Season 10 Episode 17

The Student

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on NBC

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  • Neela is playing doctor..

    It was another really good char development episode and even thought we have had Neela's episode before, like NICU, then this.. it was totally new angle and different, but also very moving. The way Gallant stood up for her, that was such a beautiful act and well done.

    Also, Neela managed to cope as a doctor for almost all the time, and she save many, did much good but as she said - it won't matter and the mistake she made... and the way she tried to take the blame and make things even more worser - And Carter.. he is one of his own kind. To go along with it.. to have that courage.. and some may have come from guilt as he knew.. Neela did it all to prove herself.. oh..

    Very moving episode.
  • Everybody loves Neela

    I like very much this episode, is one of those episode that ghave everything a bit of humore, tension, romance and all.

    I like that the central character was not longer Abby, like in a couple of past episode but Neela alone, Neela and her problem and how everybody step to help her so she dosen't loose her job.

    Luka and Sam relation is growing and i like that, they are so cool and cute couple together, they should stay together. Anyway i didn't like that he rent the camper and went to camp.

    I love the last part when Dr. Elizabeth didn't want to have sex and in the end she do, and then the naked man with the girls that started beating him outside the hospital. And couldn't forget about the cool sisiter who teach self-defence to the girls that was cool.