Season 14 Episode 6

The Test

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • Little looking like filler...

    It was quite chaotic and not some certain storyline episode. I think they wanted us to see Abby's road to bottom as it looks like where she is coming and maybe they also wanted to make some fun but it did not worked as those jokes they were not funny.

    I am very glad the storyline with that little boy who Gates met in ICU continues as this really added depth and motion to this episode. Without it, this episode would have been awful.

    And the case with that girl who had all the kind of symptoms.. It was weird but interesting. The way Sam figured out what was going on.
  • ...

    It wasn't amazing, but it provided 45 minutes of watchable t.v.

    The editing did seem a little bit clumsy, I must say. For instance, there was a scene where Abby looked up to see Coburn, who was standing there looking intimidating, and Abby sent away her intern. However, she then went off to treat a different patient before we saw her speaking with Coburn, which made no sense because I thought the first scene was supposed to imply that Abby was being forced to face Coburn. There were also a couple of other scene sequences which bothered me e.g. Heather asking Skye if the ER had Internet when she had already been kicked off the computer once.

    Didn't like the storyline with Neela's student much, which is annoying cause I was quite enjoying the character. I think the 'comedy' clearly intended in the storyline would have been better served in a few weeks time when we have grown to know and like the character more. Also, it didn't strike me as being realistic as I thought he'd put medicine first.

    Not sure what's going on with Moretti's son, that was a little bit weird. I'm guessing we'll get answers soon enough.

    I liked Sam and Gate's argument over Joshua - very believable. Sam's numerous comments e.g. 'my kid likes slushies too' all connected her to the family as a fellow mother, so it was easy to see her emotions connected with Joshua's DNR-esque order.

    They're dragging out this Abby/alcohol thing a bit much without giving us any real updates. Maybe next episode? I liked her lines when she was talking to Pratt though.

    Skye seems ok, I think she might turn out quite a good character if we're lucky.

    V. sweet to see Pratt pick up the lucky charm :P Though Pratt and Morris have been severely under-used the last few episodes.
  • There are new staff members every week, but the stories are getting weaker .....

    Saddest story: Joshua, the Fazio-Londes boy dying. The young actor, Miles Hiezer, is very very good!

    Best line: Joshua: "The situation demands a slushy."

    Most worrying story: Abby seems to be losing it. Both her work and her private life suffers because of her alcohol problems. She seems unbalanced and self-distructive, has unjustly blamed (and fired) the nanny for Joe's fall, misdiagnosed more than one of her patients, etc. It's good to know that she has friends looking out for her, one of them being her sponsor, Coburn, but I'm worried about how far this will go? And when will Luka be back from Croatia?

    Best scene: Pratt lending Abby a sympathetic ear and offering to help her.

    Most dramatic scene: Sam rescuing Heather (excellently played by Mae Whitman), who is about to jump in front of the el-train. New characters on the show: New attending Skye Wexler and Moretti's son Brian. Skye seems to be a nice enough person, but there is something about Brian that worries me.

    Funny line: Neela about Morris' & Pratt's all night studying (or whatever it was ... ?): "Man camp".
  • Goodbye, Joshua. Hello, Skye.

    What exactly was this episode supposed to tell us?? Was this a rehash of everything going into the intense 'sweeps period' or something?? Wierd. Bits and pieces of a million story lines. Glimpse of Haleh and if you blinked you missed Lily....but it was nice to see 'old' faces once again. Frank brought Alex into the fray with a message for Sam from his school. Mere mention of Luka from Abby to Pratt. Say good by to ICU kid, Joshua, and hello to new attending Skye. (Why does her name make me think we are descending into the depths of a Danielle Steele novel??? Oops...must be all of the continued talk about sex...eew.) New chaplain Julia popped in to help Joshua's mother face the kid's demise. Sam and Gates went at one another about the decision not to intubate...whew. Nice intense, angry scene! Kudos to Stamos and LC for that one. Bit more to Moretti's back story with the introduction of his son, Brian....on the lam from his eastern college. Let's all say it together, boys and girls: Bipolar! Amy Aquino was checking up on Abby who was lying through her teeth about attending AA meetings. Mae Whitman was awesome as the suicidal teen....but she never misses a beat and never, ever has...even as a little, little kid. Favorite line of the evening? Neela to Abby when discussing their interns: "I had to send mine to 'man camp'. " Hee...light touch to a stupid story thread. (Word to TPTB...I was really offended by the camera shot and use of the plastic female genitalia prop. Bet your 'man camp' had a few good laughs with it when the cameras weren't rolling. Please don't cross that line again.) Poor Harold. No one to talk to. But nice to hear the unexpected advice he gleaned from Morris and Pratt. Most mature lines we have had this season. Oh, and Pratt? Again...nothing real to deal except be a friend to a stressed out Abby. And be thoughtful about leaving after overnight duty to take his specialization board exams....maybe a little more nervous than he let on? The ending montage and the very first to be set to music this season was with Sam sitting with a charcoal covered Heather, Abby staring at the bottles in a liquor store, Moretti listening as his son paced and carried on a nonstop conversation, Abby walking across Franklin St. with a bag in her arms, Gates tossing Joshua's baseball into a glove in an empty trauma room. Fade till next week. Sigh. The acting was wonderful but why, why do I feel so.....empty? I think I want to pull up a chair and have a swig of whatever Abby was carrying. Heh.