Season 4 Episode 11

Think Warm Thoughts

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Carter is giving his class on "Emergency Medicine" to the medical students, he is asked if he ever killed a patient. He responds that he accidentally lacerated a patient's liver when he was a surgical intern. This, however, happened in the Season 2 episode "Do One, Teach One, Kill One", when Carter was a 4th year medical student.

  • Quotes

    • Mark: Carter, you come here every day. Sometimes you're really cooking, and sometimes you're not. But you're here every day doing your work. And one day you'll look up... and maybe 10 years will have passed. It'll be the sum total of what you've done that counts. Not the passion.

    • Carol: I'm sorry I yelled at you over the phone. I'm actually glad you spoke to my mom. It's a relief. I don't know what I was waiting for.
      Doug: The other shoe to drop?
      Carol: Dumb, huh?

    • Swift: Hey Mark, if you're going to quit smoking, you need to detoxify your body. Colon irrigations...

    • Corday: And you and I, we're alright?
      Romano: Lizzie, you and I are a match made in heaven.

    • Romano: Hey, how did it go with those second year med students?
      Benton: Well, I didn't sugarcoat it.
      Romano: Well, I didn't expect you to. We want to weed out the losers early. Thanks for taking care of it, Pete.
      Benton: Dr. Romano, it's Peter.

    • Carol: (on the phone) Okay, Doug, when you get this message, call me! You can run, but you cannot hide!

    • Benton: These seminars are a waste of time. All they want to know is if I've ever killed anybody.
      Carter: What do you tell them?
      Benton: Just med students.

    • Romano: If I'd known this was your car I would have sniffed the tail pipe.
      Corday: Excuse me?
      Romano: Oh I thought we were talking about sex.

    • Medical Student: Do people really come to the ER with foreign objects stuck in their rectums?
      Carter: Sometimes it happens.
      Medical Student: What's the wierdest thing you have taken out of somebody's rectum?
      Carter: Uhhm, a bowling trophy.

  • Notes

    • Though spelled correctly when he is listed as the series creator in the opening credits, Michael Crichton's last name is incorrectly spelled "Chrichton" when he is listed with the other executive producers in the end credits of this episode. This mistake was repeated in most of the Season 4 episodes and in all of the Season 6 episodes.

    • Michael Ironside reprises his role as Dr. William "Wild Willy" Swift in this episode. He would later make an uncredited appearance as Dr. Swift in the Season 8 episode "On The Beach."

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