Season 12 Episode 7

The Human Shield

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • ER proves there still life in this old dog with an episode that reminds one of the show's glory years.

    A strong episode, filled with emotion and action, that reminds me of why I started watching this show a decade ago. Centering around a young kidnapping victim wounded during a pre-credits shootout with police in which her abducter used her as a shield, the episode layers another dramatic plot, as Kovac and Clemente argue over her treatment, a continuation of their clashing in the workplace.
    The situation with Ray and his underage sex partner comes to a boil, as her enraged father demands to know why she has a prescription written from the hospital, and ends in a physical confrontation that leaves unclear if the situation is completely resolved.
    At the end, Abby is left drained by the day's events and finds herself at Luka's door, and apparently a night of passion.
    Sadly, the episode continues the trend of minor appearances by Laura Innes, who makes just a token appearance at the show's end.
  • snoopyloverke

    hey! i really like this episode especially when luka and abby kiss . i just love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it , i love it ... i hope that they get a baby !!!
  • A little girl who has been kidnapped and missing for months is brought in to the ER after being shot.

    I loved this episode! The little girl who played Sydney was amazing. I don\'t get emotional very often but when Abby places the dog on Sydney after she dies I was tearing up. Like I put on the top this is exactly why I watch this show, for episodes like this. Also, I thought Maura Tierney\'s acting in this episode was phenomenal. You could really see how upset Abby was about what Sydney had gone through and how she could not save her when she went to Luka\'s apartment. And I have to add how surprised I was by Abby and Luka\'s kiss at the end.
  • Hard day for everyone...

    This is one of those episodes, that really reminds the old good level - there is the story on the center and the story really moves the viewrs, gets into the heart. Also, there was some tension between chars and like Abby said in the end - it does not matter who was right - a little girl died. They again, showed the irony - the bad man survived, that little girl died. And why? Because Clemente needed to prove he is right and take a risk? Or just without any reason? And. oh.. Eve.. I am so sick of that char ... she and Clemente.. they are really ruining this.
  • I like TPTB make a current notice useful in the show as a storyline. LUBY IS BACK MY DEARS!!!!!

    The idea to come up with a real and current story at the moment has been incredible smart. This is the escense of the show since the beginning, I like how TPTB manage the drama, of course they make mistakes like anyone else but, in this specific case they done really great.

    Of course as a huge fan of Maura Tierney, I love the last scene with Goran. IT'S OFFICLA, LUBY IS BACK!!!!!! Abby was looking for someone to blame for the little girl's death and in the moment she looked into Luka's eyes she was pleading for him to comfort her. Awwwwwwww. So romantic...

    I'm more interested in the show since those character got back together.

  • This episode drew me in with the sadness of the little girl dying and then the surprise kiss between Luka and Abby-I didn't see It coming.

    Clemente and Luka disagreeing over the treatment for the little girl and Abby getting caught in the middle was awful.
    Luka and Abby reconnecting at the end of the episode and kissing -that was awesome. My faith in the show has been renewed.
    The scenes in this episode seem to be setting up things for future episodes and I get the feeling that things are going to get more complicated before to long -especially for clemente.
    But mostly I can't wait to see what is going to happen with Abby and Luka... that relationship didn't work the first time ..but I bet it can now.
  • Luka style is better than Clemente.

    Like this episode, it was sooo sad about the poor little girls, she was only 9 and have been abuse and kindnap poor little thing. i hate when the guilty is alive and the one who suffered is death, al tought if you think about it, he would not have it easy at jail, and the girl is resting in peace with god.

    Neela looks very hot and John Stamos is hot, i don't know who would make a better couple, ok yes Neela and Ray look better together, and talking about Ray ohh!! Zoey father was a bit to harsh on him considered that she haven't only sleep with him.

    I started like the relation between Clemente and Abby, i don't know is kind of a love/hate relation, but then is Eve and if Clemente and Eve hook up then they would be like Dr. Romano, oh yes i still remember that guy, the one that all the hospital hates.

