! Your laugh is music, boy !!!
    ~> Tata Luka, how about feeding me ?
    ~> Hope, you are THE doctor ! Romantic dinners ? You are great, girl !
    ~> Neela & Gates: oh my God ! this is becoming so boring. Make up your mind, woman. Fight or give up but decide now...
    ~> Swallowing a mobile ? You people are nuts, for sure...
    ~> Who is this Eddie ? My guess he is Abby's father. But don't tell me.. At least this surprise I want to enjoy...
    ~> New guy Ben: smart guy ! Sam, give a try!
    ~> Migranine, uh? Oh, boy, as I said, you people are nuts, for double-sure...
    ~> Angela's kid: I must be getting dumb with the aging, but I really didn't get why the girl did that to herself... Ok witnessing the rape of her mother must have been quite shocking, but then hurting herself ? Really, someone please help...
    ~> Ok, Chaz, then you have decided. Hey, Greg, what now ? ~> Morris, let me pull it, let me pull it !!!!
    ~> Ames knows about Luka's past ? How come ? Did I miss something? Or is it to be explained yet ?
    ~> Hope, kiss him, Morris is the guy! ~> Told you, Luka, bad decision not to tell Abby about the Ames situation... Told you !!!
  • Hot hot hot!

    Ok I am not a lesbian or anything, but I really enjoyed the Kerry/Courtney scenes. Finially Kerry is taking the lead in a relationship. Pretty much attacked her! I really enjoyed it all. I don't remember anything else in this episode because that came as a surprise. She was watching herself on tv and Courtney was making small talk or flirting I would call it. I hate small talk, but Kerry made up for it. Wow. Not something we have ever seen on ER before when it came to a gay scene. Something we all can tune in for. ha ha
  • Finally somebody stands up to Crenshaw! That was classic and awesome on Morris's part! Ray has a sceret:finally he tells Neela that he loves her and that he is jealous of Gates. That he'll wait for her when she is ready! we finally see Ray go after Neela!

    I loved the part where Morris stands up to Crenshaw (I think Neela should have seen what he did) Finally Crenshaw got what he deserved (he kind of reminded me of Ramono before he got choppered) I LMAO when Morris told him off! I thought it took a lot of guts for Ray to finally tell Neela that he loves her and he'll wait for her! I thought that was sweet and daring of Ray. I think Neela and Ray should be together and Neela shouldn't give up on Ray (he's helped her through some tough stuff). Way to go Ray go after her!
  • An alright episode...

    I have got to say that with every episode I watch I am starting to like this show a little more every time I watch it. I thought it was little funny not the funniest of the season but syill funny. Like the guy with the Ice pick in his ear he said that he put it in to get the voices out of his head. I also liked it when Morris told off crenshaw that was really awesome. The woman there she works at the hospital I don't know her name but her daughter was in the hospital for cutting herself but every on else thinks that she was raped until she tells them otherwise. That is really freaky. later...
  • The best of the season ?...

    i think that this epiosde was probably the best this season as far as the story goes. i didn't like how it wasn't really that humourus although parts were at sometimes. i like how they had an ice- pick in a guys ear, and when the intern tried to pull it out the handle broke. that part was funny. i didn't start watching this series until this season, and i am suprised that it is this popular after 13 years on being infront of everyone's faces. i liked this episode but it wasn't fantastic or anything, it was just well writen. later.
  • Great episode, one of the best of the season.

    Great episode, I am very pleased with different storylines of each character. I was so shocked by the Morris talk to Crenshaw. It was about time someone talked back to him about his attitude. As for the Luka and Ames, I think it is getting kind of boring. I think their needs to more drama like someone breaking into their house or someover type of confrontation. I am so liking the Neela, Gates, Ray triangle. I am hoping for Neela and Ray to hook up. I mean you can tell that he likes her alot. It is about time someone asks Sam out. You can tell that since the season opener there is not that much surrounding her. overall great show!
  • ER saddness and fun; bring on the issues

    This was a great episode. I am interested to see what happens with Nila and Ray, a little tension there! I really feel for Luka but Abby is also right. She is stronger than Luka gives credit for, look at all she has had to deal with in life also. Who is this guy that Abby met in the bar and who came to the hospital to see specifically her. Morris was awesome. Sometimes his character is annoying but this was different and great. Go Carrie go Carrie. I am glad that she finally has a little focus on her. I really liked this one. Can't wait for the next!
  • Finally someone gave Chrenshaw what he deserve...

