Season 7 Episode 9

The Greatest of Gifts

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Mark and Elizabeth are in New York, they visit a skating rink that Mark reminisces was where his dad taught him to skate backwards. However, in the Season 2 episode "It's Not Easy Being Greene," Mark tells Susan that he doesn't know how to skate.

  • Quotes

    • Kim: I don't need any more friends.
      Kerry: Oh. Okay, okay, I understand.
      Kim: Do you?
      Kerry: No. I like you and I respect you, and I thought we were really hitting it off.
      Kim: Well, that's the problem. You're straight and I'm not. And I've done this before and it didn't work out and I am not going to do it again.
      Kerry: Yeah, but I am not asking for that from you. I mean, we're comfortable together, we have a lot in common, we have fun together. (Kim suddenly kisses Kerry, who pulls away)
      Kim: That's why I can't be your friend, Kerry.

    • Mark: You didn't sign up for this though.
      Elizabeth: It's called marriage, Mark.
      Mark: We're not married yet.
      Elizabeth: You really believe that? (long pause as they look at each other) Didn't think so.

    • Chen: I'm being selfish. I have the money to raise him. There's no reason why I can't.
      Carter: There's a couple out there who desperately want to raise a child and you're giving them a great gift.
      Chen: What happens, eighteen years from now, when he shows up looking for an explanation?
      Carter: Tell him the truth. You know, tell him that you wanted to provide the best home possible for him.
      Chen: Do I tell him I was a coward? That my bigoted parents were more important to me than he was?
      Carter: Well, I think that you've got to take your family out of this. Now, if you want to keep the baby, keep the baby. But if you don't, or you can't, then you want to make sure that he goes to somebody that's going to love him, who's going to want him, and know that you're not abandoning your baby--you're creating a family.

    • Greene: Elizabeth?
      Elizabeth: Mmm...
      Greene: You'll have the baby either way?
      Elizabeth: What?
      Greene: If that man comes out of that room and he tells me he can't do anything... That there's, eh, no way I can beat it... Will you still have the baby?
      Elizabeth: Yes.

    • Mark: I can't believe they call it a tumor board.
      Elizabeth: Why? They discuss tumors.
      Mark: No, but you'd think they could come up with something a little more aesthetic.
      Elizabeth: Like what?
      Mark: I don't know. Er, "You're Completely Boned" board.
      Elizabeth: I heard they used to call it the "Poor Bastard" board ,but too many people were showing up.
      Mark: Someone told me that they tried the "Take Me Out Back and Shoot Me Now" board for a while.
      Elizabeth: What, didn't stick?
      Mark: No, surprisingly.
      Elizabeth: Why not?
      Mark: Too many letters, I guess.
      Elizabeth: Mmm, pity.

    • Nurse 1: We keep all post pardum mothers for 24 hours.
      Chen: Well, I'm not a mother.
      Nurse 2: I suggested she see the baby.
      Chen: John, can we leave, please?
      Carter: I think they observe you for a reason, Deb. I think you should sit down and relax.
      Chen: Well, I'll come back for a blood test.
      Nurse: Don't run away from this Jing-Mei. It's better for the adoptive parents, better for you, if you meet your son, hold him, say goodbye.
      Chen: I don't think I can.
      Nurse 2: Can what?
      Chen: Say goodbye.

    • Coburn: It's a boy, nice and healthy. Do you want to hold him?
      Chen: No.
      Coburn: You sure?
      Chen: Yes.

    • Adoptive Mother: Is she changing her mind...about, about giving the baby up for adoption?
      Carter: No, I think she's a little embarrassed. She just wants a little privacy.
      Adoptive Father: Look, we really wanted to be there for the birth of our son.
      Carter: I'll bring him right out to you, I promise.

    • (To Mark)
      Elizabeth: You've seen enough patients in your time overcome illnesses they shouldn't have to understand the importance of a positive outlook. Now you have to believe it's possible!

    • Greene: The kid with the red hat...
      Elizabeth: What about him?
      Mark: I saw another kid wearing that exact hat three weeks ago. I was buying groceries for Thanksgiving dinner, now I'm in New York waiting for a miracle.
      Elizabeth: Maybe it's a sign.
      Mark: Either that or the Grim Reaper wears a red hat.

    • (About to give birth)
      Jing-Mei: You know I thought I could do this myself, but I can't, I can't!
      Carter: Hey, it's okay, you don't have to.

    • Weaver: I'm desperate, now I'm listening to Randi!

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