  • Powerful connection to actual current events

    Hmm....I watched this in it's entirety for the first time as a season rerun. I guess I expected more with the central storyline. Juliet Gogola was awesome as the kidnapping victim. Maura Tierney NEVER disappoints me. Her concern, care and frustration were well played. I loved Sam and Jerry's 'duet' with Zoe's father!!! I have hated the Ray/Zoe storyline from the get go however. Eve was the best that I have seen her with her interactions with the injured police officer. The attempt to build an Eve/Sam and Abby/Clememte friendship fell flatter than a board with this viewer. And Neela in a little black dress and heels for work? Come on....that was a bit over done. I did like the John Stamos introduction however. That character should prove to be interesting.
    Ahhhh...the kiss. I have seen it replayed several times via video clips and still feel that it could have been handled better. Maura's emotional diatribe at the end was very well played...but would probably have fared better with a comforting hug from Luka...and THEN a kiss. Some of us have been waiting YEARS for it. Sigh.
  • Would have been better if it was ER rather than The Abby Show.

    This episode was a bit better than the previous ones which is hopefully a good sign. ER has gotten rather stale lately...

    The storyline with the young girl was very touching. It seemed like ER back in its old tracks up until it once again turned into the Abby Show. Seriously I am so sick of Abby Lockhart by now! Have the writers of the show realised that there are other females in the cast? Take the scene with Clemente's nosebleed for example. Neela could have taken care of him, or Sam, or Eve... But no. It had to be Abby. Because apparently Abby is the only person at County capable of such scenes. It's getting old already, give Abby a spin-off if you love her so much but keep ER an ENSEMBLE.

    What was the deal with the lecture she gave Kovac towards the end by the way? The "the important thing is that you are right, isn't it" line was just poor taste. It showed that what she cared about was not the best way to treat the patient but that she didn't like not knowing who to listen to. Sure, I understand that it's incredibly stressful to be in that situation and have two people give you different directives but she has to just DEAL with it and move on. In this case it WAS important who was wrong, Kovac or Clemente, because they were arguing over how to save the girl's life. That should be more important than Abby not feeling stressed.

    And do I sense a love triangle between Kovac, Clemente and Abby? Why Kovac even wants her again is a mystery to me (actually it isn't, they want to pair up Abby with the main guy), he's already dumped her for being too high maintenance (remember the "you're not that pretty and you're not that special" bit?). Now she's ten times worse and he wants her again? I hope they put Kovac back together with Sam and pair up Clemente with Eve. Can you imagine those two together? What a riot! Actually Eve and Morris would be fun as well...

    While we're on the subject of relationships I'm starting to root for Ray and Neela. Behind her acid facade she seems to really care about him and he would be better off with her than with women (girls) like Zoe. It feels like it's time to either bring Gallant back or write him out completely, and if they go with the latter I say bring Neela and Ray together.

  • Not as good as it could have been

    There was so much detail, and little things, things I noticed in my head in the episode but are far too insignificant to post here...but the episode was full of things to notice!
    Overall…I think they could have done better with what they had…

    1. Dubenko + short hair = NO!

    2. The very opening credits were so unlike ER! It seemed very 'Casualty' like (a British medical program) which is very character-driven, which this episode turned out to be. But seriously!!!! Do American police shoot when there's a hostage???? I was screaming "Don't be idiots!" and normally on British police programs I'm thinking "Shoot already, don't let it escalate". I mean, they were shooting at a man holding a little girl!! That can't be right, can it?

    3. Evil break!!! - Right after the credits we go to adverts, what's with that?

    4. I thought Eve's idea was a good one, it might have actually helped some of them. But then maybe it shouldn't have been in their free time. I think it would be good for hospitals to put aside 10 minutes for a kind of de-briefing where everyone is still paid, can talk through issues of the day etc.

    5. I loved Neela this episode, which is rare for me. I loved how she reacted to Zoe's dad in the hospital, breaking Zoe's confidentiality is surely just as illegal as Ray sleeping with her in the first place. Also, she looked gorgeous, but really - couldn't she have kept the dress in her locker? Blood, sweat, general icky liquids are always a given in an ER environment.
    Glad Gallant is ok though, I really don't want to sit through more depression.
    The guy asking her out was sweet too, I liked their little walking discussion.

