Season 15 Episode 10

The High Holiday

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2008 on NBC

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  • Xmas episode... and no magic in the air.

    Ok... So Alex is alive, so no suit for Neela, so nothing else on the intern vs. Neela storyline, so no emotion on Archie and his dad's stuff, so Brenner is finally recovered from his problems for being abused as a child, so Sam and Uncle Jesse have broke up, so Angela Basset (don't remember her doctor's name) is happy again with his husband...

    I don't know where this season is taking us, but I don't like it. There seems like nothing is hanging in the air, and I don't have any need to keep watching the series... Why have they forgotten about the long storyarchs that keeps you looking a series every week? I know it's the last season, but we die-hard fans deserve something better than being told that Carter will appear on the finale to keep watching.
  • The last ever episode of ER at Xmas time!

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. At the beginning of this episode we are still unsure of the fate of Alex, Sam's son. Although it does seem as though he died, we soon see that this is not the case. Jerry also returns in this episode. Morris has a huge storage box delivered with all of his father's belongs in. So Morris asks Jerry to sell everything for him and soon Morris sees everyone in the ER with his father's belongings and also things that belonged to his mother. Alex finally comes round and asks just one question, did I miss Christmas? Sam tells Gates that she is moving out. Basically, they are breaking up. Neela learns that the court case has been dismissed by a Judge.
  • the ghost of morris' father is still haunting him, banfield tries to move on and JERRY REURNS!!!!

    i dont think i've ever been so happy!!! it was so much fun to see jerry again!!!!! and how about all the med students getting stoned (and frank too) i liked the episode. sam buggs me, she's pulling away from tony, just as she did with luka, that girl doesnt know whats good for her, what an idiot!

    cant believe neela helped the illigal immigrants, brennan seemed pleased with that. dont like that guy! at all, neela should moove down to new orleans and be with ray!!!

    morris' story made me sad, cant believer he didnt keep any of his dads stuff!
  • Positive episode.

    Oh, I was expecting something much worse - and maybe I was so positively surprised by this episode that it just made me feel so much better - usually they have desperate storylines and it all starts like it this time too but the way the story developes and almost everything is sorted out fine - it is just great. First Jerry is back.. and that's fantastic. I am glad Neela's law suit worked out and glad to see her happy, also it is great to know Alex will be fine.. and to be honest, never cared much about Sam and Gates.. but it was the only negative thing on this episode..

    I like the storyline with the two women who one has a cancer.. and also the Morris and his stuff thing..
  • Jerry in a Santa suit again.....pat ending to a malpractice one to really 'care about'.

    It probably didn't help that I randomly watched season one's preChristmas 'Blizzard' this week. Mark and Susan putting a sleeping Carter in a cast to relieve their boredom. Carol being told that she is 'the one' for his girlfriend. And Bob....the Polish nurse's aide stepping in to complete an emergency surgical procedure and revealing that she was a vascular surgeon at 'home.' Nope. It didn't help at all that I watched that one....or thought about all of the other Christmas episodes we have had over the years. I had SUCH expectations for this one...the LAST ER Christmas episode we would have. It was positively abysmal. Not ONE story with characters we could really care about. (Okay...the nanosecond of Sam with the baby reindeer was a heart tugger.) Or characters we DO like with a story we could care about. Seeing Morris' life being dispersed around him was mildly interesting but I really wanted to see Scott Grimes have an emotional moment with something. He rocks with that kind of stuff. But, I am not really caring much for him these days. I was also a little angry to see Neela's malpractice suit thrown out with such nonchalence...on Christmas. How very soap opera of them. It didn't have to be a multi story arc with the same dominance as Luka's but come on.... Thank you for bringing Jerry back. That's all. Sad.