Season 13 Episode 23

The Honeymoon Is Over

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • This episidode is tbe beginning of the end, with more changes to follow in the last two ER seasons.

    Well what a surprise! The aftermath of the big Luka/Abby wedding finds Neela recovering from all that unwanted attention, and everyone reels negatively to Moetti's hardfist approach to ER management. In the I Don't episode it was left hanging in what actually happened to Ray, and what a real shock to find him in ICU recovering from being run down by the truck - and once again, Neela finds herself in trouble as this is more results from the wedding night and all of that unwanted attention, from an ex-boyfriend, an ex-roommate, an eccentric doctor, and a female childlike intern!

    I have seen much better endings with better cliffhangers. Though Ray's reappearance without legs was a shocker, the lameduck was Neela being trampled during a police attack at an anti-war protest.

    We'll see how the next season fares.
  • Cruel

    I do not know.. this episode was too cruel for me.. Maybe the way ER has been so soft lately that kind of episode was somehow too much. In old good days.. I think this would not mattered.. Anyway.. I just could not stand Neela and Ray talking and the way Katey reacted to Neela and what she ended up doing - going to that gathering.

    And it was not the only thing that really made me mad and sad. Sarah being taken from Gates - it was heartbroken scene.. that little girl. And then that patient who wanted those pain medicines.
  • This episode is like the changing of the guard: Luka is leaving and Moretti makes his entrance.

    Saddest scene 1: Luka leaving for Croatia. I know he'll be back in some future episodes, but it's still sad to see him go.
    Saddest scene 2: Neela visiting Ray and finding out what has happened to him. Katey (unjustly) blaming Neela for the accident .
    Best line: Ray to Neela: "You give me hope and I, like a fool, believe you .... I've waited for you, I trusted you, I fall for you and I even fell in love with you and for what? So you just could keep running back to Gates?"
    Most powerful scene: After spending the day studying how the staff works, like a fly on the wall, Moretti calls a staff meeting, reading the Riot Act to the staff. Afterwards he tells Abby to get used to having a boss she doesn't sleep with....
    Most memorable patient: Kyle comes in with an arm laceration. It turns out he is addicted to drugs, and that he has been an Arabic-speaking translator in Iraq and present when prisoner's were tortured. I feel so sad for him.
    Most dramatic scene: Neela at peace rally. A bomb goes off, the crowd panicks and Neela gets trampled on.
    Sorry, but this doesn't seem to be a season finale.
  • Not the best season finale but there were some great and terribly sad moments.

    The last few seasons ER has gotten its feet wet with world events, traveling to Africa and exposing tv audiences to the terror, poverty, and fear there. This episode continues in the same vein as the inadequacies of VA hospitals and Walter Reed hospital are exposed as well as the complete inhumanity of prisoner torture in Iraq. Very somber but well done. Well done to Neela too. I've been annoyed with the Neela love fest. It seems this girl just needs to turn around to find a new love interest. Instead of focusing on her grief and her budding romance with Ray, the writers pushed her into Gates and then into everyone else. But, at least she attended this rally-a nice added dimension that worked to relate to real life and to progress her story line. It's not much of a cliffhanger since I don't care if she survives and since we know that she will. But, it was a nice touch nonetheless. I also loved the song playing. "Love is a broken march..."
    On a lighter note, Stanley Tucci is a fantastic and welcome addition. While I'm a fan of "Uncle Jesse," Stamos as Gates as nothing to the show. Tucci, however, will add wonders. He deserves the emmy he recently won and will deserve one next year for his work on ER if it continues this upcoming season like it was in this season finale. "Nobody took a decent history!" Way to be...efficient. You can always improve. Better to try than to be complacent. The only negative aspect of this episode comes from my personal preference. I'm a Johnny Come Lately supporter of Neela and Ray. They were so different and yet certain moments were dangled that were poignant. Happy endings aren't for everyone but it would have been nice to have had one. The exit of Ray leaves little hope for this and I'm a bit disappointed with this turn of events. Amputation! It's Romano all over again. Ray, look out for falling helicopters!
    Otherwise, great episode. Decent season finale. I'm not really concerned for Neela but the confusion and mess of mass hysteria, of humans' inability to respectfully disagree, will lead into an interesting season premiere.
  • no no no no no

