Season 14 Episode 19

The Chicago Way

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Disaster waiting to be happened

    This episode really rolls on the excitement and the pulse as from the some minutes we realize that a man brought into the ER is not some usual drunk and there is reason behind everything he says. So, the whole episode is just matter of time and waiting when someone will make the move to kill the patient. On the other side, we have Neela storyline and she has to tell the her case with the patient who died in last episode. Dubenko stands up for her and somehow ends up making everyone mads and now he is leaving. I really hope he does not do that as I liked his char.. there are not much continues chars around.. but he was.. And the end.. I am glad Luka and Abby managed to talk about their problem and who knows what happened with her as she was crossing the street..
  • The season finale of ER is always bound to bring excitement.

    I saw this episode back in May when it first aired and I have not seen it until the re-airing this past week. The reason why this show is awesome is because after 14 years, ER still does something to shock the heck out of me! There is a guy who comes into the ER telling everyone he is dangerous to have there and tries to convince the staff and police to arrest him, but we find out he is in Witness protection hiding out from the mob. His WitSec advisor comes in and tells him he is going to be transferred out of there and not a minute too soon, since he already has had his life threatened. Moretti confronts Luka to tell him that he is sorry for sleeping with Abby and to get even, Luka punches him. After that, Luka goes to find Abby and tells her everything is going to be okay between them and they should "get out of town". By this point, Abby has already taken a position at a new medical facility in Chicago, so we can only assume that's where she was headed before the end of the show. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Pratt and Sam find out there is one spot available on the rig to transfer the Witness Protection patient. Since this was the season finale, we of course do not know who went, but at the very end with Abby is close proximity of the ambulance, it explodes and the episode ends. Who is dead? Who is alive? I already know, but I will not spoil it, but next week's season premiere should be exciting!!
  • This is one season finale that I wont be re-watching.

    This episode opens with a drunken man is brought into the ER by the police. We also see Luka giving Abby a lift to work, it's their first wedding Anniversary and Luka seems to have forgotten, and she gives him a paper (paper for 1st anniversary). When the police put the drunken man's name over the wire, they are told to keep him there until further notice. Moretti is back in the hospital. Drunken man's brother in law comes in. We learn that Moretti's son is in a group home. Pratt goes to check on the drunk man and finds brother in law trying to kill him. Moretti asks if Abby is on, and seems happy that she is. Moretti and Abby talk, about marriage and she tells him that her marriage is over. How can the Luby dream be over?

    The drunken man is with the US Marshalls. Frank researches about the drunken man and his true identity. He is in Witness Protection. Luka and Moretti bump into each other. Luka drops his bag of pancakes (which are for Walter) and punches him. We also learn that Pratt's brother is going to medical school. Luka is back with pancakes for Walter but Walter is leaving. He says there is a six month time only in the hospice, so he is going back with his nephew. Pratt calls in the bling man to look for a ring for his girlfriend. Luka comes in to the ER to see Abby. Greg agrees to transfer the drunken man in the rig. We learn that Lusion is leaving the ER department. Neela and the new doctor hook up which is totally unrealistic. That is not the Neela that we have grown to love. Luby go for a walk. Luka wants them to move away. They kiss. The US Marshalls agree to take one of them (Sam and Pratt) on the rig, we see Abby walking and then BANG! The ambulance is blown up. But who was on it? Who will survive will Abby be caught up in the blast!

    A very disappointing season finale. Ever since the amazing season finale of 21 guns, ER seems to be trying to top it but are unable to do so. This episode didn't pack any punches or even having a gripping storyline. I was told that someone within the main cast would be leaving this episode and we would have to wait until the next season to find out if they survived (which kind of reminded me again of 21 guns). But as I waited and waited, the less I believed in the ER dream. When the ending we were promised finally happened, I was left disappointed. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I was still disappointed. But reports have said that we will find out who the fatality was when the show returns for (what has been reported to be), its final season in the fall. But come on how could anyone survive it and if by some miracle they did, they would be terribly burnt.

    Overall I am still looking forward to season 15, but if the reports are true that it is the last one, maybe it is a blessing in disguise after the last few episodes.
  • Worst finale ever.

