Season 12 Episode 21

The Gallant Hero and the Tragic Victor

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • Even more crying...

    Oh.. when last episode made me cry, then this was even more crying episode. I cannot help it. It was just. Michael was a great char in this show, main cast for quite long and Neela... and the way it was done. It really.. I just cried and cried.. And the empty feeling - that really devastating atmosphere...

    and it was not only Gallant. The way Clemente just loses it all and goes mad. It was so seen to coming and it was a great thing to add - to show how the events affected him and that it is never easy.

    And Pratt - now back from Africa is having those "back in Chicago" syndromes where everything looks to be wrong and nothing that really matter is here. We saw it so much on Carter but he was totally different person. But even somehow so strong and not very caring person like Pratt can be affected. Cannot wait for season ender.
  • A beloved doctor is killed in action while another finds his life falling to pieces...

    One of ER’s finest passes away while assisting in the War in Iraq. The staff of County General soon hears of the death of their well-respected and loved colleague, Dr. Michael Gallant. Neela finally finds of her husband’s loss just after getting the delightful news that she will be working in the OR. Bittersweet to say the least, the staff insistently tries to get Neela to take the rest of the day off to mourn, but Neela stands her ground and refuses to leave. Pratt has his own breakdown of sorts, just after returning from his mission trip to Africa. The loss of Michael, coupled with a severely abused boy who he is treating and the depression he still feels from Africa, Pratt let’s his known. Clemente, on the other hand, (who has been apprehensive and suffering from extreme insomnia) is brought in after getting into an altercation with a taxi driver, along with earlier assumptions from his colleagues that Clemente had been taking drugs. This all marks the end of Victor Clemente at County.

    This episode was one of those lesser-appreciated ER episodes with a more than impressive and outstanding storyline. One man dies through his dedication and bravery, while one man loses his dignity and integrity.
  • Goodbye to Gallent!

    Though I would miss this great character, I am wondering will they plan to make Neela and Ray be together soon? This epsiode just broadcasted in HK last week, yeah, much later than in US or, I really felt sorry for Neela. They were so great in the show and happy to have them be a couple, but this short! However, they seem trying to make Neela and Ray to have something. I don't mind if Neela could be with Ray, after Michael's death.
  • Sad goob-byes to Gallant and Clemente. :[

    I thought the saddest part of this episode was the end, where Neela watched the video Gallant had made for her. However, I think it was Gallant\\\'s own fault that he was killed by a bomb. I mean, yeah, he was trying to save a fellow solider, but he had just gotten married. Him and Neela didn\\\'t even buy a house yet and already he re-opted!

    On a different note, Victor Clemente will not be returning as an attending, which I am personally sad about. However, after Jodie came to the ER, Clemente made himself crazy, which is most likely from the drugs he took and/or his lack of sleep due to his threats from Bobby. Like I was saying, I\\\'ll be sad that Clemente is leaving because before the whole Jodie/Bobby business, he was an extremely powerful character, something the show really needed. But perhaps that\\\'s what the writers of ER wanted: to show how a seemingly strong person\\\'s world can be threatened by fear. I only wish that Clemente could return to the show as the character he was originally.
  • Gallant's and Clemente's powerful goodbyes.

    Oh, my. I can't believe that a year ago I was watching 'Carter est amourex' and complaining to everybody of how bad ER was. A year later, they give us yet another goodbye. Of a new, not very convicing and yet good character and of a fairly old, sweet and loved one.

    It's awful to imagine what drugs and a scary husband can do to a person. Clemente was always a problem, I learned to like him a lot, and now he's gone completely crazy. I was sorry to see him going nuts, but it was a good lesson to everyone. Never get involved in absurd situations. John Leguizamo did a wonderful job, especially on his last day.

    The whole Gallant storyline this episode was depressing. His death was so powerful, so unexpected, so sad. During the whole episode his last words kept repeating themselves in my head. "My wife, Neela, is a doc--" That he never managed to finish those words was too much.

    The scene where Neela finds out Michael was killed was one of ER's saddest. Parminder Nagra was unbelievable this episode. She expressed so much pain. While she walked away and everybody in the ER looked at her, I couldn't help crying. Only in Mark's funeral did everybody show so much sadness.

    I could go on, but all I can really write about is Michael's goodbye video. It was perfectly written, Sharif Atkins was amazing in it, made me laugh and cry more. It was the perfect goodbye they could have given such a great character. Definatly one of this season's best episode.

    (Small commentary on Morris - also a year ago, I hated him. Now I can't imagine ER without him. He's hillarious. And Pratt came back from Africa a different - for the best - man. So different from Carter and Luka when they came back.)
  • I thought that this was a really great episode

    I thought that this was a really great episode to watch, but it did make me cry. I thought that it was really good when Neela got this good news and then got the horrible news.

