Season 13 Episode 23

The Honeymoon Is Over

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC
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Season Finale: Luka postpones his honeymoon, leaving Abby, Joe and the ER behind to begin a different journey. Meanwhile, it's Moretti's first day as Chief of Emergency Medicine, and everyone feels the effects of his style, especially Pratt and Morris. Neela learns of Ray's fate, then joins an anti-war rally and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Gates faces a crisis on the home front.moreless

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  • This episidode is tbe beginning of the end, with more changes to follow in the last two ER seasons.

    Well what a surprise! The aftermath of the big Luka/Abby wedding finds Neela recovering from all that unwanted attention, and everyone reels negatively to Moetti's hardfist approach to ER management. In the I Don't episode it was left hanging in what actually happened to Ray, and what a real shock to find him in ICU recovering from being run down by the truck - and once again, Neela finds herself in trouble as this is more results from the wedding night and all of that unwanted attention, from an ex-boyfriend, an ex-roommate, an eccentric doctor, and a female childlike intern!

    I have seen much better endings with better cliffhangers. Though Ray's reappearance without legs was a shocker, the lameduck was Neela being trampled during a police attack at an anti-war protest.

    We'll see how the next season fares.moreless
  • Cruel

    I do not know.. this episode was too cruel for me.. Maybe the way ER has been so soft lately that kind of episode was somehow too much. In old good days.. I think this would not mattered.. Anyway.. I just could not stand Neela and Ray talking and the way Katey reacted to Neela and what she ended up doing - going to that gathering.

    And it was not the only thing that really made me mad and sad. Sarah being taken from Gates - it was heartbroken scene.. that little girl. And then that patient who wanted those pain medicines.moreless
  • This episode is like the changing of the guard: Luka is leaving and Moretti makes his entrance.

    Saddest scene 1: Luka leaving for Croatia. I know he'll be back in some future episodes, but it's still sad to see him go.

    Saddest scene 2: Neela visiting Ray and finding out what has happened to him. Katey (unjustly) blaming Neela for the accident .

    Best line: Ray to Neela: "You give me hope and I, like a fool, believe you .... I've waited for you, I trusted you, I fall for you and I even fell in love with you and for what? So you just could keep running back to Gates?"

    Most powerful scene: After spending the day studying how the staff works, like a fly on the wall, Moretti calls a staff meeting, reading the Riot Act to the staff. Afterwards he tells Abby to get used to having a boss she doesn't sleep with....

    Most memorable patient: Kyle comes in with an arm laceration. It turns out he is addicted to drugs, and that he has been an Arabic-speaking translator in Iraq and present when prisoner's were tortured. I feel so sad for him.

    Most dramatic scene: Neela at peace rally. A bomb goes off, the crowd panicks and Neela gets trampled on.

    Sorry, but this doesn't seem to be a season finale.moreless
  • Not the best season finale but there were some great and terribly sad moments.

    The last few seasons ER has gotten its feet wet with world events, traveling to Africa and exposing tv audiences to the terror, poverty, and fear there. This episode continues in the same vein as the inadequacies of VA hospitals and Walter Reed hospital are exposed as well as the complete inhumanity of prisoner torture in Iraq. Very somber but well done. Well done to Neela too. I've been annoyed with the Neela love fest. It seems this girl just needs to turn around to find a new love interest. Instead of focusing on her grief and her budding romance with Ray, the writers pushed her into Gates and then into everyone else. But, at least she attended this rally-a nice added dimension that worked to relate to real life and to progress her story line. It's not much of a cliffhanger since I don't care if she survives and since we know that she will. But, it was a nice touch nonetheless. I also loved the song playing. "Love is a broken march..."

    On a lighter note, Stanley Tucci is a fantastic and welcome addition. While I'm a fan of "Uncle Jesse," Stamos as Gates as nothing to the show. Tucci, however, will add wonders. He deserves the emmy he recently won and will deserve one next year for his work on ER if it continues this upcoming season like it was in this season finale. "Nobody took a decent history!" Way to be...efficient. You can always improve. Better to try than to be complacent. The only negative aspect of this episode comes from my personal preference. I'm a Johnny Come Lately supporter of Neela and Ray. They were so different and yet certain moments were dangled that were poignant. Happy endings aren't for everyone but it would have been nice to have had one. The exit of Ray leaves little hope for this and I'm a bit disappointed with this turn of events. Amputation! It's Romano all over again. Ray, look out for falling helicopters!

    Otherwise, great episode. Decent season finale. I'm not really concerned for Neela but the confusion and mess of mass hysteria, of humans' inability to respectfully disagree, will lead into an interesting season premiere.moreless
  • no no no no no

    I knew Ray was gonna be written off, I just never pictured it to be this painful. It was awful to see him like that and the way he and Neela parted was just not fair. Even though she was right on some level, I hated Katey for saying those things. Not that I ever liked her... I don't know, I rather wish they'd killed his character, but seeing him like that was just too much.

    The rest of the episode was okayish. I was a little sad about Sarah and Tony being seperated, but I don't like him that much, so the Ray storyline pretty much got all my grief that night.

    Apart from that, the finale wasn't that great. As usual the episode ended with a major cliffhanger. As if we didn't know everything was gonna be okay next season.

    Oh, I almost forgot: That Moretti guy might be considered a jerk in the ER, but ain't he completely right? I think the whole organisation there is horrible and they just take it as a given. I wish he's gonna change some things next season!!moreless
Robert Bagnell

Robert Bagnell


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Sara Botsford

Sara Botsford

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Stephanie Childers

Stephanie Childers


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Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci

Dr. Kevin Moretti

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Aidan Andrew Gonzales

Aidan Andrew Gonzales

Baby Joe Kovac

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Malaya Rivera Drew

Malaya Rivera Drew

Katey Alvaro

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Neela talks to the army vet patient about Gallant's death, she refers to Gallant as a lieutenant at the time of his death. He had actually been promoted to captain; he was a lieutenant in his initial appearances.

