Season 6 Episode 11

The Domino Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2000 on NBC

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  • Not every patient cannot be saved

    A beautiful and moving story, again. They just have always something to say, another angle of problem to offer. I adored the Lucy storyline and the way it ended - it was so real and so sad. But that heart - maybe the next patient will be more lucky. I do not know - I just cannot get over this feeling. And I can imagine what she felt.

    And then Mark dealing with those gays. Home violence on another angle and the way it looked so clear what really happened in the end. And how other are so helpless.

    And the end of Elizabeth and that bad man story arc. She did not killed him after all. And I am not sure if she was stronger than him. She said to the girl that he wants them to suffer and they have to be stronger but the look she had, when she was walking away. It was hard case...
  • Ms. Knight shows how much she cares. Dr. Chen shows how much she can follow the rules, heartlessly. Dr. Carter shows that he has a tender touch

    Okay, so Ms. Knight has taken a special interest in a patient that needs a new heart. What I do not understand is why this heart patient returns to the ER to be prepped for open-heart surgery. Wouldn't it make more sense that the surgeon be responsible for prepping the patient, rather than the chef of Emergency Services (Dr. Weaver)?

    I commend Dr. Carter for standing up to Dr. Chen and out smarting her. He really was taking care of both the mother and the daughter in this case.

    It was great that Dr. Greene helped the two gay men. Whenever this series deals with homosexuality, I commend the writers and producers. The twist of the storyline was interesting, too.
  • Poor Lucy.

    It was really touching to see Lucy care for her friend, Valerie who was going in for a heart transplant. Then she was told that Valerie had an infection that could endanger her life if operated on. The surgery went ahead anyway, and Valerie comes out of surgery as a vegetable. Poor Lucy was crushed. It must\'ve been really hard for her to ask Valeries mother to turn of the life support, and if she would donate Valeries organs to the hospital.

    I especially loved the ending, when Lucy told Luka she felt like she didn\'t belong at the hospital, and then the episode ends with Luka assisiting Lucy on another case that Lucy describes as a \"hard one\".

    This episode is a must see fans of Lucy! It\'s a episode that mainly focuses on not only her duties as doctor, but her duties as a friend.