    Ive been quite generous when ive reviewed previous episodes this season mainly 10's but this episode.. this was just bad.

    there where some high points (mainly Abby and Luka)

    but the rest was just dull. i know there was a strike but they really didnt try hard enough to make this episode a good one. they should have told NBC that they needed more time to make this

    im hoping that season 15 will have more to it.

    i think we all know that Greg is died/will die. hes to much of a show off to have let sam go on the ambulance.

    I am also a little worried for abby - i know she's leaving but im hoping she wasnt hurt by the explosion.

    Im hoping morretti wont be back next season
  • I knew it!! I knew it!!

    I knew someone was going to die! My bet was in Pratt's brother, i thought he would be Arnie's paramedic and something would happen during the transport! Who was it? Pratt or Sam?? I guess it was Pratt, he was the one insisting about going with him! Abby and cute they're back together!
    I can't believe Dubenko is leaving! I think he was my favorite character this season (oh crap, I think I said that about somebody else last review! lol)
    A lot of people are leaving! We are running out of doctors...let's think: Abby and Luka (I guess they're moving, wasn't what he said?), Dubenko, Sam/Pratt...
    Is Carter comming back?? The nurses said that a few epsiodes ago and nothing until now! Our last season can't be all about unknown doctors! I think they all should come back Doug (George Clooney is too famous now, he'll never accept), Carol, Carter, Susan, Benton, Weaver, Elizabeth...and we should have ghosts appearences like Romano, Greene, Gallant and Lucy! Okay, my idea suck, but seriously we have to have a review of all the years....the best moments...and the lasr episode must be like 2 or 3 hours long.
    ER can't end!!! Please!!
  • Good but not a finale...

    The chapter is good, has some tension with the drunk guy but I missed all the good action we always get in a finale. Everything seem to be so good for everybody: Abby and Luka are back together, Neela and the Australian guy make out, Pratt is going to be chief, his brother makes it to med school and he is going to propose to Bettina...That's why it makes me thing that Pratt is the one that blows up...I hope he is alright, though..He deserved some good...I thought this was the series finale but I'm glad we get a new season because this haven't ended the way I imagined!
  • Well they actually jumps the shark a long time ago, but this season finalle c`mon

    Someone said this was the worst season ever, and i totally agree, im sick of they killing Doctors everythime the show gets bored, i mean its the oldest trick, did you remember Dr.Lucy? a beautyfull intern who gets stab in season 3 or 4?, if we make a list of every Teat they have get into the show for we to fall in love whit him just to take him away and make us cry.......c`mon its too threshing, im really not dissaponted because i lost my hopes whit this show long time ago, its painfull see how they ruined, they should retired with dignity when carter leave the show, because originally it was about telling his story
  • A great episode with the exception of one part.

    The only thing that kept this episode from being a ten to me was the vomit inducing scene that were subjected to between Neela and Brenner. David Lyons and Parminder Nagra have no chemistry at all together. The whole scene looked like a traffic accident that you didn't want to watch but couldn't look away from. It was everything I could do not to lose my dinner when I saw it. Neela must really be losing her mind if she is falling for him. There is only one person she belongs with and he is in Baton Rouge.
  • It actually jumped the shark when Carter left. This was the worst season ever.

    Neela making out with the other British guy, Lucian quiting, who dies at the end? I'm very upset. I told myself that I was going to stop watching when the Dr. Skye lady made her appearance and we started seeing less of Luka. Now, I am going to have to at least watch the first episode of the next season just to see who got killed, and if it is Abby, I swear that I will stop watching. This show has really gone downhill. I don't like how everyone is new and how many relationships are these people going to have with each other? Everyone in the hospital can't be doing each other. I don't really like Sam and Gates together. I'm serious, if Abby dies I will end up hating this show.
  • Loved Steve Buscemi!