    I knew Ray was gonna be written off, I just never pictured it to be this painful. It was awful to see him like that and the way he and Neela parted was just not fair. Even though she was right on some level, I hated Katey for saying those things. Not that I ever liked her... I don't know, I rather wish they'd killed his character, but seeing him like that was just too much.
    The rest of the episode was okayish. I was a little sad about Sarah and Tony being seperated, but I don't like him that much, so the Ray storyline pretty much got all my grief that night.
    Apart from that, the finale wasn't that great. As usual the episode ended with a major cliffhanger. As if we didn't know everything was gonna be okay next season.
    Oh, I almost forgot: That Moretti guy might be considered a jerk in the ER, but ain't he completely right? I think the whole organisation there is horrible and they just take it as a given. I wish he's gonna change some things next season!!
  • They should've made "I Don't" the season finale. This episode was just horrible.

    I have a few reasons why this episode disappointed me...
    First of all, how shocking yet so cruel to write out Ray as legless, bitter and weak. The writers had teased the audience with the prospect of Ray and Neela finally getting together in "I Don't", but ruined it all with... this. This episode didn't feel like a season finale. Just a filler episode really. Normally something exciting happens in a season finale that leaves you wanting more. "I Don't" would've been the perfect season finale. Luka and Abby finally married, and a cliffhanger with Ray getting knocked down by a truck. What I did like about this episode was Stanley Tucci's incredible performance as Moretti. How fun it will be to see the ER under the "command" of a Romano type again. In my opinion, 23 episodes wasn't necessary, the normal 22 would've been just fine. Now I've had my little rant.
  • This is a really sad episode and it's painful to see how things are going with the characters. SPOILERS

    I just saw this episode in the UK and it is so sad seeing what was happening.

    The most important thing is Ray, the last time we saw him he was about to be run over by a bus. I still don't understand why drivers never see people standing in the road and when they do they just press the horn and don't stop. It was one of the worst moments in ER when Ray's wheelchair was turned and we could see his legs had been amputated. Ray's character hadn't been used as much as he could have been for the entire season and it was just such a sad ending to the season for him. I enjoyed the moment where Katey was telling Neela off because it's about time someone put Neela in her place and hold her responsible. I'm also not sure what ER's obsession with lopping off limbs is.

    The Luka storyline could have been done slightly better to create more suspense, it could have been a great cliffhanger but we weren't told enough about it to really get concerned about what will happen next season.

    The storyline is not my favourite but it was well written and well acted. Well done to Shane West. It also gives a great direction to what would happen next season and I'm happily looking forward to it.
  • Oh my god i was soo shocked when they showed the nurse man putting Ray on the bed minus his legs. His face said it all he looked so p**sed off. Luka and Abby whats going to happen next season they are by far everyones favourite characters!

    Hate the new Chief what the hell was that about saying to Abby that she would have to get used to her Boss not being her husband or the man she sleeps with whats up his a**! Luka leaving for the Airport and he did not look back! Poor Neela getting a right battering at the Anti War parade and Gates getting Sara taken awwy from him i know he loves but he needs to grow up himself a bit before he goes rearing a teenager. Morris was hilarious specially watching the video on the computer. That poor boy all messed up from seeing prisners being tortured that was so sad and hard to watch. Did not like the way it ended lots of questions to ask about Ray is he coming back , will he and Neela ever get together they both deserve happiness, What will become of Sara and that new Cheif how long is he going to be in it for. And last but definately NOT least Abby and Luka and baby Joe what will become of the newlyweds??????
  • it wasn´t a bad episode, but it didn´t feel like a season finale, great performance by stanley tucci

    really i don´t think this is the best episode of the season, we had amazing episodes this season like Bloodline, Graduation Day, Reason to Believe, A House Divided, Murmurs of the Heart and I Don´t, but i think that the season finale was not as exciting as i expected, it wasn´t a bad episode but i didn´t feel like a finale like in previous seasons, i think they made some mistakes in the writting of the episode because the directing was good, i would have left the scene of luka and abby at the end showing luka going to the airport instead of the scene with neela
  • Not the best season finale, but a great episode.

    Hey, not all finales can be '21 Guns'. This was not that exciting but it was a really good episode. It actually felt like an episode from an old season with new people.

