Season 15 Episode 16

The Beginning of the End

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Welcome Back Dr. John Carter

    I really loved ER Im also glad they brought back Noah Wyle as reprise role as Dr. John Carter in the finale season because I dont think it was not the same without old charcters on the show.This was by far the best preformance by him for ending the final season.
  • Carter comes back!

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. It's Valentine's Day in the ER and everyone seems to be loved up. Even Ray sends Neela a special gift, in the form of a love song. Then the magic really happens, Carter has returned to Chicago and is back in the ER. Then in one moment, I lost all my respect for Gates, when he basically asks Carter is he is Ross. When Carter bumps into Morris, we learn that carer is staying in love for a bit and wants to pick up some shifts at the ER. Just like old times. Then I lost all respect for Banfield, when she calls carte, Jim. Banfield tells Carter that he can pick up some shifts, which he says he will work for free. We also see that 5 years after the tragic birth/death of Carters son Joshua, the centre in his memory is soon due to open. Simon tells Neela that in April, he wants to take Neela to Venice, together. SO he gives her an IOU for it. At the very end of the episode, we see Carter on a dialysis machine.
  • John is back

    I am not writing many reviews but this one matters.
    John is back en he is nog in great shape. He is in the ER but not really. He sees some people he knows but a lot he doesn't know.
    And he is sick. In the last scene he is on a dialyse machine. Kidney problems!
    Where wil this end? A transplant?
    We will see in the next weeks.
    I am sad the end is near. Hopefully we wil see the cast in other nearly as good shows.
    Beening in Europe, I am looking a bit different to the show. But people are all the same.
  • Return...

    Well I've never seen an episode of ER with Dr. Carter until now, I know, shameful. But I have done some reading and learned he hasn't been on the show for a few years, so I was interested to see this episode. Now I'm not a frequent watcher of ER but that might change after a while. I really liked the character of John Carter and I'm interested to see him in the early years. This episode takes place on Valentine's day and from there we have lots of romance around the hospital and some heart break. I know Sam still hasn't forgiven Tony for the incident but she is starting to warm up to him again and I'd like to see them get together again. Anyway. I was very intrigued by the end. What was Carter hooked up to? I guess only time will tell.
  • Carter is back

    I almost jumped on my chair when I saw the opening credits and there was Noah Wyle. As I have been watching it from the beginning and Carter has been in for so long.. it just was amazing to get him back and by the way things are looking - he might stay for a while. And I am so eager for it. And the ending, that one scene - wow.. it looks like there is much to talk.. But the whole Valentine atmosphere... it was great. Having all that care and emotion around.. and maybe it was shocking.. the surgery Neela had.. took out the heart just when they learned the one they got is not good. Poor little girl.

    And Morris.. the whole thing with the patient. scary..
  • Take one very interesting prop, some jokes that hit their mark, a lot of interesting relationships, add a few well-placed montages, throw in some genuine division, and simmer. Add mushrooms for some reason and serve.

    I thought this episode was deft, engaging, at times hilarious and at others surprising and emotive. Based around the theme of love, there's a tonne of really interesting developing relationships.

    Rather than having one of the characters make a mistake to give interest to these relationships, it's the situations they're in that drive a wedge in. There's no reason not to empathise with these storylines, and the characters drew me in to a rare extent.

    It's a really thoughtful story, and feels incredibly natural. The builds to the dramatic beats are very well formed, it's a joy to watch. Nothing seems arbitrary or contrived.

    The only notable fault I'd find was the girl in this episode, who was a little jarring, but what can you do? Great hour of television, looking forward to more.