Season 5 Episode 14

The Storm (Part One)

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 1999 on NBC

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  • Doug and the results of his actions.

    A classic.. Doug character as always been complicated one.. but now all the potential of his so special character come out - the decision he made about that boy's life. Was it right? Did he even felt it was right? And he did not even had time to think about it when everything was going downhill. And this time it was not only him he is taking down - everyone. Weaver and Greene are getting their part, and the end looks like Jeanie will regret coming with him.. and Carol.. it was hard episode but superbly written and the outcome is unforgettable.
  • Doug Ross is in jeopardy after the death of Ricky Abbott and now the whole ER is in a bad situation because of the action of Ross. Leaving him and his career in possible jeopardy.

    As Part 1 of George Clooney's last episode the episode is very well done and honestly better then Part 2. The episode begins somberly with Doug Ross staying over at the Abbott's as usual and in the past few episodes the Ross character doesn't seem to be his natural fun-loving self instead he's been focused on saving the life of Ricky Abbott. Doug and Carol goes as far as staying inside the Abbott's house but as Doug prepares to go to work he at the insistence of Joi Abbott shows her the code to give her son the correct dosage. So somberly Doug Ross goes back to the work, making the ER a sort of depressed place. Things taken a deadly turn when Ricky Abbott is brought to the ER and is immediately pronounced dead. After Joi's husband arrives he punches Doug and is escorted outside, Doug is of course fine but the foolishness of showing Joi how to operate the machine he know faces legal charges and keeps the hospital a bad light. Without hope Greene yells at his friend for his foolish decision and after telling Weaver who tells him, "You can screw your career but stay away from mine." she decides with the acting Chief Romano and Anspaugh to keep Ross, close Carol's clinic and handle the bad press of the situation. Doug is sent to paperwork the rest of the episode and after taking a stroll outside Carol yells at him for being selfish and always doing whatever he wants without thinking. Which in a way is true to Doug character, and leaves his in the Cold Chicago street outside the ER. This moment particularly sticks out because Doug knows he goofed and realizes that practically everyone hates him at this point. Things soon become worse when the ER receives word of a terrible school bus crash. As Greene heads out, Doug asks to come back Greene refuses claiming if Doug didn't screw up then may'be he could come. Despite this Ross goes ahead and takes Jeannie with him but soon in the Cold Slick Chicago Road, Doug recklessly gets into a car crash.
  • in this episode, Carter and Lucy finally are together (sorta) Ross slips on the icy road and goes out of control. Him and Jeene are both in the accident and Jeene is unconcious.

    a really good episode. i am so excited Carter and Lucy finally got together, even though they really arent. but no there is a chance that they can be together. Doug gets screwed on this, he tries to help Ricky go in peace by giving his mother the code to the PCA machine, which she OD\'s Ricky and ricky later dies. And rickys father charges Ross of first degree murder.
  • I love Doug's passion for what he does.

    I love the passion Doug shows for the kids. He is willing to go that extra step and break the rules to help them although it is not helping him.
    The loss of a child would be so great I really feel for Joi Abbott as she has now gone through this twice. It takes a very strong woman to be able to do that with the dignaty she did.

    It was unfortunate that Carol's clinic is shut down for acquiring the P.C.A. machine for Ricky. I think that Doug should have put a bit more thought into the consequences not only of himself but others as well.

  • A great build up to a series classic.

    Another terrific episode with the consequences of Doug's actions having repercussions for the whole episode. Carol's clinic being shut down and the continuing downfall of Doug made for some great drama and the fight between Doug and Carol was great. The car crash at the end seemed a little puzzling but is explained in the next episode. I didn't care for the Mobolage storyline and Carter and Lucy just don't work. Thankfully both of those end in the next episode but this was still a fantastic episode and the perfect set up for the next one.
  • Kerry Weaver insulting her supervisor Romano and being caught by the devil himself, that alone made the episode worth it. But that was just one of the many great about this episode.

    Kerry Weaver insulting her supervisor Romano and being caught by the devil himself, that alone made the episode worth it. But that was just one of the many great about this episode.

    The first scene was very impressive and led into a very good story line. The end of Ricky Abbott and the arrival of his father stirred a lot of feelings. Weaver and Green being busted for covering up the distribution of the broken bone drugs. Ross busted for killing the boy, which eventually led to the closing of the clinic, Doug’s responsibilities being downgraded to doing charts and a rift between Carol and Doug.

    The Rocket Romano pieces in between keep it from being a too serious episode. Also funny was the thing between Carter and Lucy. I thought the ‘staring at her butt’ thing a little over the top. But I’m glad that she ended up with Carter and not with Dale.

    It is one of the great episodes, one of the pivotal episodes. And of course it is one of the classics, with a fantastic cliffhanger.