    6. Ray, what was he thinking? Neela was totally in the right when she asked whether he was intending to break Zoe's confidentiality now? If he's growing up, that wasn't the time.

    7. The story-line with the little girl was heart-breaking. Kovac is learning though, with the help of Abby oddly enough.
    That child was an amazing actress!!

    8. I like that Abby keeps calling Luka when Clemente tries to do unheard of procedures. She's done that before too.

    9. Loved Eve, she was fantastic in this episode. They really humanised her with her fiancee story. And her line to the young officer was shocking - but it was obviously intended to be to keep him alert and not drowsy.

    10. That ending was so obvious!!!!!! Not a fan of the actual kiss...think they could have done it slightly better...
    How long has it been since Sam and Luka by the way?

    11. New Steve story-line brewing?

    12. Jerry was fantastic!!! As was Sam in the moment with Zoe's father "I abhor violence". Great humour there!

    13. LUKA throws his hat in the 'mixture' for Chief - how exciting and how deserved!!

  • great

    this is one of the best episodes of Er this season, and thats saying a lot this is in my opinion one of the best ever.. When the little girl dies fter her parents had been nitified, I cried.. and I don't cry much over TV.. the acting was brillant.. and we all know the little dividend we get from it now..
  • "Our job is to save lives, not judge them"

    I have to say that this episode wasn't just the best of Season 12 so far, but was my personal favourite ever since On The Beach. Yep, that's 4 whole seasons. From the very beginning, this episode grabbed me by the throat and made me watch ... although every episode does that.

    Firstly, the main plot was extremely patient driven but fantastic nonetheless. It was really painful and emotional towards the end as the kidnapped girl had died and the kidnapper hadn't. I could really connect with what Abby was thinking and Maura Tierney was fabtastic as always.

    With what Abby had went through that day, I thought it was right to react at the end how she did. Although Luka was in the right, the girl died in the middle of an argument between two doctors. And who would want to die like that?

    I continue to love Eve and dislike Clemente. Although Victor did apologise, he still made a mistake with an untested product (or at least that's the impression I got) and shouldn't have taken the risk. And I loved where Eve's head at with the little meeting she was going to conduct afterwards, and felt really sorry for her when only Clemente and Abby showed up. It was a good idea. And, despite the events of last week, I like that Sam could open up to Eve about Steve's transfer to Cook County. But Eve and paramedics ... gee.

    As for the kiss, it looked pretty darn amazing. I'm excited about the prospect of Luby: The Sequel, it should be fun. But if Luka puts his name down for Chief of ER, they'll have to keep it a secret. Secret relationships are so cliche.

    Whoa, Neela was looking hot(ter) tonight. But as soon as I heard the words "call from Iraq", I immediately presumed Gallant was dead. So when Neela did get the call, I was so relieved and I wanted to hug her. I am so incredibly glad that Gallant isn't dead.

    Dubenko doesn't look right with short hair.

    I won't bother commenting on Ray. He doesn't deserve it. And there are no words for how much I hate the positioning of adverts for C4

    SS in the credits again?
  • good reason why to keep following this show

    the writers keep delivering a good plt line each and every day that his show is on. The drama and reallity of this episode is of the charts and the twins of abby and kovach going back together will create more tension betewen the staff tha will resolve in other good episode in the future.
  • Aren't cops taught not to fire at a person holding someone hostage, especially a child.

    This was just a sad episode with a kidnapped girl (also a periodic role on That's So Raven, and playing God on the cancelled Joan of Arcadia) who was in the line of fire thanks to her kidnapper using her as a human shield.

    We also learn that the man played house with her as well, and she was in a mode of no emotion.

    Clemente and Luka fight over her care, making one of many factors that Luka decides to be considered for the Chief of Emergency Medicine position. I'm sure he won't be able to stand Clemente if it goes his way.

