Season 12 Episode 8

Two Ships

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on NBC

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  • Ik heb egt geen idee wat ik hier moeten zetten dus zet ik dit maar neer=P XXX

    Hee allemaall,,

    Jullie kunnen dit niet lezen,, jammer,, maar ik kan niet zoo goed engels praten, jammer voor jullie...

    ik wil ffies zegge dat ik maura tierney egt goed vind spelen!! ER is egt een goede serie!! Deze episode heb ik eerlijk gezegt nog niet ge zien,, dus k ga hem maar eens nu kijkee.. want ik moet vn jullie een stuk van 100 woorden schrijven, maar dat is niet egt gemakkelijk als je het filmpje nog niet heb ge zien maar ik doe me best voor jullie, omdat ik gewoon dat filmpje wil zien!! nu nog maar drie woorden en die heb ik nu..

    ER is great!!

  • One of those episodes you do not want to miss, what makes you cry.

    Oh, it was really beautiful episode. First the emotional level this episode had, then the motion, action - the way the story was build. I was looking at Pratt, seeing those two lights on the sky but I never even understand that there might be coming something like it was - a plain crash. It was stunning on effect side - to built that scenery.. and the way it looked so real.. and all the action - non stop motion - I have missed it quite a lot.

    Neela - as it was mainly her development episode. The way she got involved, how well she felt herself on the field. Maybe now she has what she wants to do and the end - she going home.. and Michael comming. A really gorgeous end for that episode.
  • Neela ..high on adrenelin!

    I loved seeing Neela rise to the occasion.As much as I love Abby she can\'t be the star resident every episode as it would get boring.
    Neela performing a surgical procedure on Gates in the middle of a plane crash site was RAD!
    Glad Michael came home in the end ..she really needed him.
    Abby and Luka were so funny during the whole \"Panties\" scene and I loved that he made her breakfast and she didn\'t leave straight away like she planned.
    I thought Luka being recalled to work and turning up in jeans and t-shirt was cute..very cute.Abby in \"yesterdays\" clothes was funny because I thought someone would notice and question why she is still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
    A great episode of Drama and Humour interlaced.
    I am not going to mention how much I squirmed during the whole \"About last night scenes\" Abby and Luka are sooo in denial about their true feelings it\'s obvious.
  • I enjoyed finally watching the character development of Neela.

    This episode had everything: drama, love, lust, and an explosion. I was relieved that finally we would see a episode that mainly focused on Neela, because she is one of my favourite characters on the show. I really love the part where Abby is trying to get her to stay at the hospital:
    Abby: Is there anything, anything I can say to make you stay?
    Neela: No. (she continues to walk away)
    Abby: I slept with Luka!
    Neela: Yeah. Nice try.
    I was actually shocked to find Serena Williams can act. She did a fantastic job playing a mother who couldn't find her child after the plane crashed. I was nearly crying when I found out she died at the end and that her children had no mother afterwards. I was so happy to see Gallant and Neela reunited at the end of the episode after she had a tough and emotional day. Truly a wonderful episode.
  • I always like the episodes where the docs have to go out in the field. But this episode was a bit of a let down.

    I love a good disaster on ER. Sounds awful, but it's true. After all, the show is about emergencies and nothing beats a big happening where the docs have to go out into the field. So far the best episode in the Field Disaster genre is The Crossing. This episode does not nearly compare.

    For a disaster episode it was rather dull. The crash itself was done in a splendid way, but the storyline never gripped me. I love Neela's character but she and Pratt out in the field didn't interest me half as much as Kovac and Carter did in The Crossing. All in all it seemed to ordinary somehow, like all they changed was the setting.

    I'm starting to root for a Neela/Ray romance here. He obviously cares about her and as much as she is trying to be annoyed with him you can tell she cares about him too. I love Gallant, but honestly he and Neela would be dull together. They are too uptight, they need to be paired up with people who will challenge them.

    Abby needs to get a brain... Saying she'll spend the night at Neela's to make sure she's okay? Neela lives with a doctor, I am pretty sure Ray can handle anything that might happen.

    It was a good episode all in all, but for a Disaster episode it was only so-so. I expect more from these episodes and this one did not deliver.
  • Abby and Luka...Luka and Abby

    this was an amazing episode. i really enjoy abby and luka. they always semmt o be there for each other. i really think that thye will get back together cuz i don not think that they can stand not being together. they need it. Its something taht they relaly want and enjoy. each other

    she couldnt find her bra or panties...LOL
  • Unfulfilled drmatic potential? At least it wasn't over the top!

    I loved Neela. The last two episodes have made me like her more than I ever have done before, I must say. It was a good Neela-centred episode.

