Season 5 Episode 3

They Treat Horses, Don't They?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 1998 on NBC

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  • Bomb in ER

    I think it would be quite smart not to bring a patcient with bomb to ER but they did it - Mark went to a scene and when the patience got critical, he let to bring him in - bomb still him - and how did the bomb guy did not understand it was still dangerous?

    It was another dynamic episode, much movement but not much development. Everyone was swimming on their old pool. Ross got to attending, Weaver heard that there are other candidates and she might not be chosen. It get her mad. Jeanie is back and it was nice to see.. but.. nothing what would attract me much.
  • Is Dr Green a doctor or a vet?

    I thought this was a funny episode when Rachel convinces Dr Green to look after a sick horse. What makes it even more funny is when the horse Sh*t's on Jerry! Horses/ people, there's not that much difference is there?

    Doug is made a pediatric attending and I think this is a perfect position for him but he will still need to have a eye kept on him because he is a bit of a cowboy.
    It was lucky for him that Kerry was the last to find out because she would have found a way to stop it if she could.