    I really liked this episode with the Steve Buscemi as a member of the witness protection program. I love him! I'm glad to see Dr. Pratt maturing and growing up and his relationship with Betina (did I get that right?) moving forward. I can only hope that he wasn't in that ambulance. I don't like Sam & Tony as a couple so I won't mind if she was in the ambulane, although it is the last thing her kid needs. BTW, is he still in that treatment facility she took him to? I am not happy about Neela and that Australian doc having sex. I don't like him, but I saw it coming. And I am so glad Abby & Luka are getting back together. How short did Stanly Tucci look next to Goran Visnjic?! Goran is 6'4" and Stanley is 5'8".
  • Luka & Abby are happy and together again. Someone's dead, the easy way out, an explosion and puff ... there goes one more!

    I was expecting more of a season finale. This season wasn't the best but the strike didn't help either!

    At least in this episode they gave us some answers (or half-answers) for previous unended stories. We heard about Pratt's father and knew his brother got into Medical School. Moretti didn't simply disappear, he was "fixing" his family.

    And Luka finally found himself. IMO he was lost after all that happened with his father and Abby's problems. I liked that couple since their first kiss and I'm really happy they're given a "happily ever after" goodbye. As far as I remember Lubby are the second couple that leaves the show together as a happy family. The first family were Doug and Carol's. (forgive me if I'm wrong)
  • OMG!!! that is all i can say....

    ... i had a heart attack watching the ending it was absolutely amazing... i love pratt in this episode ... sam and gates, i am so not sure about them, they great as individuals but together? i don't think so... Dubenko i loved him in this episode the way he stepped up and stuck up for neela, and the story line with neela has repeated again... remember when pratt said that she needs to get laid and she nearly got with ray friend but instead read Michael's letter and now the same story-line between her and the aussie but you so knew that they were getting together because neela was getting all worked up and he was following her everywhere... ABBY and LUKA are so back together i loved it especially when Luka punched Moretti ...i loved that, but the end ..... i literally jumped ... do you when you body jumps when something shocks you out of the blue ... well i had that feeling ... it was so unexpected ... and i didn't even know it was the season finale ... OMG... i think pratt went in the ambulance because there was speculation that he was leaving and i hope abby isn't dead but i bet she is really critically injured but eventually get better, but i hope no one got in the ambulance .... what if pratt's brother got in to the ambulance instead of the other paramedic ? i can't wait till the next season .... is it going to start in the fall ?
  • An explosive episode... The end of the worst season of ER history.

    Worst season finale ever. I hated "The Honeymoon is Over" but "The Chicago Way" is... wow... dissapointing... over the top... out of character... What the f** with Neela and Brenner ? It's terrible, terrible... Terrible end also. Moretti is back. So what ? It's a good idea to end his storyline but it's too late... Morris deserve better storylines than that!!!! I hate Gates and Sam so much !! Why didn't Gates was on the ambulance with Sam?? Steve Buschemi was great but his character was not that interesting. I just love the all Luka storyline, with the old guy, it was sweet. I also enjoyed Luby resolution... And the title. Good title. But that's all. Season 15 will have to be much better than season 14, wich was the worst season ever...
  • A Seemingly Drunk patient enters the ER warning the staff that his presence places them in danger. Pratt tries to work on a personal project under the radar. Abby tries to reconnect with Luka.

    There was a lot to accomplish I this episode, as so often happens with season finales. Since Goran Visjnic and Maura Tierney were not going to return, their storyline had to be wrapped up and resolved. Thankfully it worked nicely taking them on a good arc within the episode, from Luka being standoffish to contemplative to trying to work things out. While it happened a little fast, it was good that it happened and was a least handled with some Maturity.

    Doctor Moretti turns up for this episode to talk to Abby and Luka. Giving the lamest excuse ever for having an affair with a married woman. He said he "didn't know" about her and Luka. I'm sorry but was he blind and didn't see her wedding ring? Had he never had a single conversation with anyone in the ER? It was some form of a godsend that Luka punched him since most if not all of the viewers wanted to.

