Season 15 Episode 3

The Book of Abby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on NBC

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  • Goodbye Abby!!!!

    Another very very sad episode, I tought that after Pratt she was going to stay, but she left the show.

    It was so sad, specially because as you said, we saw her as a nurse, teacher, doctor, mom, etc.

    The best part: when we saw all the name tags in that wall, I couldn´t stop crying and remember all the docs and nurses that have gone.

    The only thing I didn`t like was Luka, I mean, the way that we just "saw" him, I tought that he`d say al least "hi" to all the people there, speak, or something, he was also in the show for very long and he deserve "something" as a good bye.

    I hope that in the next episodes, at least up to the last one, nobody dies because I want a happy ending for the show, keep up the good job!!!
  • Goodbye my sweet Abby!

    In this episode of ER the following happens. We open with Abby standing in an empty apartment. We soon learn that Abby has a new job and is moving away. We soon learn that they are moving to Boston together that night. We learn in this episode that Abby has been in the ER (or at least on the show) for 10 years. Also I cannot believe that Joe is a little over 2 already. We then see Abby cleaning out her locker. Colla sees Abby taking her name off of her locker and she says to come with me. Abby does and then we see a wall, which is hidden by a door, which has all of the old staff's locker names on it, like Greene, Lewis, and Corday. We learn that Carter wouldn't do it as it was defacing a government building. As Abby was walking out, the tears started to fall down my face. We see her dancing with Frank, which broke my heart. As she walks out of those tears, the tears continue to fall. We then see them all waiting to say goodbye to her. But I still think that I was much more upset than Morris was. We then see Luca waiting for her and they kiss. She then simply gets into the car, waves and they drive off into the sunset.
  • Bye Abby, Cya Luka!

    It was a very emotional episode. I liked how Abby went through her first shift as an Attending and last in County.

    Since Carol left the show, she has been the female lead character in the show, no doubt about it.
    Weaver was an interesting character as well, but Abby always had more charisma. Her thing with Carter, then Luka. It made the character rich and soon after one of the most important in the series.

    The best part was when she went to the board who was going to judge Sam's actions related to another case. That's exactly why I like Abby Lockhart.

    And I'm glad they didn't kill her. She had her happy ending.. Bye Abby and Luka. Be happy :D
  • Deja vu but I like the way she left

    Though I haven't seen this episode yet; based on the description and other info this almost seems like the final episode of Julianne Margulies who played Carol. In the that episode she went off to see her true love Doug Ross and when she saw him, he only uttered 4 words and it wasn't anything like "I love you" or "I miss you". In this one Abby leaves the hospital and goes off to start a new life with her husband Luka. At least she got a happy ending; unlike other characters like Mark Greene, Greg Pratt and Romano who died. Or Malucci who was fired.
  • Bye Abby and Lucas

    The writers didn't make me cry at Pratt's death but their farewell to Dr. Lockhardt made me melt...

    With Abby and Lucas leaving this is definitely the end of an era. I know that season 15 is supposed to be the final one but with those departures this episode can be considered as a pre-series finale. Just like with most of the ER characters leaving - aside from Ray - the goodbye to Abby is perfect. Maura Tierney is awesome and she nails every scene she's in - and in this episode she's in every scene. All ER fans will have probably touched by the nostalgic scene with the name tags and the allusion to Carter. Lucas doesn't have a line but his eyes say it all.

    Just a shame that we didn't have a farewell party but that was not in the Abby's spirit anyway. Her goodbyes with Neela were regret. I've always been sorry to see that they have been growing apart over the latest seasons while their friendship was so great in seasons 9 and 10. Even though I was less enthusiastic about the show with the last seasons I have to say that this one rocks so far. I expect the writers to give us a great finale, like the great finale this amazing show deserves.
  • Astounding episode. Truly beautifully pulled off.

