Season 1 Episode 10

The Gift

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 1994 on NBC

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  • Christmas..

    In compared with previous episode - it was really weaker. The Benton's storyline was - not my favorite storyline. It was not fascinating and somehow leaving cold. Susan and her finding out that his doctor has left - it really leaved her speechless. And Carter - trying to get something good out of it - it was not very thoughtful of him.

    And Carol and Doug.. this was the best part of this episode. They both are stunning actors and the way Doug's doubts where portrayed and how he was troubling. Well portrayed.

    But in overall - it did not saved much.
  • A well-done episode, as we see the very first ER Christmas.

    This episode touched me, most by the woman who feared giving away her brain-dead husband’s organs after a near fatal snowmobile accident. Luckily, after Benton’s foolish gamble of putting surgeons on standby without the wife’s consent, she finally gave permission (saving an otherwise troubled Benton). I felt a bit bad for Mark, trying to get out of the ER in order to go last-minute Christmas shopping for his wife, but instead, he was forced, time and again, to take on medical cases. To Mark’s luck, Ross’ girlfriend, Linda ends up shopping for him. I was also surprised to see Div, for the most part, fall off the face of the Earth, leading to some awkward moments for Carter and Susan. Another bombshell was of course Susan’s sister Chloe announcing that she is pregnant, much to the dissatisfaction of Susan. It is also more than obvious that the relationship between Ross and Carol is strained, leading both of them to second-guess their current relationships (Carol with Tag, and Ross with Linda). This episode shaped-up to be a descent installment, certainly paving the way for other much more memorable Christmas episodes.
  • ER gives the fans a great gift

    The title of this episode has multiple meanings.

    The gift is Linda Farrell buying Mark's gift for his wife.

    The gift is a music box for Susan.

    The gift is a boy coming back after falling into the icy lake.

    The gift is a wife letting go, signing for consent, and giving life to those that need a heart and liver.

    The gift is two of the season's biggest story lines having a pivotal night.

    Doug crashes Carol's engagement party and tries to tell her how he feels about her. He's unsuccessful, and Tag gives him the gift of a knuckle sandwich.

    Chloe gives Susan the gift of becoming an aunt. But Susan is not thrilled with this news. As we know, Chloe is unstable, and continues to be almost anytime we see her.

    The roots that have been growing throughout the year are starting to form a foundation. This foundation gives us many fruitful episodes for years to come.

    A very excellent episode.
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