    And the end, the video of Gallant i couldnt help but cry my eyes out it was so sad, and so nice at the same time. I love watching ER and i like being able to cry at the sad parts (like when Mark Green died). It was sad that Gallant died but this does now mean that Neela and Ray can get together hopefully, i do like a bit of romance now and then.
  • Centring around the death of army medic Gallant, this episode set up a number of possible storylines for ER\'s thirteenth season.

    An interesting episode, for me, in that it could be divided into two parts - before and after. In the before phase, Neela is excited that she's got a surgical residency next year, Clemente is acting strangely, everything else is like a normal day. Once the chaplains arrive, however, we're into an 'after' phase. It is clear to everyone what has happened, and, pleasingly, we see reactions not just from Neela but from other cast members - Pratt, Ray, Abby...

    This episode also gave Parminder Nagra (Neela) the opportunity to showcase her formidable acting talents to great effect, and was complemented by good performances from the rest of the cast. The sudden and unexpected death of Gallant at the beginning of the episode also served to highlight the uncertainty and danger of war.

    High points: great acting, grief which felt genuine, interaction between Abby and Neela, kept my attention.

    Low points: very few! Clemente's breakdown was probably a little overdone.

    All in all, a very good episode.
  • ...

    I cried all the way through this episode , why does ER have to be so tragically depressing!!! Of course, my initial tears at Gallant's death made me more ready to cry for things I might not have otherwise, but all those tears emotions were already there...

    Morris was a total jerk!!

    Kovac = very disappointed, a boss should not tell an entire ER room before telling Neela herself!

    Clemente = Hmmmm...not so pleased with this but then maybe ER are even trying to challenge our own prejudices in forcing us to accept someone in this light.
  • very dramatic.. i didnt expect it actually for him to die

    it was extremely good acting by neela\'s actor ( sorry cant remember her name) and a good episode all around. With Michael dying, it shakes things up a bit in the ER. You know, I didnt expect him to die but in retrospect, I think it was pretty obvious with the scene made when he had to leave again.

    I wish neela would just let ray talk to her. He is obviously upset that she is upset and somehow wants to comfort her. It would be pretty awkward though because of the \"relationship\" between the two of them. She probobly feels guilty for almost having feelings for him now that Mike is dead. I think that was an interesting triangle and now that one of th points of the triangle is dead, It leaves only a straight line. I think ray and neela should get together (obviously after she gets over her husbands death)
  • This has been my favourite episode this season!

    It was fantastic, the actors did a marvellous job especially Parminder Nagra,her reaction to Gallants death was just so real, I could really feel her pain. I would really love to see more episodes like this one throughout next season, they are just so fantastic to watch, and an episode I could watch over and over without getting sick off. Well done to the cast and crew into creating this wonderful episode.
  • Neela receives tragic news about Gallant and Dr. Clemente undergoes a mental breakdown.

    Gallant dies, poor Neela. This was a good episode. Sad but good. We all know Gallant would die I guess

    Dr. Clemente (John Leguizaomo) gets put in the psyche ward for his abnormal behavior and lack of sleep.
    Hmmm I hate what they do with the character particularly that he’s Latino we can’t ever see to get good
    Role model Latino characters in tv today. Since I’am Latino myself I would have liked to see the character developed more into just another stupid stereotype. Pratt returned to work. Morris was Morris.

    Anyways sad for Neela I believe she was getting a recommendation or something from her attendee or something but that really didn’t mean anything under the circumstances.
  • great episode

    I really liked this one, very exciting to watch. After watching this episode I really can\'t wait for the next one. I have to say that Gallant\'s death was a little bit predictable, as I had been predicting it for over a year. Nonetheless, I thought it was well done, and an important anti-war message. The other two storylines were big surprises. I was sure that Clemente was on drugs, but it turns out that he was not. I was a little shocked by the other storyline with the kid that killed his dad to save hie little brother. That was very hard to watch. I\'m really excited for tonight's episode.
  • Everything was normal at County General until two men came and changed everything.

    It was really great to see Gallant, even if it was just one more time. Although we have known about his tragic fate for quite some time, his death still came as a shock. Poor Neela. Even as all of her peers told her to go home and take it easy, she was in denial. Her reaction to the situation was very real. The tears came falling at the end as she watched the video from Michael.

    Despite the bad news, Luka and Abby seem to be coming along well. Every episode, an event occurs that brings them closer together, that builds their characters. I loved the part where Abby told Luka they should go on a vacation before the baby is born. Her belly gets bigger every time. I can't believe they are going to be parents!!!

