Season 15 Episode 3

The Book of Abby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on NBC

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  • Goodbye my sweet Abby!

    In this episode of ER the following happens. We open with Abby standing in an empty apartment. We soon learn that Abby has a new job and is moving away. We soon learn that they are moving to Boston together that night. We learn in this episode that Abby has been in the ER (or at least on the show) for 10 years. Also I cannot believe that Joe is a little over 2 already. We then see Abby cleaning out her locker. Colla sees Abby taking her name off of her locker and she says to come with me. Abby does and then we see a wall, which is hidden by a door, which has all of the old staff's locker names on it, like Greene, Lewis, and Corday. We learn that Carter wouldn't do it as it was defacing a government building. As Abby was walking out, the tears started to fall down my face. We see her dancing with Frank, which broke my heart. As she walks out of those tears, the tears continue to fall. We then see them all waiting to say goodbye to her. But I still think that I was much more upset than Morris was. We then see Luca waiting for her and they kiss. She then simply gets into the car, waves and they drive off into the sunset.