Season 15 Episode 15

The Family Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Gates becomes a kinder and gentler physician. Brenner becomes enamored with an unconventional family. Neela ponders Duke. Sam ponders Gates. Morris becomes a Super Hero.

    This was a nicely written, understated, very 'old school' episode of ER. No wonder. Written by a basically new writer - Andy Fash - it was directed by Eriq LaSalle, who has experienced that 'old school' in a very personal way as 'Peter Benton.' I liked the lighter touch with Brenner's very serious story. The Jane/Lucy/Stuart tale was nicely done and NOT heavy handed...albeit very sad in the end. WHY can't Brenner's positive hopes pay off once in a while?? I liked the rapport that was eventually built between Gates and his old guy (Louis Gossett Jr.) And I especially like the Super Hero scenes with Morris. They were funny and not over the top stupid as his funny stuff tends to reach. It was by far - a filler episode - but very comfortable and entertaining. And interestingly enough I did NOT miss the "trying to be hot bodice ripping two girls in the bed" sort of sex scenes. And I DID. NOT. MISS. ANGELA. BASSETT!! Bring on my 'old' ER friends. I seriously canNOT wait.
  • Emotional

    It was one of those episode, when in the end you feel you haven't wasted your time.. the emotion it gets, the way story moves you.. it is all worth it. It has hard tunes, some dark themes, but also laughter and funny moments.. like Morris in superhero costume and those kids troughing candies on him.

    And then there was that old man.. who thought it is easy to die.. but he did not thought there is so much to live for and I loved when the expression when he realized - he has a family, he is important for them.

    But most of all.. it was about that little girl and her father and his sister.. and the whole family drama going around.. the way of escaping from responsibility and thinking he is turning around but in the end - he did run.
  • We are introduced to the character of Lucy

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. Sam and Gates are finding is strange still working together, now that they are no longer a couple. A mother and daughter crash into an ambulance outside of the ER. They are brought in and treated. Since the mother will be in hospital for a while, they contact her brother to look after her daughter. He comes to the hospital and they have a fight and as he walks out he tells the Doc and Sam that Lucy (the daughter) isn't his niece, she is his daughter. We soon learn that her mother isn't her mother and that Lucy doesn't know about it. The mother takes a turn for the worse and her heart stops beating. They manage to bring her back, but she is in heart failure. She will need to be in the hospital for at least a month and so they ask the real father again if he will take Lucy. If not she will go into foster care. The father agrees to take her. When it comes time to take Lucy home, her father vanishes. Lucy even says herself that he's not coming back, for her.
  • Great episode but sad. Fathers should not be allowed to walk out on their kids.

    The main story of this episode has a lady and her daughter ramming into an ambulance at the hospital. They are both taken in and the daughter is OK, but the mother has some internal injuries including a broken hip that need surgery. During her treatment it is discovered that she has scar tissue around her heart and she may need to be put on the transplant list. The only relative available to take care of the little girl (Lucy) is the mother's brother Stuart. Stuart is actually Lucy's father who ran out on her when she was three. They all agree that Stuart will take care of her, but in the end he runs away again.

    The other major storyline in this episode involves a man named Leo Malcolm played by Louis Gossett Jr. who has a perforated ulcer and is in need of surgery. Leo is refusing the surgery because of having to watch his wife die and he want's to go out on his own terms.

    In notes of interest, Dr. Morris becomes a superhero, Dr. Rasgotra gets an offer in North Carolina and Dr. Brenner is not sure how to handle it and Dr. Gates and Sam appear to not be over each other yet.