Season 5 Episode 15

The Storm (Part Two)

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 1999 on NBC

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  • about the episode

    It had great sound editing and sound mixing.
  • Good Bye, Doug Ross

    This episode marks somehow a end to one area of this great serie - Doug has been part of the team from the start and he really has given so much for the variety but now it is his time to leave.

    The episode is build up well - we have striking and urgent cases, taking majority of the episode, we have one of them injured - it always make audience to sympathize. We have some really great moments and character developments, superb presentations. The way Carol's char is played out - it really leaves me speechless. And the way the whole thing is solved, the meaning in words - I cried, I cannot lie. It was beautiful episode.
  • Not quite as good as Part I, but Part II of the Storm is a nice compliment to George Clooney and his character of Doug Ross which he portrayed for 5 years. But seriously Mobalage?

    The Storm Part I focused almost entirely on Doug Ross in the somber set-up of his ongoing life and how his actions caused the Hospital and particularly Mark Green and Kerry Weaver great grief. Part II on the other hand is alot different. The first half of the episode is Greene saving the kids involved in a bus-crash which is pretty interesting but for the millions of fans watching the episode the question is where is Ross? Doug finally makes his debut as he stands near an unconscious Jeannie who got a concussion in the accident and soon calls 911 to arrive immediately but tries not to touch her because of her HIV. So Greene gets out of the car scene and brings an overbooking of ER patients, and after Doug brings Jeannie into the ER, Kerry tells him to not treat her. She goes as far as to tell Doug, "You won't treat any patients tonight!" Which practically ended all hopes of ER fans seeing Ross treat a patient but the episode sticks with the realistic view point of the ER. As the patients are treated and as Carter and Lucy talk about their relationship, Doug is treated by Carol and tells her he is planning to move to Seattle because everyone hates him. Which is pretty much true. She tells him she'll think about it. The episode then totally goes of course and focuses on Mobalage. Great focus on Mobalage but it's Clooney's last episode. Who do you think people want to see? Anyway after Mobalage is crying to himself in front of Carol and Weaver, Greene comes along to try and confront him since his wife came to the ER with a wound. The episode finally ends up with Doug walking in the ER halls, nobody saying goodbye or anything as he tells Carol to come with him. She refuses and in a tearjerker starts to cry that she won't have somebody to wake up next to, and Ross being the suave one kisses her and walks away. The last scene of the episode (If you count Ross only had 5 scenes in the entire episode) but despite this his last scene is his best as he and Greene drink bottles of beer staring at the Chicago Landmarks in the coldness of Chicago. After a brief conversation on Seattle vs. Chicago the two smile and Ross offers to shoot some hoops as they talk the scene fades out. Sadly this is the last full episode featuring Doug Ross and he leaves in Doug Ross fashion he wasn't the featured player in the episode but he was the soul that made the episode run. Still though great episode, but less Mobalage and more Ross!
  • I cried during this episode.

    I cried when Doug left! It was very sad and Julianna played the role so well. She really got into it! This was one of my favorite episodes! Along with the first part of it. The bus crash was really sad too! even though no one died. This was a memorable episode!
  • A pretty great episode.

    This episode is very busy. First a snow plow runs into a bus and there are 15 kids injured. Then Doug and Carol get in trouble because Doug helps a mother end the missery of a terminally ill child. Carol has to hand over her position as manager of the clinic so it stays open. Doug and Jennie get into a car accidnt and Jennie gets hurt badly. Carder and Lucy have sex and it speards around the ER. In the end Doug quits to move to seattle and asks Carol to come with him. She dosen't go with him in the end. This was a very dramadic episode and sad to see Doug go.
  • A conclusion to Doug's actions has him leaving.

    As school bus accident as a mass of injured children and Doug cannot help.
    Doug decides to ignore orders again and he and Jeanie have a accident on the way to the crash.
    I admire Doug's passion but sometimes he just doesn't think and this time it gets Jeanie hurt. (Even though it was only a accident)

    Doug decides to resign and leave Chicago and asks Carol to come with him. It would have been so hard for her to not follow her heart and go with him.

    From the accident Jeanie discovers she may have contracted hepatitis. I really feel sorry for her. She has had such a rough time and she seems such a lovely person.
  • A great episode with critical consequences for Doug and carol's relationship...

    A great episode with some excellent acting.
    I liked the part where Carol chose the stay and to let Doug go and IMO it was the best part of the ep. Really a tearjerking scene.

    And for the rest, it was a good episode.
    We learn that Jeanie has Hepatitis, something totally unexpected as Carter decides he can't pursue a relationship with his student Lucy, but it seems that she isn't interested. That was a funny part...

    And overall it was a good episode with the man who stabbed his wife and the angry did. They did an excellent job with it...
  • A phenomenal episode with outstanding acting.

    Loved it! One of the very best episodes in ER history with plenty of action from the word go. Dr. Greene once again risks his life for his work and there was finally some development in the Jeanie's HIV storyline. Of course the departure of Doug Ross provided the series with some of its best played scenes. Julianna Margulies was outstanding in her portrayal of the character torn between the two loves of her life; Doug and her job. No big 10 minute reflections or drawn out goodbyes. However I think the writers should have come up with better reasons for Doug leaving other that not being able to find a job. And the final scene with Doug and Mark which was designed to be a poignant end to a strong friendship just didn't work and it didn't feel like Doug had enough of a goodbye with Carol. But still a tremendous episode.
  • fantastic episode

    After the episodes that lead up to it, it's easy to wonder what they could do next to top it. As it turns out they made one of the best episodes in ER history. This episode makes Dr Greene a hero and brings Dr Ross down, and he decides to quit. The scenes with Dr Greene at the site of the bus accident are great. With the patients coming into the ER, the action becomes more and more intense. Just when you think the episode is over, we see Mobalage's wife coming in having been stabbed, and Dr Ross deciding to leave. This episode is a true thriller and one of the most exciting to watch.