    Pratt had a lot to do this episode, coming fresh off a hopeful interview to become Chief of the ER, his half-brother having been accepted to med school, trying to find a suitable engagement ring for Bettina and treating the "Mystery Patient"

    That patient was revealed to be in witness protection, which was a good thing to bring into the ER, but I'm willing to bet most of the audience had figured that out or at least suspected it by the time they told us outright. Morris' plotline fit well into the episode but it went nowhere. Sam and Gates had some interactions in the beginning, but nothing really substantial besides being late for work. Dubenko's anger and seming resignation seemed to come completely out of nowhere. Neela and Brenner? Are you kidding me? Could we have eliminated this completely and put in some more Sam and Gates stuff instead? Or a shot of a wall and nothing happening? Can we write it in that he was the person in the ambulance?

    Speaking of the ambulance, was it Pratt or Sam? Was it neither? Who knows? I'd be surprised if it were Sam, since they gave so much for Pratt in the episode, very much a send off treatment. But who knows? We'll have to wait for next season.

    This was an okay Season Finale, definitely better than last season, but that's not saying that much. Remove Luka, Abby and Pratt, this would have been a clunker. Which may be the case come next season, which sadly is not a great sign for the future.
  • ER The Chicago Way Season Finale

    " Are you finished yet ? " Luka puts the bag down and punches Moretti in the face and walks away. I was waiting for that punch and was surprised that Luka did not do it earlier. It was nice to see Abby and Luka finally work things out so they can move on with their lives. Disappointed with Neela sleeping with the new doctor. It will be fun to find out who was killed in the explosion Pratt, sam , or Abby next season. It was a great season finale and I am looking forward to next year. The return of Carter?
  • Only 19 more to go...

    I wanted to like this episode. But I don't. The whole thing was contrived and a bit disjointed. I will say, at least the witness protection program hasn't been used before, that I recall, so I guess that was original. The way they handle the situation though, is about as realistic as John Stamos being a doctor. Not being a worshipper at the alter of all things Abby and Luka, I didn't find their time together on screen all that interesting, and the character of Abby has went beyond tragic and flawed, to just being a caricature. She even says to Pratt that she is a major downer, and I believe it. Maura looked like she was just happy to be getting toward the end of her ER stint, and I couldn't agree more with her. Moretti comes back, seemingly out of nowhere, to play wise sage and peacemaker. The term "Deus ex machina" applies. Look it up. Morris has a storyline...that seems to be totally unrelated to anything else. Pratts picking out bling and becoming all Chief like, but that may have been cut short and those cagey writers are keeping us guessing. Dubenko is freaking out, apparently in a sudden case of post Skye PTSD, and leaving County. If only we cared. And in what I consider one of the most moronic scenes in the history of ER(and considering their recent history, thats saying something), Neela just can't resist the charms of Australian bad boy and love counselor Dr. Brenner and they go at it like rabbits. I guess this is what passes as entertainment these days, but I will take a pass. I will give it this much credit. It brings us one episode closer to the end of the series, and thats something. But oh if that writers strike hadn't hit, this one could have been so much the series finale. But for that, we must wade through 19 more episodes. A pity...
  • Drunk Comes into the ER and Pratt handles his case, which turns our someone is wanting him dead and putting the whole er at risk, Abby and Luca get back together after luca decks Morrati, Gates is Worried thing will go sour with sam and cause problems

    Awesome Ending!! I was of course upset with it ending like that and leaving me hanging on who got in the in rigg was it Sam or Pratt, or did that get on at all? and Luca and Abby getting back together and leaving chicago what is that about?! i dont want thing to leave!! I am on the edge of my seat wanting the new season to begin already I cant stand this!!! I give this a A+ in endings.. Because you don't know who died and if they really died at all and also are Abby and Luca really going to leave ?! Can't wait for the new season to start up!!!
  • If I were 80yrs old i be probably dead for all the nerve wracking i went through the end of this season finale!

    So i missed the last few episodes, but i kinda catch up with the lil review they had on the beginning of this epidose...i didnt realize that we were about time to get cut on all our shows, i mean after the writers brake... i expected more!!

    Anyways ER, long time show i have grown with this show, it was my show i watched when i was a kid instead that ugly purple dinosaur and always been attached to this show, and im not a doctor but cutting to the episode............. MY GOD!!!! Writers i really really really have a problem with u people, directors, whoever gets to say what happen in the show i really really H_Ate u!!!

