Season 11 Episode 3

Try Carter

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2004 on NBC

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  • Little inside to new doctor...

    Oh.. this episode was somehow.. funny.. first those all new medstudents who turned ER doctors life into hell. And Pratt is back, we saw Lewis (I already started to wonder what about her) And it was busy day.

    Most of all, I loved this episode as it really opened up for us more of the new doctor - Barnett

    Oh, and the irony with Neela - she is able to work on Er but she is just not able to get no job. And she feels really bad.

    And Carter.. he is getting back on track - little hard but he will be ok.
  • 4th July leaving a busy ER!

    So Pratt's back but he's sporting a large scar and suffering from severe headaches resulting in his departure home.Glad he's ok.

    Abby and Ray aren't getting on and the tension rises after Abby orders a tox screen on one of his patients.Ray initially thinks he was right when nothing shows up but Abby is proved right and Ray is forced to swallow his pride and apologise. I like the pairs relationship a younger version of the witt between Abby and Morris.Especially the Abby rockhart.

    Luka takes Alex to his soccer game and tries to bond with him but Alex tells him he doesn't need another father.I like that Luka tried it was sweet.

    Good ole Corday recently i've really loved her attitude not giving a damn and this epi topped it off.I like the fact she decided to help despite the consequences!
  • So it is the 4th of July, but the episode originally aired October 14th ... kinda silly, but its ER, so who cares!

    4th of July, Pratt returns with a humungo scar on his head from the accident. Carter asks him how he is feeling and Pratt says fine, but later on into his shift Pratt says he has a headache and Carter sends him home, Luka comes in to take over for Pratt.

    Poor Neela, since her parents left, she has been depressed, her parents said that they couldnt be there for her anymore, which is sad. She spent her whole day looking for a job and got turned down at a coffee shop and a retail clothing store. The only job she could get was across the street from the ER at the Jumbo Mart. At the end of Abby and Ray's shift, they find out about this and Abby asked why she was doing this to herself and all Neela could say was something along the lines of Well look at me, I'm not even American." ...

    Abby orders tests on Ray patients without his permission and he gets mad at Abby.

    At the end of the day, Abby speculates that the new intern Howard may have OCD .... seems like it to me!

    HIV transplant!!!!! Agh...