Season 10 Episode 11

Touch and Go

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2004 on NBC

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  • as a big contrast to the last episode, carter has returned to his mansion in Chicago with Kem. His first day in the er i a mix of happy reunions and a very akward meeting between kem and abby, who is kind of lost betewen her doctor and nurse roles

    This episode came right after one of my favorites so far, and its not gonna stick that long in my memory...the akward meeting between abby and kem, was predictable and almost overdone...i was wrong...the abby character needs closure still on the carter thing...but otherwise this is what i call a flyby epsiodes..the ones that binds the really good ones together and fill the gab inbetween...(oh almost forgot) Pratt has a sentimental moment and we learn about his family history....but if you missed this havent really missed that much....
  • Carter is back to action on the ER.

    I love this episode, i mean Carter is back with his horrible beard but anyway he is cute, Kem is the one who is soooo , i hate her, ok again i still support Abby and Carter.

    Poor Dr. Prtt everything goes wrong for him, he broke the cute Martin his neck and the Valerie broke with him and i don't remeber what other stupid thing he do.

    Kovac would stay more time only to find of he really stand a chance with Sam, and now that i think about that they really make a cute couple and Alex he is so sweet and smart.
  • I actually love this episode. This is for me, the episode where Luka really gets a place in the E.R.

    Up until this point, Luka has kinda been out of place in the E.R. Here, we see him embrace his new role as one of the leaders of the pack. He makes two great saves (the belt and the arm), and really shows off his leader skills.

    Also, I love having Carter back as this happy in love guy. Him and Kem are great together. Carter and Luka bonded over the whole Africa experience, and I love the friendship the two have now. Both of them just walk around smiling in this episode, and that's very rare. I love it.

    To bad they had to down play the frienship between Abby and Luka in this season, in order to make room for the Luka/Sam thing. It came off to a great start with 10.03 and 10.04, the two of them talking and being friendly. But since then, there has'nt been much interaction between them. That ticks me off a bit, coz I'm a Luby fan;-)
  • Back in ER...

    Carter is back and it is so great to see all of them together and the way they greeted Carter - it was so nice moment, really moving and emotional.

    Abby acted little weird, I do not know - she was the one, i would say, who is behind their brake up and now she looks like she regrets.

    Sam - oh.. please, she knows she cannot rise that child, she is good old sister not mother and Luka keeps her going on but to be honest - it is not the best storyline they have had. It looks good in one episode but as a continues storyline - no.

    And Pratt, as in so many ways, it was his episode. I have never liked his char, but with this episode - they maybe somehow managed to show that he is part of ER too. He is new char and he needs time, but there is change for him.