    It was really sad to see Luka go, but it was obvious we couldn't have Luby happiness forever. I only hope he comes back =(

    Poor Gates, I felt sorry for him and Sarah (just when I started liking that girl). Custody battle for sure next season, once again. But his last scene with her, saying goodbye, was really sweet. On to new Dr. Moretti - I loved him. I really, really did. And not because it's Stanley Tucci and his baldness reminds me of Romano (wait, Frank actually mentioned Romano?!?!?! Wow, that was really cool). He's obviously a great doctor (something's we've been missing since Kerry left, and now Luka) and his speech about how the ER's running was simply amazing. Pratt, Morris, Abby and Sam kept thinking mistakes were all right when they sure aren't. I hope Moretti'll change things. No one managed that ER with firm hands since Kerry's early days.

    Ok, ER writers, there was no other way to send Ray away?? BOTH legs??? Romano's arm wasn't enough?? It was just so sad to see Ray like that, and his mom (her expression broke my heart), and even tough I never noticed if Ray was there or not (even Hope was more useful than him in his three years) it's always sad to see a main character go that way. And, of course, leaving us with Katey. Maybe Neela had some guilt, but Katey was just awful to blame her. Of course it wasn't Neela's best day. Losing Ray, having to relive Gallant's army experience with a patient (Kyle's storyline was so sad, but so well-written) and then the protest. I'm not sure she'll live (especially since every even season a main character dies) and the scene she gets hurt by all those people was awful to see. Can't wait till season 14 starts!
  • Luka leaves, Ray leaves, Sarah leaves, Neela doesn't have a very good day.

    This episode left me feeling sad. Neela finally found Ray, in another hospital with both of his legs amputated. "The crush injuries were too severe". Poor ray. It just seems like such a tragic way for a character to leave, although I'm used to it by now watching ER. As a Reela fan, I'm disappointed. They could've been the new Luby, but i guess it wasnt to be.

    Luka left very early in the episode, and I kind of forgot about him watching the rest. I love Abby, but the show will not be the same without Luka as a full-time character.

    I enjoyed this episode, but the cliffhanger at the end didnt have me on the edge of the seat. I think that the season would have benefited from finishing with "I Don't" as the finale. After that great episode, the rest of the season seemed like a let down. Not to mention the ending of I Don't, that was a cliffhanger that had me worried all week.

    Not an instant classic episode, but good quality none the less. Ray and Luka will be sorely missed
  • The story is running out of interesting characters, it's quite sad to see this.

    Surprised to see the same kind of accident over and over again, truck drivers are always deficient in their eyesight and they aren't trained to use their brakes. Although the writer(s) may want the audience to react with the story, but it still has to be rational. The older characters are almost gone but I don't feel the story with new ones attracting; I am starting to loss interest with the series as the characters becomes more unfamiliar. It is very hard to create characters who would win the care of the audience and the writers are killing them as soon as they can.
  • Neela discovers the result of Ray's accident. Kovac leaves to catch his flight to Croatia. The ER is forced to change as Moretti enters as its new Chief.

    This episode was very emotional but unfortunately was not what I expected from a season finale, especially after 21 Guns last year.

    Though there has been mass disagreement on the boards I found the Ray and Neela scenes the highlight of the episode, they encompassed depth and were not dull in any respect. They showed their relationship and summed up how difficult it has been for both of them, with Ray not having Neela and Neela losing Gallant and not being able to make a decision. I, however, did not like TPTB's decision to amputate Ray's legs, it seems futile and gives him an ending that he does not deserve.

    Gates as usual was someone I could have done without but I thought that him screaming Neela's name at the end was brilliantly done.

    Even though the finale was somewhat lacklustre, as a stand-alone episode it was above average and offered an emotional end to an inconsistent season.
  • We finally know what happened to Ray!

    After 2 weeks suffering for Ray we finally know how is He. After the accident I really thought He was dead but in this chapter we know that He ended quite bad injured and He had to have his legs amputated. The scene when Neela discovers Ray's injuries was awesome and what Katie tell her was...uau! I was expecting this since the start of this season! But what happen with Neela? She is really selfish but I don't think that She deserves all it's happening to her! And at the hospital they are all trying to get used to the new chief. And to end, I loved Gates when He was a paramedic but now I can't stop thinking why Ray and not Gates?
    Big Hugs!!!
  • This episode was the final one for shane west I hope he comes back

    This had to be the greatest episode i have ever seen i cant believe they did THAT to Dr. Ray and that his stupid girl friend shudnt even be there and she had to right to call neela what she did. I wud have hit her if it was me but i cant believe that was the last episode for shane west I LOVE HIM he HAS to come back*sniff**sniff*
  • The thirteenth season finale of ER was a lot less action-packed than the twelfth, but certainly not less explosive – literally.