    Clemente's insanity should not have come as such a shock to everyone, It has been coming since the first day he showed up for work. Did anyone nitice that in this epi, Vic was a patient, like in his first epi when he masqueraded as a patient? How ironic.

    The scene with Albright and Morris did not go as I expected. I wanted to a little more of them, maybe actually verbalizing?

    Last, but not least, was Pratt adjusting to life back in America. It was sad to head the little boy telling Greg that he was going to hell for killing his father. Having just come back from Africa, he handled the situation well. He seemed to grow up qite a bit and appreciate life more.

    All in all, it was a phenomenal episode of ER. I'm eagerly awaiting for next week!!!(Its going to be a looooooooooooooong summer)
  • Neela attempts to deal with the loss of her husband as Clemente attempts to deal with the loss of his mind.

    I loved this episode it was encompassing of everything that makes ER as amazing as it is.

    All the characters intertwined to create this great symphony of action and yet through all the chaos there were individuals trying to find peace, namely Neela, Pratt, and Clemente.

    Gallant's death affected all of them making them realize the fragility of life and the reality of war and death. Neela's tears were so believable and they made me feel for her, though she was fictional, and they made me feel for all those who have received similar news.

    Clemente loses his mind, Pratt loses his friend and begins to change, Abby and Ray try to support Neela, Neela bears the burden of love lost, Luka attempts to remain a strong authority in spite of all the tragedy and through it all beauty can be seen.

  • Not the writers\' best effort

    I give this episode a lower mark than I normally give, due to some problems I have with the writing. I say this mostly in regards to how they dealt with breaking the news to Neela.

    First, was there any place worse than the ER waiting room for the Army-Uniformed men to be waiting for Neela? Why didn\'t they ask for a more private location prior to locating Neela? Why didn\'t Luka find them a family room to go to? They\'re in the middle of a waiting room, face-to-face with Neela, and then they ask for a more private location? Bad.

    As soon as Neela knew they were here for her, she knew. We\'ve all seen TV shows and movies and read books about war. We all know what men in Uniform mean. They have bad news.

    Then, Luka tells various members of the staff that Army men are here for Neela. With a chaplain. Nobody came right out and said that Gallant was dead, but they didn\'t have to. Everybody knew.

    I can\'t fault for Frank being the first to know. Frank is the go to guy when it comes to people looking for staff members. It\'s his job. I can\'t fault Frank for telling Neela. If Frank did not know where Neela was, then her attending was the appropriate move. But after than, the Army reps needed to be moved to a family room, and mouths shut until the widow knows.

    I forgive Luka, because he too is at a loss with Gallant\'s death. He has been in a war himself, and it probably brought up other bad memories. And he was distracted by a very eratic Clemente. At the time, he thought that Vic was high. Given all of that, I can forgive Luka. But it still bothers me that most of the staff knew before Neela did.

    And, as my friend Tee pointed out, the Army reps probably should have waited to find Neela at home. Don\'t confront her at work.

    But all of these things were done in a certain way, for dramatic effect. It is a drama. But a lot of realism was sacraficed for the dramatic effect. And it made a sad episode a little disturbing for this viewer.
  • A Gallant hero dies and a tragic Victor disintegrates...what a whopper of a tale!

    Whew...I was EXHAUSTED after watching this program. What an emotional episode on so many levels! Paraminder Nigra was stunning in her portrayal of Neela...always in control and calm....and at loss with how to deal with the death of her husband. My heart was breaking for her when she was watching the video Michael had left for her. It was also wrenching to watch Pratt reeling as he struggled with the loss of a friend and the futility he was feeling as a physician.
    And as much as I like John Leguiziamo.....his was a crappy story line from Jodie's appearance on. I feel like a tremendous amount of screen time tonight was devoted to a character that I no longer care about or have any interest in. I am disappointed that Clemente could not have evolved into a more positive Hispanic role model...something ER is lacking.
  • It was an outstanding episode. It was one of those episodes that make you cry because if the lost of a closet person like Gallent.

    What an outstanding show. this episode is one that would be in the greatest episodes of ER. When I saw Gallent I was happy to see him and when I saw him talking and then BOOM! His car exploded. When I saw that I knew that he has gone. I just didn't want to see Neela to hear and what see thought right after she got a resident surgan. That was a little bit too much for her. She gets resident and then she hears about her husband. This is what happens in Iraq and we sometimes done see it.
  • What an outstanding job done by the cast.

    The first minutes of this episode were shocking & heartbreaking. This is so true of what is happening overseas. Back at county, Clemente(who by the way needs to go) is going crazy. Luka tries to talk to him but it is not working. Ray doesn't believe Morris. Dubenko gives Neela great news about a surgical job and is about to celebrate when the Army brings bad news. Everyone tries to talk to her and get her to go home but she has to work. Ray tries to talk to her and she pushes him away. THe end though and the video she watches was truly sad.
  • Neelas husband dies in combat after a road side bomb hits the truck he was in and the soliders come to county and tell her, just to make her feel like the only place she has is county with everyone there around her.

