Season 4 Episode 11

Think Warm Thoughts

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 1998 on NBC

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  • They are getting the plot more and more interesting...

    It seems that they have learned that maybe the start of the season was not the strongest and now they are building it up - with continues storyline of man attacking elder ladies and with many other things. It is just so welcomed as for awhile I did felt like I do not care so much about watching it but now - I am eager to see next episode.

    I think Cordey's storyline was my favorite here - she is going down to earth, thinking about her actions and trying to do everything to help that girl. And Allison - she is so brave, strong - a super girl.. if most people would go trough anything like that - they would break. But she - she wants to get better, live...

    And Carter - that student thing.. Maybe he just did not understand that for most ER is not attractive.. but in my opinion.. ER would be much much better than surgery.
  • Sweet. Very very sweet!

    Probably the best Christmas episode in ER.

    We get a little more from Dr. Romano, his perfect sarcasm ("Lizzie. You and I are a match made in Heaven.") and the first hint of his love for Dr. Elizabeth Corday.

    Carol and Doug's romance is so sweet, it is amazing how they complete each other!

    Carter's Gamma Millicent's visit was also very sweet. My favorite scene in this episode was when she was watching Jeanie take care of a patient and Jeanie tells the girl she is HIV-positive. Gamma's shock was so subtle and natural, and it was great to see how Jeanie has finally worked her life out and is now able to admit her HIV status.

    In a word - sweet.