Season 11 Episode 12

The Providers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2005 on NBC

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  • Something on the water...

    Somehow divided episode. A part of it concentrates on a case where 16 years old girl is brought in. She have had kidney transplant and some other medical problems. What first looks like something simple turns into the hard truth - the new drug she has been taken has damaged her new kidney and she will need transplant. But her unique immune system makes the possibilities low. And Carter has his own crusade against that kind of drugs and that pisses of Weaver.

    On the second half, the episode is somehow pathetic comedic .. I do not know what... as Abby and Neela.. they both have crushes.. On Neela's case.. Sam is on the way.. and on Abby's - her crush is her student.. so.. not much luck
  • "Did someone put something in the water today" Possible with some connection between Abby and Jake and a certain crush on Luka.

    I loved the start of this episode with Abby and Neela talking about how neither of them has got any in a ridiculously long time , then saying how they have work to keep their minds of it only to have Luka walk in and contradict the whole conversation.True classic.

    Neela has a crush on Luka and sam isn't happy about how he's handling it.Neela was obviously getting the wrong idea from the last episode were he comforted her but Luka didn't exactly do much to stop it.I didn't like when he tried to pass her off but i was glad when he talked to her. (Sam's doing.?) I thought sam handled it quite well her sarcasm about it was quite refreshing to see from her.

    Abby and Jake do make a cute couple how ironic they happen to get sex related cases.Sam's comment about something in the water when Abby was extremely close to Jake was great! It's a shame the two can't date but something tells me Jake isn't going to give up that easily.

    The scenes with the girl's failed kidney were hard to watch;all down to a drug they're supposed to be safe so i get John's outrage.Those scenes were the dad killed himself were horrible but he loved his daughter maybe too much..!
  • Neela has a crush on Luka and Sam is not impressed with how he is handling it. Abby and Jake clearly have some connection too!

    Carter causes a stir when he and Neela post requests on the internet for information about a new drug. The drug has caused renal failure in a transplant patient of one of Crater's old med students. He was being paid to report on drug reactions etc and was aware of the potential problems. The girl's father, who gave her the original kidney, shoots himself in front of Carter, so that he can donate his remaning kidney to his daughter. Carter is furious about the behaviour of the physician and the drug company, but Weaver and Susan remind him that the drug company pays for a lot of the teaching and research in the hospital.
    Jake and Abby part with Jake jokily offering to drop out of his rotation so that she will agree to go out to dinner with him!!
    The interaction between Neela and Luka is amusing. When she is very close to him doing a femoral cut down, it is no different to any other close proceedure, except for the feelings. It emphasises how closely they work normally without anyone thinking anything of it, until feelings get confused. It is quite interesting to think we watch it all the time without comment, until it is pointed out. And probably explains why there are so many relationships in hospitals - apart from the fact most of them have time for little else!!!