Season 15 Episode 15

The Family Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Great episode but sad. Fathers should not be allowed to walk out on their kids.

    The main story of this episode has a lady and her daughter ramming into an ambulance at the hospital. They are both taken in and the daughter is OK, but the mother has some internal injuries including a broken hip that need surgery. During her treatment it is discovered that she has scar tissue around her heart and she may need to be put on the transplant list. The only relative available to take care of the little girl (Lucy) is the mother's brother Stuart. Stuart is actually Lucy's father who ran out on her when she was three. They all agree that Stuart will take care of her, but in the end he runs away again.

    The other major storyline in this episode involves a man named Leo Malcolm played by Louis Gossett Jr. who has a perforated ulcer and is in need of surgery. Leo is refusing the surgery because of having to watch his wife die and he want's to go out on his own terms.

    In notes of interest, Dr. Morris becomes a superhero, Dr. Rasgotra gets an offer in North Carolina and Dr. Brenner is not sure how to handle it and Dr. Gates and Sam appear to not be over each other yet.
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