    Wow. Astounding just about sums it up. Even Sam noticed that there was something very different about Abby. For the first time in the whole of the decade she's been with the hospital she could never seem to make her feelings known without a lot of time and effort involved. Tonight it just all poured out of her. I just sat here and cheered her on. Potentially an "out of character" episode, but the music was so beautiful and her recitation of the Book of Job verses was done so fittingly that it became a very special episode instead. A strong performance from a lead actress and a great way for her to make her exit. Her explosion at the board who were to hear Sam's case was magnificent and reminded the audience of her own beginnings as a nurse. I didn't cry until the Tango. Celebrity Come Dancing anyone? Such grace - and from Frank too - who'd have thought...? This season is going to be an emotional roller coaster and I think it started here.
  • Abby's last day in the ER is full of challenges and imparting of wisdom

    This was just a great episode. Abby has been such a dark character in the last few seasons. You get the impressions that she's a glass half empty kid of girl. I loved this episode because we see a light in her. After 10 years, as a nurse, resident and attending, she's leaving. Her departure was low key and she tried not to make a fuss, but she was loved by so many that when she gives subtle cues that this is it, not everyone picks up on it.

    Banfield was keeping true to her hard personality and trying to make things more efficient, and if it weren't for Abby standing her ground, something on a gunshot patient would have been missed. And Banfield gives her props for finding the problem, but fortunately for Lockhart, she listened to one of her students who truly found what was wrong.

    There was a great moment between Abby & Morris where she kind of passes the torch on to him and gives him something he's been needing since Pratt died, pardon. Not that she needed to give it to him, but he's felt so guilty about Pratt's death and she gave him the confidence he was lacking by telling him that he wasn't always the one she would have gone to, but she would now. (He did not catch on to her "goodbye" to him).

    The best part was while watching the surgeons operate on the gunshot patient she is telling the surgeons that the ER gets tired of hearing that the surgical team had to "fix" their issues. She gets no response from Dubenko or Rasgotra. She tells them that they are doing a great job, still no response. She compliments the observation room...still no response. Then she tells them that perhaps they, Dubenko & Rasgotra need to start dating...well that certainly created a record scratching moment. (Although, I have been thinking that too, they definitely have SOMETHING between them and they just need to get together!).

    It ended with Heleh catching Abby removing her name plate from the locker. Abby was planning on keeping it as a memento, but Heleh wanted to show her where it belonged, on a wall somewhere with the rest of the greats. As she left, she sees Frank who is still trying to learn to tango for his anniversary. She steps in and shows him how it's done. She goes for the last time through the doors and there are the few close ER docs and nurses who tell her good bye. And now Morris FINALLY sees that she's leaving. She lightened the mood by telling him she loves how he can take this moment and make it about him and he tells her he loves her too. She walks out to a waiting Luke & Joe. Luka takes her box of belongings and places them in the car, gives her a kiss and off they drive.
  • Gr8 Episode Just watch this episode

    This was one of the best ER episodes I've seen since its Heyday! It proved how much one character like Abby Lokhart, (Played By my fave Maura Tierney) can define one show and its surroundings and elements which make the show gr8. This episode consisted of abby the mom, abby the doctor, abby the nurse, abby the caring person, I don't know how i will bear to watch another episode without abby init! She was the soul of the show and kept me hooked for so long! I will miss Maura's absence on Tv, hopefully she will be back soon.
  • Sometimes the best episodes are the ones that creep up on you and take you completely by surprise ... !!

    And that is exactly what the clever writers did SO well with this episode ... there I was engrossed in the storyline ... about the Coach and the young man that was lead astray, about the hostility the new boss lady exudes ... the seriousness of friendships and belonging ... and wham ... without any warning ... completely out of the blue ... I was blubbering like an infant! How brilliantly the words leapt from the page to the screen ... how masterfully the words were played by all concerned ... of course Abby was the star ... she always was ... through her darkest moments she still shone like a beacon ... showing us how to be better people ... even when hope seems to be leaving us ... and when she finally danced with Frank ... my heart was lost ... because it finally sank in ... this was it ... the end of Abby ... and ... more importantly ... the end of ER ... the end of an iconic decade or more that is leaving a void of unsurpassable writing, storylines and acting ... that is going to be so hard to fill. As each one takes their final bow, the end of an era is upon us ... and that saddens my heart because it is going to be over far too soon!

