Season 13 Episode 10

Tell Me No Secrets...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • A little bit of everything for everyone...

    My memory's already a little fuzzy over what happened because once I finished watching this episode I went upstairs and watched about four episodes from season 10, but here goes...

    Pratt: His relationship with his brother Chaz is still pretty shaky...but if he weren't such a womanizer it might have been easier for him to accept his brother's sexual orientation. But, Pratt is...Pratt. What else are you gonna do about it?

    Patients: Firstly, that guy with the icepick stuck in his ear to block the demons? I saw the episode of Untold Stories of the ER where this was featured,and it was imitated nearly exactly. Thanks to this guy, Hope gained some respect, and we all got to watch Morris knock Creepshaw---erm, Crenshaw, down a notch. But then again, Crenshaw was absolutely right: you're never supposed to just pull things out like that. More trauma is usually caused *after* foreign objects are removed...just pulling the ice pick out like that would have likely resulted in severe bleeding and damage. But we dislike Crenshaw and root for Mo-mo-morris!

    Quote of the show was definitely right after Morris's speech:

    Hope: I could kiss you right now.
    Morris: Really?
    Hope: Umm...Now it's gone. ...

    The other patient made me extremely sad....poor girl. Nobody should have to feel that they have to do that to themselves.

    Oooh and the new and potential couples...!

    Ray and Katey? What's with the secrecy? Everyone in the ER has more or less slept with everyone else at some point or another, and trying to hide that relationship is like trying to hide from someone by standing the middle of the room and covering your eyes, shouting "You can't see me!"

    Ooh and watch out, Nurse Ben! Let's see, he's strong, he's quick-acting in emergency situations(always a bonus when working in the ER, right?) and he's very straightforward with his thoughts and emotions. Sounds like a female version of Sam to me. Obviously this is gonna be Sam's new relationship to make up for crushing Samka-believers' souls with the return of Luby and with the death of the only other man in Sam's life(not that he was very much of a man)...I like Ben so far, but I think that he and Sam are far too much alike for this ship to sail very far.

    And how can we forget Luby:

    Surprise, Surprise! Luka cannot communicate to save his life! You think that after sinking so many relationships through lack of communication that he would make *some* effort...but I suppose old habits die hard. As for the EL scene: You want to make things up to someone, get on the EL...everything gets better on the EL.