Season 10 Episode 2

The Lost

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • Amazing... carter is just...amazing! great acting, writing and directing!!! UNIQUE!

    great ep!! but i want carter to make up with abby not to stay in congo! their lifes are so troubled but he really loves her...john carter is the very best character on er! i love him! this ep was amazing and it clearly shows you the kind of person he is, life and personality...everything you've seen before about carter is somehow developed in this ep...well directed, well written! great performances (noah wyle is such a great actor and goran vinsjic did really really well) just a little something i didn't understand...question- the flashbacks: from the time carter left 22 DAYS EARLIER?? i mean, didn't carter go back to the congo the same day he arrived to chicago? i know it takes some days to travel but 22 days? i feel stupid but really didnt understand it!
  • Back in Congo...

    Another of those Congo episodes and I love them. I really think they are somehow very special part of ER. My favorite part in the latest season.

    The way the story is told in this episode, it is really special and catches me - the way Carter follows Luka footsteps and on the same time we will see what happened previously. And I specially loved the way Luka was saved - I did not believed when I started to realize - is it so simple? But it was so beautifully done and it was so emotional.

    One of those really brilliant episodes but somehow, for me, it was not as good as "Kisangani".
  • One of the most touching episodes ever!

    This episode was nominated for an Emmy, and should have won. But Luka should also have been nominated, and definitely should have won, for his acting.

    His recitation of the prayers in Croatian brought tears to my eyes. But so did such subtle points as his shivering and facial tics as his time for execution came closer.

    The flashback technique helped maintain the suspense throughout the episode. The photography was outstanding, and the music was a perfect match to the story. Even the dress and make-up, with sweat stains, and bandanas at the morgue, was great.

    Finally, as a culmination (for now) to the Congo storyline, this episode was outstanding, a fitting tribute to the medical profession.
  • Carter goes to the Congo to get Luka's body after finding out about his death.

    This is an "edge of your seat" episode. After learning of Luka's death, Carter returns to the Congo to bring his body home. He runs into red tape and finally enlists the help of an American Red Cross worker. Throughout the episode, the scenes alternate between Carter's search and Luka's ordeal. In an odd twist of fate, Chance's mother gives Luka a cross on a chain for everything he has done for her daughter. In the end, it is that very cross that saves Luka's life. Wow, goosebumps! His actions save her daughter; her actions save Luka. An amazing episode from start to finish - be sure to record it. You will want to fast forward through the commercials because the suspense is so great...and you WILL want to watch it again and again.
  • Best Episode. Of. ER. EVER.

    Great soundtrack, stunning images. Luka's redemption and the reaffirmation of his faith. This is why I watch this series.
    After being captured by a congolese militia and about to be executed, Luka kneels down and starts praying in Croatian, with a cross in his hand (given to him by a congolese kid patient's mother). That scene alone makes this episode the greatest ever on ER. A must see.
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