Season 14 Episode 16

Truth Will Out

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Avarage

    Oh.. It has been lately much about Neela and honestly, I think she is one of the few chars with Pratt who has some sense left. Sam has been like she is always and now Tony is perfect match for her as he is just as crazy as she and he has a kid to.. so perfect match.. Abby is still in her problems and things are not getting better. The end of this episode even hints that things are getting even worser. Way to go.

    The storylines... mm.. they were nothing special. Somehow the same old rhythm. I would be wishing to see something new. It was not there...
  • The end of the Luby dream?

    This episode opens with Abby and Luka (Luby) in their apartment. They talk about Luka's job interview, and we see him looking for a new apartment. The Luby dream seems to be fading fast. A paramedic collapses when a man is brought in smelling of gasoline. Then someone drops a cigarette and BANG! Up goes gas boy.

    We see that Sheryl (a patient from a previous episode) and Neela seem to have struck up a friendship. Everyone is shocked that Luka has quit. Pratt tells Abby that she has to go for some interview or in three months she will be out of a job.

    A pregnant woman is admitted after a car crash and she says that her husband is suspicious about the pregnancy as it is number 13! And she only has a month to go. Luka's interview is in a hospice for the elderly. Abby talks to her sponsor about how Luka is acting strange since she told him about her affair. Sam still seems upset and angry with Abby.
    There is a new doctor and when he phones down with test results for a patient he is put on speaker phone. The results show that the patient has cancer and the patient who is in the room hears the news and flips out. He is given a drug that wipes out your memory (like amnesia) for a bit and so does not remember hearing about the cancer is such a horrible way. They decide to wait until his Auntie arrives to inform him of the bad news. Pratt thinks Morris has a man crush on the new Doctor. Then pregnant lady is in screaming pain. She is having contractions. They try to take her up to the OR. When Abby looks the baby is hanging out. She delivers the baby with the help of Abby. The baby seems ok. Neela speaks to new doctor about what he said on speakerphone and Neela is angry with him about it. Sam and Abby have a chat; things seem to be getting better there. Abby goes to see about her interview and how she wants to be an attending. He tells her that he has a few minutes now for her. Neela tells her precious patient that she has an infection and how she has to have another operation. Neela starts to cry when she tells her. But the patient seems ok with it all. Sam and gates have a romantic meal/date on the roof. She is all dressed up. In the end Abby tells the boy about his cancer. It ends with Luby talking about everything. He tells her too much has happened and he is going to move out.
  • This reminded me of ER, circa 1997. All the main cast members were present, Abby redeems herself with her co-workers and things keep getting worse for her and Luka.

    This was a fine example of a classic ER episode. Not only were all of the cast members present, including Dubenko, Wexler and Anspaugh. It was good to see Kovac and Abby back in Chicago but their relationship is not good. Luka cannot get over the fact that Abby cheated and he asked if she thought coming to Croatia would make it all better. Luka went to interview at a Hospice Center where he was met with the director who asked him why he would want to leave a great job at the ER for a Hospice doctor position. Kovac said he was trying to make a change in his life, for the better. The director was called away for a patient and Luka was asked to look around. He wandered into the rec hall where he found Walter Perkins (Hal Holbrook). They hit it off, playing cards, talking about Luka's history. Meanwhile, at County General, a young Korean student comes in to the ER with some neck pain. It is discovered that he has cancer and Brenner spills the beans in the exam room when he is on speaker phone. A woman with twelve children comes in with some pain and is found to be having an atopic pregnancy. Abby saves the baby and the mother's life by delivering in the ER and redeems herself to all of her co-workers for all of her past indiscretions. Sam has an elaborate dinner and lights and wine and candles up on the roof of the hospital waiting for Tony. She is up there, looking hot, and waiting for Tony. He comes up and they kiss. Pratt tries to go to Bettina but decides to just give her space, as she has asked. Sam and Abby talk and everything with them is ok. It is the end of the episode, Abby is at home, Luka comes home, tells her he took the hospice job and says that he can't forget what she did and can't forgive her so he has to move out. WTF?! Next week should be exciting.