    WHY u guys are taking abby and luka away?!?!? i mean i know they said.... lets get out of here... what do i think... they are gone!!!! after more than a decade they are gone for some stupid cheating game going around..... i hate luka too.. he is a lil girl!!! why the hell he wants to go!!

    i liked the whole "witness protection" plot but why do u have to kill pratt or sam!!!! why??? i knew that dude sweeping had something weird,,,, i have ever ever ever seen anybody cleaning around just like that.. i knew it was happening something.... i felt pratt was gonna be killed at the radiology room when that black men came in without ID... but that ambulance going BOOM rigth by where abby was passing by...!!!!! i mean what the hell!!!!! oh and neela!!! get off that ugly white trash, england guy! i thoug once u go black u never go back.... im so desperate to see what comes on next season!!! i hope it comes sooner that it usually does...PLEASE dont kill sam or pratt, or abby.. dont take her away she is one of the original and very first people that made this show what its now!!!! and luka too...
  • Once another season finale....things go BOOM!

    Not sure what I was exactly expecting from this episode. Steve Buscemi...Hal Holbrook....Stanley Tucci? Too many high powered guests for my tastes. I thought they would outshine the stories that needed to be told. But I tend to forget that one thing that ER is totally capable of is a kick ass stunning season ending finale. Nothing will ever top season 12's incomparable '21 Guns' for me. This episode however, effectively wrapped up a story line that has literally ripped me to shreds for months. Luka and Abby are back together again...or are they? What a sweet, sweet moment for them in the park as Luka struggled to explain that they weren't the concrete beings he thought at first...but rather constantly changing and growing. Aww. What an incredible question mark is posed by an ambulance exploding on the street, just as Abby is passing by...tentative smile on her face as she breathes a sigh of relief on her way back to work to finish her shift. Elsewhere in the ER, we have a fairly giggling Greg Pratt and all's right in his world. He is at the top of the list for the new ER Chief, his brother is going to be a brand new med student, 'the Cubs are playing in Wrigley Field' and Frank is helping him secure the services of the 'bling man' so he can choose an engagement ring for Bettina. Pratt has come a long, long way to get to where he is now. Disliked his cocky little tush in the beginnning....but this guy is also a bit over the top for my tastes. Again, when faced with decision as to who is riding with the witness protection patient in the ambulance that exploded, we are left haning with wondering if it was Pratt? Or Sam? Sam and Gates opened this episode sharing a whimsical childhood memory of hers as they rode the L into work. Interesting dynamic, these two. Not too crazy about either character alone - but they have been a total hoot together. Just having some fun, Gates tells Frank....but there is a very serious, wistful look on his face. Hope they keep these two together in the coming season. Saw the clothes ripping kissy face moment between Neela and new attending, Simon Brewer, coming several weeks ago. He is such a turd...especially to those that he shags. We already know she can handle him as a coworker. She has dressed him down on several occasions. Hope she can handle him as a romantic issue. And Morris. My heart actually aches for this guy. He's been through so much. Scott Grimes can nail his character solidly when it comes to dramatic moments. I actually hope they bring Christine (his patient's daughter) back for him. Two souls - literally alone in the world - in dire need of one another. I want to see that side of Morris....not the stupid, middle school humor guy. Well, okay...maybe a LITTLE of that guy.

    As for the guest stars. Steve Buscemi was awesome as Art/Arnie, the witness protection patient. When isn't he though? And the same can be said for Hal Holbrook. He was a calming center for Luka's turmoil in his multi-episode arc. Sheesh. I love that man. Always have. Even as a kid when I watched him do his Mark Twain bit. And Stanley Tucci. Sorry dear man but your incredible acting portrayal of 'Kevin Moretti' has forever ruined me as a fan. Thank you for coming back and trying to make things right with Abby and Luka. Thank you especially for coming back so we could all see The Pretty smash his fist into your stubbly mug. I SO needed that!
  • Abby and Luka got back together! Somebody died

    I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it I really really liked it