Season 6 Episode 5

Truth & Consequences

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 1999 on NBC

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  • Don't blow the science class... it has consequences

    This episode.. it defenetly had the heat and the motion. So many patients brought in so quickly. I can imagine that in that kind of action you can get lost. This episode really developed the character of Dr. Lawrence. Showed his point of view to all that and made clearer that his problems are much more serious than we first thought.

    Also Lucy is lately acting more and more mature and quite a way she has learned around. That's great. And Carter - dr. Lawrence does have something to teach for others. And Carter learns that there is no reason to regret and matters the inside not outside.

    And Carol and that pregnant woman - another great story arch.
  • Gabe's behaviour is affecting everyone and causes tension in the department.

    Gabe Lawrence starts to melt down during a trauma. Kerry refuses to see that there is a serious problem, whatever Mark says to her. It is affecting patient care and everyone is getting nervous of his decisions. That said, Carter only seems to experience positive learning cases with him. At the end of the shift Kerry finds Gabe looking for his car, thinking it has been stolen, until she realises he is looking on the wrong storey.
    Benton is considering whether to undertake a dna test following Carla’s revelation that Reece might not be his.
    Carter and Elaine are talking, but she is wants to escape Chicago for Europe. She kisses him goodbye on the forehead, like an Aunt, not an ex-lover. John does not want it to end this way, and goes to her house after work.
    Carol bumps one of Lucy’s patients from the last rehab bed for the girl she met in Dr Magoo’s, but the girl disappears, so no one gets the bed in the end. You are left wondering whether Lucy’s artist will be ok.

  • A great episode!

    This episode was hugely Gabe-focused. I really like the fact that ER is able to bring in excellent actors, for only a short time, yet make their characters so appealing and really allow them their own story-lines. It's really lovely that ER does this in my opinion. I have enjoyed the whole Gabe Lawrence story-line so much, and this episode was fantastic in giving us an insight into the man.
    The trauma scene was filmed and edited just perfectly. Everything was normal, it wasn't an abstract scene, yet we could really see into Gabe's mind as he failed to cope with the multiple complicity of it all.
    Of course, this episode also had other good points. The small rift between Carol and Lucy was a good example of the nurse/med student opposition and the fight by doctors for their individual patients.
    Dave was...Dave. I really see no point in Malucci's character whatsoever. His story-line of discovering why Weaver uses a cane was unnecessary and did nothing for the character. However, it did allow some clever responses from other characters. Also, Malucci was absolutely useless with his burn victim. Sure, the girl was a vain fool in light of the higher casualties suffered, but for him to have to find Lucy to put his patient's mind at ease rather than try himself!! This guy has absolutely no sensitivity.
    The science lab explosion story-line was interesting, if only because it made me realise just how easy it would be for a similar disaster to occur at my school! It might have been nice to see a little more of some of the individual patients though.
    all in all, another great season 7 episode!