Season 2 Episode 12

True Lies

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 1996 on NBC

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  • Thought it will be just another episode but it ended much better

    Yeah - after like 20 minutes it felt like a usual episode - just another ER. Nothing special, nothing too unique.

    Multiply cases, many things happening, some char development, drama and action but I thought it would be it.

    I think the first change for positive was the case of 50 year old lady who wanted to die. The words her daughter said - children always know. They do and I think children are the one who will get hurt the most. Because of lying. With that we are getting into the reasons behind the title. The first lie - of the 50 year lady accepting herself. Then Green's - it's hard place where is situated and I do not know how he would find a way out. Poor Rachel, my thought - why children have to always be the ones suffering most when their parents play their games. Do they not understand it their action not only affect themselves?

    And Carter - that case he is handling - it has been already moving but the end.. he in that dark traumaroom, doing his paperwork and finally getting those words from his lips. The truth - the thing we all want but what is so hard to come. And it ended with tears for me - moving episode
  • A whole lotta lying going on.

    There are a lot of lies in this episode. And we\'re setting up for a lie by Vucelich.

    But for this episode . . .

    1. A patient lies to herself in regards to her 50 year old mother whose drinking herself to death. She wants to pretend she can let go, but she can\'t. (Symbolic of Ross and his own father.)

    2. Mark is lying to Rachel about what\'s really happening with him and Jennifer. He\'s delaying telling the truth. He does let her know at the end of what\'s going on.

    3. The biggest lie of the episode. Carter not telling the truth to Ruby, about the fate of his wife. Part of it is pressure from Vucelich and Benton to get the patient out of the surgical service. Part of it is Carter not knowing how to handle the situation. Either way, this is not one of Carter\'s better moments.

    Benton tries a clamp and run in a surgery, without Vucelich present. The procedure goes south, and Benton is now afraid of his future with Vucelich.

    This is a so, so episode. The scenes with Morganstern in a kilt are classic. But it\'s a difficult episode to watch, as Carter does not grow. We see a side of him that\'s not his best light.