Season 2 Episode 14

The Right Thing

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 1996 on NBC

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  • A true reflection...

    It's easy to speak of others, attitudes criticize, judge, have a false idea of someone. But when the situation is ours, we must resolve, the thing changes the picture. Not everybody can do the right thing. It really is very hard to do. Without doubt, an excellent episode. Brings a very interesting discussion.
    In addition to decisions and do the right thing, this episode also shows some of the difficulties and human weaknesses, such as a poorly placed phrase can turn rumor. Will a new pair will emerge? I hope things start to heat up. One memorable episode. No more.
  • Trying to fix the previous mistakes

    I would not say that it was the best episode or way moving - it was quite average from the tempo and the stories but why it stood out - all those "average" things were just so well served and so nicely presented.

    We all want to do the right things, aren't we? I think the same thoughts were on Benton's and Carter's mind.

    I enjoyed the Benton's struggle for the truth. He proved himself as a man who cares more about the right thing than about his personal profit. And those few persons - they are worth all the admiration we can offer.

    And Carter.. I think it was not easy for him to come there and say those words, but it was the right thing and I am sure.. oneday that man will also understand it. It is hard in grief to see the intentions of other person, but I am sure - it was benefiting for both of them. Maybe just for understanding it is time to let it go.
  • This episode was a definitive one.

    This is a great episode. This is one of the many great episodes by an excellent TV show. When I first saw this episode I was stunned. It was very touching. The way that the show ends with the conversation between Benton and his brother in law was a good touch. It tied in perfectly with the title and was not corny like a lot of others shows. The acting all around was once again great. Even from the supporting characters. The directing was top notch and the script was well written. It was just another example of why I love this show. If you've never watched ER before, you will after this episode.
  • Would you do the right thing?

    Up to this point, I think that Dr Vucelich has been a real jerk and acted unethically. Having seen the next few episodes, I know that this will change. I think it's clear that Dr Vucelich's study was unethical and it really looks like he's trying to cover it up. Dr Benton is faced with a difficult decision about how to handle it and it's another great example of a dilemma on ER. Should Peter report Dr Vucelich or not? The birthday storyline is also fascinating, it appears to be 10 years ahead of it's time in ER with Doug and his dad. The boy with the llama bite is another case of a patient that hits very close to home for a doctor, because Doug see's that they have similar relationships with their dads.