    Meanwhile Ray's girlfriend's father attacks Neela (verbal style) asking what medicine his daughter was given. Neela cannot give out that info and the man stops at nothing to find out, except when he sees Ray and hits him with his best shot as he's leaving the ER. And poor Neela was all dressed up in preparation for yet another disappointment.

    I know Neela loves this guy, but I am so much more intrigued by the idea of her and Ray hooking up. And I think it's only time before Abby and Luka are back together.
  • This was my favourite of the season so far.

    It was nice to see the doctor's getting back to the traumas which seem to have been lacking in the last few weeks. I have to say that Neela looked really hot in that black dress and I don't even care if the producers wanted some eye candy! Ray had it coming but none the less his beating caught me off guard. Abby and Luka, anyone? They broke up 5 years sgo so why now? The producers just want another Doug and Carol. We need more Weaver but of course the main story with Luka, Abby and Clemente was very touching. The little girl died so sudenly and to know it was based on real life is all the more saddening. I'm beginning to like Eve but I hear she gets fired soon so there's that then. Overall a great episode and I look forward to many more like it.
  • ER still has what it takes.

    WOW! The best episode in a long while, I think. I felt sorry for the little girl. I feel CLemente has the big head with his new inavative ideas. THey may work, they may not in this case, but shouldnt every avenue be explored before a certain procedure is used. I am glad Kovac put his name into the position for CHief of ER. Frankly I am tired already of EVE and CLemente. They have done nothing but cause problems since they arrived. Ray I think got what he deserved by the girls father and just maybe this is a learning lessen for him and make him grow up. Neela, on the other hand when she got the phone call, I am glad they didnt say Gallant was killed, but that he would be delayed a bit. I thought noone showing up at the critical incident meeting was great. THe end with Abby and Luka is what I have been waiting for since they broke them up the first time. Maybe they can get it right this time and finally be a happy family.
  • tonights episode had the classic battle between doctors over patient care, but it ended up with a little girl dying while the battle went on. poor ray, cant say i blame zoe's dad for beating him up, but that was something u never thought they were going

    this was another great episode! er just doesnt quit when it comes to drama, especiallly when the bad guy gets to live because of invasive procedures done right in the er and a little girl, the victim, dies because the doctors were quarreling over her treatment. if only kovac was listened to, maybe the little girl would still be alive. abby, the forever devoted nurse and doctor. this time though her role was more along the lines of a nurse and not a resident like she is suppose to be. then nila, waiting for her romeo, if i am thinking correctly, i believe we wont see him again, previews show a plane crash, and he is suppose to be coming home?... i guess we'll see...and rey, should've asked for id, but now he gets jumped by the girls father. well, if it was one of my daughters, cant say i would have done it differently.....and then they leave us wondering what is up with abby and kovac, isnt that how kovac first came on er>>??
  • At the end when Abby and Luka get together and they seem to share a special night together.

    I think that it is a great thing that happened at the end when Luka and Abby. I was left in shock when they kissed at the end. I hope that this time it will last. I hope that Abby and Luka persue eachother so that they can have a picture perfect ending together.
  • Someone please tell me what happened!

    Please help me!!! I have been looking forward to this episode, and my son got sick last night and I missed it! Please someone tell me the highlights, it\'s driving me crazy not knowing exactly what happened. By the time that he felt better it was way past time to be able to watch it or do anything about it. Thank you someone.
  • heartbreaking

    Why does the child rapist and murderer survive, but his victim die? That's how things go in real life, and ER is realistic. It is still heartbreaking, Sidney is one of the most likable patients in ER history, and you really don't want her to die, but she does. Am I the only one that is reminded of Derek Fossen? I was glad that we didn't see a replay of that where they let him die, although I would not have felt sorry for him. I think it's sad that the dispute between two doctors resulted in a patient's death. It only took Clemente three episodes to kill a patient. I feel bad for Abby, she really developed a bond with Sidney and ended up in the middle of the Luka-Clemente dispute. At least it ends up happy for her with Luka.
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