    Everything in this episode was just tugging at my heartstrings. First of all, there’s Ray. My mouth dropped open when they showed that he had no legs. Thankfully he’s alive, and he’s somewhat optimistic about it, but I really wasn’t expecting that. And poor Neela. Of course she feels responsible for what happened to Ray, but that biotch Katey just has to rub it in her face. Neela should have slapped her, twice.

    I really wanted Sarah to stay with Gates. Their goodbye was awfully sad. Hopefully he’ll get custody next season.

    The Arabic translator patient didn’t have much relevance until the end, when he talked about seeing prisoners being tortured. But that moment made the whole character worth it.

    The new ER chief is…well, he gets the job done. I don’t want him to whip the doctors into shape; I think they’re fine as is. But more drama is definitely headed for the ER.

    And “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley just made the whole episode. As ‘The OC’ has proved (twice), this song adds a lot to a season finale. Perfect choice.

    Finally, this season’s cliffhanger is easier to deal with than past cliffhangers, especially last year’s shootout. I doubt Neela will die, since she was still conscious and all. The explosion was still shocking, though.

    Overall, it was a very sad episode, but one that I feel simply had a lot of emotions that had to be dealt with. Looking back on this season, I’d call it an interesting one. Between stalkers, hostage takings, paternity tests, touching patients, and cute new male nurses, season 13 was strong. I can’t wait to see what the big 1-4 has in store!
  • Very good overall, but the very end was worse than last year.

    Very good overall, but the very end was worse than last year. What does that demonstration or something has to do with anything? Besides that, I can't say anything wrong about it. That part when Hallelujah was playing was great, it's one of my favourite soundtracks, and thank god it wasn't just a few seconds, we got a complete review of what's going on. I was so shocked to see Ray like that, I don't think he's coming back as a doctor, at least not to the ER. I though he was gonna blame Neela, but rather his girlfriend did it, I wasn't expecting that. And I really like that Moretti guy, he's nowhere near Romano, he's very decent (noone's perfect, I refer to what he said to Abby), and if he says the ER can be better, then I'm sure he's right and what he's doing is gonna be beneficial to everyone eventually. I didn't get it, why didn't Abby go with Luka? Anyway, cliffhanger or not, it's gonna be a long wait till september.
  • tearjerker but the last couple of scenes was almost like a dream sequence since the hospital was all white. The cliffhanger really sucked overall it was really great especially when we finally get to see what happened to Ray but I hope this just a dream.

    I was too shocked. something happens to Ray which is so not fair!!!! with the white hospital this could be a dream to Neela since she has had everything gone wrong in her life. Morris tells Neela that Ray asks for some time off. Ray calls her and she goes to see him and see's that he's in a wheel chair and the door is blocking her view of him entirely until the nurse wheels him in front of the door and Neela sees that his legs have been amputated and the nurse lifts him up and put him in bed. He looks at Neela and starts to talk to her and you can tell he's angry with her!
  • This Episode made my legs hurt....

    I think I was having sympathy pains while I watched this episode. It was truly painful and so depressing. The title is not kidding. Nothing happy happened. Start with Kovac who suffered the least (mostly because he didn't work that day). He's headed over to Croatia to take care of his father. Moretti has moved in and wants to whip the ER into shape. I don't think he's made a single friend in the ER but they need some tough love. I know I wouldn't want to be in that hospital. Gates lost Sarah to her grandparents but promises to find a way to get her back. And the heart wrenching part...Ray lost his legs! That's even worse then if he were dead. Let me just say, the writers suck, suck, suck. I waited a season and a half for Neela and Ray and now they've made it near impossible. Partly because Ray is moving back to Baton Rouge, and secondly in the last scene Neela gets trampled during a peace rally which goes crazy when there is some kind of explosion. Luckily,(I think it's lucky) Gates does know she's there so she probably won't die. I should give Neela some credit, maybe she'll go to Baton Rouge, take care of Ray, he'll get some prosthetics, and they'll go off into the sunset together. I can hope, right? Yeah...I guess not. And if that episode did not make me sad enough, the ending montage is set to "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckly. I need to watch The Office again, that ended much happier.