Season 5 Episode 10

The Miracle Worker

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 1998 on NBC

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  • Wow.. they have some really surprising plot turns..

    A Christmas Episode.. and a really good and moving. Carter wants so much to see sings of God when a young boy is just found dead and they do not manage to save him - or they save him but he has no brain activity and he is just.. saved but doesn't live much. But soon comes in a girl who needs a organ donation and she has the save blood type. Carter takes risks, keeps the boy alive, tries to convince the mother but no luck. She accepts that her boy is dead and all. But Lucy, she plays some tricks and kids parents met and mother is ready to let her son organs donated.

    This is just a beautiful story combined with the Christmas theme but it worked! The much interesting part of that episode - the new chief staff or whatever the post was what Carry wanted but did not get and that lovely woman got.. she is .. mm.. doing weird.. she stoles mark gloves.. and maybe made up a story and the last scene with her near her Christmas tree... this storyline looks so promising.
  • Dr. Lee is really an interesting character. She searches through Dr. Greene's locker; she tells tragic stories about her life one must question; she flirts with Dr. Greene constantly.

    Dr. Carter is making another brave move. The writers are really developing John's character.

    Dr. Romano is unreal. He wants to make Dr. Corday his and his alone. He has more than career desires. Nice to see, even though he is a poor example for a human.

    Dr. Greene is hoot. He really is bothered by his ex-wife's accomplishiments. Good thing that Dr. Lee is distracting him by her flirtations.

    Poor Dr. Benton...the balance of familiy and work is trying. Elizabeth is not overly caring. She focuses on a traveling musician. Safe fling for her. Shows Dr. Romano that he cannot win.