    • Title: "The Honeymoon Is Over"
      The episode title, while literally referring to Luka and Abby's postponed honeymoon, also draws from the expression used to describe an end to the initial harmonious period in a new relationship. In this case, it refers to the onset of Moretti's tough new administrative style in the ER.

    • The sculpture of Abraham Lincoln seen in the rally scene is called Sitting Lincoln, and was created in 1887 by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It is located in Grant Park, Chicago.

    • When Ray's mother comes to pick him up, she says that she's taking him home to Baton Rouge. Shane West, the actor who plays Ray, was actually born in Baton Rouge.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • (Abby comes into work when she should be on her honeymoon)
      Morris: Hey, what are you doing here?
      Frank: What? You and Kovac split up already?

    • Moretti: I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Kevin Moretti. I'll be replacing your husband.
      Abby: Excuse me?
      Moretti: As chief! Only as chief.

    • Frank: Gates, your patient stopped breathing.
      Gates: Nah, he's just holding his breath. He does it for attention.
      Frank: Well, he's been holding his breath for ten minutes.

    • (Morris, Pratt and Abby are watching an online adult video that two of their patients are in)
      Pratt: Does that look consensual to you?
      Morris: Oh yeah! That's sensual.
      Abby: (Abby smack Morris over the head) Consensual.

    • (Morris is in the locker room, looking at an adult website on a laptop, when Moretti walks in)
      Moretti: Hi, Doctor Morris. Did I startle you?
      Morris: No, I was ah, just looking up medical stuff.

    • Moretti: Backing up your interns, I like it. Shows leadership skills, something according to your file, I didn't think you were capable of. Bravo, Pratt.

    • Neela: You're a good person Katey...
      Katey: Oh, shut up. Shut up!
      Neela: Well, I know you're upset...
      Katey: You did this, you selfish bitch. Nobody else, okay? You did. So you live with that.

    • (Neela leans down and kisses a sleeping Ray on the neck)
      Neela: You'll get through this, I promise.
      (Ray awakens and looks into Neela's eyes; he's then wheeled out of the room)

    • (Abby and Joe are saying goodbye to Luka, who's leaving for Croatia)
      Luka: I'll call you when I get there.
      (Luka walks to the taxi and opens the door)
      Abby: Or you could call me from the airport... (He gets in the car) Or when you land in Frankfurt... (Luka closes the door, with the window open) Or from the plane!

    • Neela: Ray and I are good friends.
      Jacy: He said you were the best roommate he ever had.
      Neela: Well, that's cause I did all his laundry for him.
      Jacy: Oh, I used to think sometimes that was the only reason he came home.

    • Ray: They tried to save my legs but the crush injuries were too severe. But it could be a lot worse you know, I could be dead. They're going to fit me for prosthetics as soon as the flaps heal. So I guess in the meantime I can pimp out my wheelchair and maybe put some flames down the side ...
      Neela: Ray...
      Ray: New legs it's cool man, I can park in the good spaces now...
      Neela: Ray, stop.
      Katey: Ah, do you want something to drink? I'm going to get a coffee.
      Ray: No, thanks.
      Katey: Umm, I'll call your parents and see if I can get an ETA.
      good spaces now...
      Ray: Yeah, good. Great.
      Neela: Is there anything I can do?
      Ray: No.
      Neela: Would you like me to tell anyone at County?
      Ray: No. I really don't want you to do anything.
      Neela: You know, I was so worried about you I even went to our ... your apartment.
      Ray: Well, it's up for lease if you want to move back in. No ramps.
      Neela: You know the night this ... after you left the wedding, I tried calling you cause I wanted to talk, I was hoping...
      Ray: I know, I know, I was checking the message when I got hit. So I know.

    • Morris: (To Abby and Pratt) What are you guys watching?
      Abby: It's a website, hosted by a couple of our patients.
      Pratt: Does that look consensual to you?
      Morris: Oh yeah. That's sensual.

    • (Moretti just gave a lecture to all the doctors and nurses about their work)
      Abby: I've worked here for a long time, and uh you might think that this is the way to motivate people, but it's not.

    • (Moretti just explained how he wants the triage nurses to work faster)
      Sam: That is a wonderful theory.
      Moretti: You're taking this personally, Sam?
      Sam: Yeah. I'm a nurse, I do triage. Yeah, I take it personally when you criticize the job I'm doing.

    • (Neela visits Ray at the hospital)
      Neela: Maybe I could come visit you
      Ray: Don't.
      Neela: What?
      Ray: Just don't tell me that you're going to do something when I know you won't.
      Neela: Why don't you think that I'd come visit you?
      Ray: Because that's what our relationship is, Neela. You give me hope and I, like a fool, believe you.
      Neela: Ray, that's not true
      Ray: It is true. I've waited for you, I trusted you, I fall for you and I even fell in love with you and for what? So you just could keep running back to Gates?
      Neela: I'm not, that's what I've been trying to tell you. It's over. Tony and I are done.
      Ray: Well, it doesn't really matter now, does it?

    • Frank: (talking about Dr. Moretti) The guy's a burnout, that's why they sent him down here. The ER is the elephant graveyard for doctors.

    • Moretti: (to Abby) And you in particular will have to get used to working with a Chief you aren't sleeping with.

    • Frank: Didn't anyone hear? The government raised the threat level to orange this morning.
      Neela: What exactly does that mean?
      Pratt: That means it's an election year.

    • Frank: Keep your ID handy, and report anything strange or suspicious.
      Neela: But everything down here is strange and suspicious.

  • NOTES (2)