Season 6 Episode 6

The Peace of Wild Things

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on NBC

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  • One of the most beautiful episode I have seen...

    This episode.. I just do not have no words. I cried. Too much. Weaver having this dilemma with Lawrence.. And the way dr. Lawrence is played out - the complexity, the vividness. Very well written char.

    And the second main storyline with Carter and those people from nursing house. It was so terrible to watch it. The way there was nothing to do only watch. And to see those feelings. So well portrayed. And Carol and her decision. It was defenetly not the easy one and the way it was done and affected her. But she tried the best. All those three storylines together - it was just stunning. So much emotion, so much unfairness.. but life is like that...
  • Dr. Weaver cries. No, not over her dear friend leaving, but over her mentor having to give up practicing medicine due to having Alzheimer's disease.

    Every episode with Alan Alda is wonderful. He adds a great deal to the cast. The story line is touching. I commend the writers and producers as they address the issue of Alzheimer's Disease.

    Carol is true to form. Here is she EXTREMELY pregnant and she concerns herself with a pregnant junky. Meg makes it clear that she does not care and ever wanted to be pregnant. Carol still goes above and beyong. She does not dwell on the fact that a pediatrician who supposedly loved her left her and will not return to help her deal with twins.

    Oh, and farewell Jeanie. You have a husband and a baby. Good for you. Of course, if you ever need to return, Dr. Weaver has left the door open for you.
  • Kerry has to face the mistake she has made in hiring Gabe, but is very reluctant to do so, only Mark's insistence gets the situation resolved.

    Very heavy rain and multiple ambulances in the bay. There has been a fire in a nursing home to add to the normal load. Kerry is calling in all staff.
    Corday and Benton are talking, he is still preoccupied with the paternity test issues, when Romano appears and tells them he has been asked to donate to a very prestigious sperm bank. They manage to keep a straight face, but clearly the thought of little Romanos running around is in their minds!!!
    Carol tracks down the pregnant girl, Meg, but finds she is doing drugs. She later shops her to the police, so that at last in prison the baby will be first priority and the mother will get rehab. Again, great comparisons and moral issues for her to deal with, running behind the normal ER day.
    There is an explosion in the department, possibly caused by Malucci using a Bunsen burner, but he takes a long time to step forward to take the blame. Luckily, there is only major injury, to Mark, temporary deafness. And it is found that it was a broken pipe.
    Kerry finally accepts she has to confront the Dr Lawrence situation. She finds out that he left his previous employment because he had to, and now she has to deal with the situation, because of her lack of care in employing him. It is very emotional when they finally discuss his illness, made more poignant by the dementia patient that he had seen earlier in the day.
    Carter helps an old lady accept that her husband is going to die, and she deals with it with grace, which is very moving. He also destroys the evidence that a boy has diabetes, so that the father’s health insurance will pay up when it kicks in. It is unlike Carter to be pragmatic rather than absolutely upright. Also, as Finch knows, it seems likely to come back and haunt him. Otherwise there is no learning in the experience.
    Whilst Carol’s baby shower is being held in reception, Jeannie clears out her locker and walks out of ER for the last time…
  • ...

    This episode was particularly brilliant if only for allowing Laura Innes the chance to shine!
    It marked the end, I guess, of Gabe Lawrence following a long but interesting story-line involving memory loss and early alzhimers.
    Laura was fantastic in her role as a student rising above her own mentor. I felt so sorry for Kerry during her talk with Gabe! The choice of poem from the writers was beautiful. The poem seemed relatable for any audience member, but particulary so for Gabe following last week's trauma.
    There was also some humour, mostly in the form of Carol. Her own talk with Greene was pretty astute.
    The end of this episode was a beautiful one. We went straight from Kerry and Gabe to Jeannie's last steps, which were done with much elegance.