    OMG this episode was amazing. I sersiously loved this episode yeah i found it predictable at times but i still loved this show. I kinda figured that Michael would die but i wasnt sure when but now all i want is for Neela and Jay ( shane west) to get together. that is what i wanted to happen from the beggining and when Jay told Neela how he felt all neela could say was that she was married and now that she isnt ( being that i know she feels the same way for Jay ( i mean its shane west?!?)) she doesnt have anything from stopping her from moving back in with jay and hopefully starting a relationship right but that is just what i want to see happen. Another thing i realized about this episode was that after those soldiers came and told everyone, all the doctors kinda realized what happened and how tragic this was. One thing that bothers me was how in last weeks episode Pratt was sitting there yelling at people for dissing this great country and now he is complaining about being in this war and how bad this country is and that really angered me but all around i thought it was a great episode.
  • I'm so glad that they made the tradgedies of war evident. Abby and her stomach. Clemente is wacko. One TINY spolier!

    I don't think Neela is every going to be okay. I hope she doesn't kill herself or anything. Like Michael said, she needs to get married and have kids.
    Abby is SHOWING SO MUCH! But does everyone realize that she is going to have the baby next season, that is SO LONG!
    Clemente is bothering me. I think he's crazy. He needs to like die or something. Yeah. I think so.
    Definately when I was watching the previews for next week Abby was on the floor with blood coming out of her mouth. I think she was shot. AH!
  • One of the best episodes in one of the best seasons.

    This was a classic ER episode. I don't care what anyone says, this season of ER is one of the best ever. Tonight's episode was heartbreaking. Neela's reaction to Gallant's death was perfect. Parminder is wonderful. The rest of the cast's reactions were right on too. Pratt and Abby having the most reaction because they would be the two besides Neela that had the closest relationship with Gallant. Clemente was heartbreaking too. He started out as a competent, caring doctor and lost it all tonight. It was hard to watch him lose it like that. I loved Abby and Luka's scene in the drug lock-up. They are clearly in love. I would love to see them on that vacation. Morris/Albright added some much needed ER humor to lighten the mood a little. And Luka was great as chief tonight. He was taking care of everyone. I liked Ray trying to help Neela, but I understand why she rejected his help. The last thing she needs right now is to do something with Ray that she will regret. I'm glad Abby went to see Neela at the end. They have a great friendship. But that tape at the end. I almost lost it. Parminder did such a wonderful job with that scene. I love the episodes that include all or most of the characters. That scene after Neela finds out and she is walking away and all of the characters (minus Kerry) are in the shot was perfect. They have developed the characters and their relationships well and this episode really shows that.
  • Clemente's got to go.

    This episode shows why John Leguizamo's Dr. Clemente is one of the worst characters to ever appear on the show. Worse than Erik Palladino's Dr. Malucci from a few years back, and that's really saying something. For a character to be as arrogant and irritating as Clemente is, he needs to have something to make up for his behavior. He's not smarter than anyone else on the show, he's not a brillant doctor, he's not a hero, he's not charismatic at all. Basically, there's nothing appealing about this character.

    The storyline with Pratt has been covered before on the show. Doctors frustrated by the system, feeling helpless or unable to make a difference, etc. We went through this when Luka and Carter returned from Africa a few years ago.

    As for Neela and Gallant, obviously the writers are aiming to pair Parminder Nagra with either Shane West or John Stamos next season. Sad to see Gallant go though, I always liked that character.
  • Neela receives news from Iraq. This review may contain spoilers, don't say I didn't warn you.

    This episode was well-done. Neela's reaction to Gallant's death was very believable. People say that denial is the first stage of grief; when Neela hears that her husband has been killed "in action," she argues with the Army officers and says he's a doctor, not a soldier, he couldn't have been in combat. In the episode "Back Home," Gallant tells Neela about evacuating casualties during a firefight and having to shoot an insurgent who is armed with an assault rifle. Obviously she knows he's seen combat in Iraq, but again, she's avoiding the truth. The last scene of this episode is also the saddest. Neela watches a tape that Gallant made for her. He wanted to help cheer her up in the event of his death, so he didn't erase the part at the beginning where the other soldier is horsing around and calling him a vaquero ("cowboy"). I loved when he told her she should find someone and get married and have a family even though the guy she found wouldn't be as good-looking as Gallant. Neela had been having doubts about their marriage but he reassured her and told her getting married was the right thing for them to have done. He didn't want to leave her with too many unanswered questions and that was incredibly thoughtful.
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