    Finally someone gave Crenshaw what he deserve. What a pleasant surprise that Morris was the one who did it. Very funny, when Hope said she could kiss him \"right now\", but then, \"mmm, it\'s gone.\" This episode was very interesting because we can see about everybody, even the recurring roles: Crenshaw, Hope, Haley and also Baby Joe (he\'s so cute)

    Ok. About Luka. It\'s totally understandable his behavior about Curtis Ames. You know, he already lost a family, so he doesn\'t want to loose his new family. He needs to improve his ability to communicate, because he doesn\'t talk. For him, everything\'s ok, everything\'s fine, nothing happen. But is wrong. He need to talk. I think Luka should receive counseling. He need this since the moment he lost his family in Croatia. Maybe he has a post-traumatic desorder that he never treated, and this will be affect his relation with Abby, even now, because he still have a problem. So I think this is a good story the writers could develop. I just hope that Luka and Abby remain together.
  • Awesome!! The ensemble returns with a vengeance....something for every single character tonight.

    Aside from the truely stunning season opener - 'Bloodline' - this was probably the very best episode we have seen this season. There was something revealed about every single character....and it was fun to watch to boot! It was paced well and very well written. Just enough balance between comedy and pathos. Pratt's trying hard to understand the whole gay thing and not doing such a good job. Kerry and her producer went at it a little too enthusiastically to make it seem 'real'...but I am glad she has another partner. And I like Courtney. Morris leads his hardy band of subordinates where no one else dares to go. Holy Roller Hope steps up to the plate and finally wins my respect...and affection. Morris goes off on Creepshaw and the surgical chief resident is struck dumb for once in his ER life span. Neela showed her barbs and dug Gates where it would hurt the most. Angela and Danielle's story was a heartbreaker and Abby was caring and considerate during that exam. Made ME feel like everything was going to be all right. Gotta LOVE Maura! Luka....oh....Luka. So handsome and protective and....frightening. Don't know who was the most scared tonight though.....Ames dealing with the wrath of you or you dealing with the wrath of Abby! What an awesome curbside fight! Can't wait to see the make up scenes next week.: ) That is IF we get them. Seems like we get to see everyone kissing but the Luby!!! Wake UP writers!!! You're killing us. *** Dang! I shoulda known. Directed by Laura Innes!!! ***
  • Well today some people in the ER step and make a stand others fall very far from the mark and everyone has some personl issues of some kind or another!

    Well let start off with Luka, the guy is so hot and cool and I never even heard of Coratian till he came to the show ER and he is so instreasting to watch and look at. (and dream about) Well I can really understand why Luka is so parinode and extermy edgy. I mean he lost his frist family he doesn't want to lose his second. And I think anyone would be feeling like someone gonna hurt them after being in so much tramra! I mean he lost his family in war and nearly lose his own life in the Congo and he nearly lose his new son and Abby in the first episode of this season hell yeah the guy has a right to be feeling this way! Though Abby right they need to communicated better. Neela and Gates? Not that appeling to me. I mean she is a good doctor but she fails in the class of love. I mean she lost Michale and now this thing with Gates? I think ER just looking for some Sex Action. I like that Morris finally grew a spine. Oh that guy the New Romono? He just as much an ass as when he voice Kuzco on the Emperior new school! And that Icepick thing? They totally stole that from the show on TLC "Untold stories of the ER" the same exact thing really happened in real life write to to letter as shown in the show. and the gay thing? The USA has made it so clear we are the "Best sticking conutry on here come here and live in our beloved land" but we fall so many times. Being gay isn't a sin nor should it be ridcule or called an act against God. HELLO GOD?! You made all people on this Earth you telling me you don't want to take responibly for those who love the same sex? You know people can be so stupid. Everything form someone POV can be consdier evil or worng. But being gay isn't a crime. Hello half the stories on the Net show spourrt for it. People its time we stop actiing like we still live in caves without running water. We should accept people for who the are becasue we all our human being and we share this earth together! The cut thing? Well that is serious but it shows how pain of one can and will hurt those we care about. So till next week see you!