Season 15 Episode 15

The Family Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Gates becomes a kinder and gentler physician. Brenner becomes enamored with an unconventional family. Neela ponders Duke. Sam ponders Gates. Morris becomes a Super Hero.

    This was a nicely written, understated, very 'old school' episode of ER. No wonder. Written by a basically new writer - Andy Fash - it was directed by Eriq LaSalle, who has experienced that 'old school' in a very personal way as 'Peter Benton.' I liked the lighter touch with Brenner's very serious story. The Jane/Lucy/Stuart tale was nicely done and NOT heavy handed...albeit very sad in the end. WHY can't Brenner's positive hopes pay off once in a while?? I liked the rapport that was eventually built between Gates and his old guy (Louis Gossett Jr.) And I especially like the Super Hero scenes with Morris. They were funny and not over the top stupid as his funny stuff tends to reach. It was by far - a filler episode - but very comfortable and entertaining. And interestingly enough I did NOT miss the "trying to be hot bodice ripping two girls in the bed" sort of sex scenes. And I DID. NOT. MISS. ANGELA. BASSETT!! Bring on my 'old' ER friends. I seriously canNOT wait.