Season 10 Episode 6

The Greater Good

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2003 on NBC

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  • Kovac obsession

    It was... rather interesting episode. That Sam's kid - he was quite cute and the way Sam acted when she learned that the boy is playing with Luka - what is wrong with it her?

    Oh, and Luka... he is real weird acting person, now he tries to save money from every patient, not ordering most of the test the usually do. I am just wondering how long it will continue - will he make a mistake or...

    And Romano - he really seems to not get along with noone - with Abby, with Sam.

    And the all storyline with that pregnant woman who does not want too early baby and the tension it will rise... it was great storyline, the only good looking on this episode.
  • Luka is obsessed with treating and streeting patients after his return to the ER.Whilst Abby continues her surgical rotation with Romano constantly on her back.

    Another awesome episode it's good to see Abby doing something worthy of her skills after spending so long as a nurse.I think the surgical side of things has hit her hard which became evident when she wanted to stay close to the brain dead donor.Enough to change her mind ? I very much doubt it after spending so long in the Er, she will make one hell of a doctor.

    Luka is completely different on his manner of treating patients after his return from the congo.Understandable after treating people with minimum supplies then coming back to every test in the book and precautions that aren't really needed.After seeing so much suffering you can't blame the man for getting ticked off.

    Pratt's attitude still bugs me and Neela is just a bit too much of a know it all, but i won't give up yet people can change.