    However, at least that shining star got to bask in her sunshine ... and seriously ... Kovac can shine over me any time!!
  • Doctor Abigail Lockhart Leaves A Hole In The ER Department And A Hole In My Heart.

    this episode was by far the most upsetting ive seen since mark greenes demise.

    This abby centric episode was by far an excellent way to send her out. the way it was filmed with the narrations was just joy.

    I loved the way they gave Haleh a 'thing' shes been there so long, seen so many comings and goings and she's been keeping track. it was good to see that big croat (to quote frank) and joe. i was however hoping for more of a emotional scene between her and neela. its all so suddenly obvisus to me.

  • Another departure...

    I have no idea what to say. I just can cry.. Ok, I cried most of the end of the episode, from the point the saw that fall were the names are. Maybe it was just the melanholia as I have seen the show from 1st season and there have been so many great people who have left and now Abby is off too. Ok, we know it was coming but I did not expected it to be like that.

    Abby has been a char I loved when I first saw the show. I started to see it in the middle of 6 or 7 season.. some episodes before and I was much younger then and I love it. When I watched it all from the beginning and get where she came, I did not liked her at all and last season - that really ruined the char for me but the way they did her departure - she standing up for Sam, conversation with Morris.. the talk in surgery.. it was just so beautiful.
  • 'The Book of Abby' closes for good.....

    A ten year era has come to a close. There are those that will say 'good riddance' and they should stop reading this now. Others - like me - had lumps in their throats with this week's offering. What a beautiful episode. It totally encapsulated the entire run of Maura Tierney's depiction of 'Abby Lockhart.' In tonight's episode we saw Abby the nurse....Abby the doctor....Abby the teacher....Abby the friend....Abby the firebrand....Abby the matchmaker....Abby the confident attending...Abby the wife and mother. Everywhere we turned there was something to bring back a special 'thing' about Abby. We saw a glimpse of the healing with her own mother via the inscription of the Bible handed down from Grandmother to Mother and Mother to Daughter at the birth of their children....Abby and then Joe. We saw her pride in her newest student - Grady - when he caught a bullet's path that no one saw. We saw the healing she has been through herself when she dealt with Zeke....someone who wasn't bad - had just done a bad thing - and needed to get past that. We saw the Abby of old with enough confidence and fire to stand up for what is good in the ER...something she has done on several occasions. We were taken back to the wedding with the Rabbi who officiated when he came in as a patient. 'That wedding was meshuggana,' he said. 'Those are the ones that last.' We got petulant puts from Neela but a moment of promise that the friendship will continue despite the miles. We got a glimpse of Carter at the wall of locker name well as others who have graced the ER during her tenure. Sweet moment with Haleh there. Gorgeous moment with gruff old Frank. Nice moments with Scott Grimes. Especially at the end. How delightful to end with a laugh....even though you could tell his heart was breaking. Just one teensy little disappointment. I would have loved to have Luka say something....something in reference to driving to Boston but stopping in Philly to introduce his family to a 'friend' - Walter - the Hal Holbrook character that brought the Croatian Sensation to his senses. That would have clearly ended the whole thing for me. Would have solidified their happiness. Oh...and why couldn't they have used the twin that smiles?? My kiddo would have grinned a bunch seeing me after a work shift like that. But all in all, it was a wonderful tribute to Maura Tierney's work. I loved it. I was ready for it. I couldn't stand to see much more 'Abby Angst.' Wonder how I will feel next week when the reality that she will NOT be there any more actually hits??