    I cried, I\'m ashamed to say! It was at the brightly blue-eyed man\'s death, and the tears were still wet for slightly more crying on Gallant\'s return - wouldn\'t normally have happened but the crying hormones we\'re already out and I insist there was emotive and influential music!

    A friend thought they could have done more with a plance crash...They could have, it\'s true, but I think the episode was more about character development than anything else, which was strong within the episode. Still though, a lack of fulfilled drama potential with the plane,

    Luka and Abby...seem to work together nicely. Glad they were disturbed, it seemed to keep them together at work rather than having them go separate ways and never talk again! Could Luka saying \'panties\' have been any more embarrasing??!! That bedroom scene was just too much. And the end discussing with the ‘they look back separately’ part has been done better before.

    Zoe - I don\'t like what they\'ve done there. They made their point in the last episode. Plus I think it\'s kind of out of character. From being this somewhat slutty 14-year-old sleeping with several strangers they\'ve suddenly decided to turn her back to a moany 14-year-old. Please, we don\'t need it.

    Loved Sam\'s decision to rehire Haleh, and Eve\'s response! I like Eve a lot and I\'m enjoying professional Sam rather than single-mum Sam.
  • Finally an great episode with lots of action

    Finally an episode with lots of action. While watching the first few episodes of the season i was a little bored as there wasn't enough excitment and there haddn't been a major accident for ages(not that i want people to get hurts, its just its a little more interesting). It was a brillient new episode, i was a little worried that it would turn into another helecopter crash, when the patient went off to another hospital in the helecopter, so i was really glad that it had nothing to do with that. I liked that Clemente and Kovac were sort of competing on who was incharge, and i so think that Kovac should be the new head of emergancy medicine and not Clemente. It was also quite good how the writers implied that Eve was dead and then she turned up. I also liked Neela going into the building even though it was a little predictable. I also really liked how when Gallant came back right at the end they said nothing. Anyway i thought that this was a great episode and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
  • one of the best!

    This episode was one of the best the season ( and propbably the series). I think John Stamos was so funny. I loved the begining where every time Neela would try to get on the ambulance he would go forward! It was obvious that that PN and JS had a good time working toughether. This was definately a major character development for Neela. She definately showed her true colors. For a while she has seemed lost, like she didn’t really know her place in the medical world,but with this episode I think she realized that she has the ability to become possibly a great surgeon. Don’t get me wrong she is definitely a lot more confident this season than she was last season. The plot line with where they couldn’t get the mans heart beating really got to me.
  • GOOD GOOD show for me

    i am glad that the story is not boring and the directors keep the momentum bild even if some good actors have left the cast. The idea of abby and the old flame come together once again spark some new hypotesis with the relation with the other nurse (sam). I also suggest that is time for some old actor to come as guest in this new episodes to come
  • Overall a good episode, in spite of some significant weak spots.

    Overall I thought this was a good episode, in spite of some significant weak spots. The storyline of the man kept alive by CPR was very well done, especially once they got to the ER. Those long moments where no one talked and there was just the rhythmic sound of hands pushing against his chest were riveting. Pratt was amazing throughout. He has really developed into a dedicated and mature doctor. Gone is the smart aleck who knew it all--please welcome the guy who sticks with his patient even when a colleague may be in danger. Ray prattling on about how he would never have let Neela rush headlong into a life threatening situation and Pratt just quietly letting him vent really emphasized Pratt's transcendent ability to focus.

    Neela's character development was also well done, albeit less subtly than Pratt’s. She finally reacted with some positive emotions. I was pleasantly surprised at her good nature when Gates was teasing her and not letting her get in the van. At the scene of the crash she opened herself up and allowed herself to be moved by a young mother’s need to save her child. Neela embraced a fateful moment and ran with it. High on adrenalin, she acted decisively. Granted some of the choices she made, like running into a burning building to reach a child and running into traffic to reach Gallant, could be construed as rather stupid. But this should not be too surprising. After all, she does not have much experience with getting her heart and mind to work together in harmony. Nevertheless, it’s very exciting to see her overcome her usual paralysis and surge forward with nearly blinding momentum.

    What lacked depth, and frankly, grandeur, was the plane crash itself. The scene was strangely flat. I never got a real sense of the devastation. And for all the tension between Clemente and Kovac about getting the ER ready and where to do triage and so on and so on, we never really see the ER as a unit coping with what we can only assume was an absolute major disaster. Besides calling in a few extra docs (where were Morris and Weaver, anyway?) and a formerly fired nurse, it just seemed like business as usual. No scenes of the parking lot (Clemente’s choice for triage) full of patients, no sense of the sheer numbers of people that must have, after a disaster of that magnitude, flowed through the ER. After all that emphasis on the potential for problems and congestion we saw no chaos at County and no apparent failures with the department’s preparedness. I expected at least some glitch to occur and get resolved, certainly more than the glib zippering of a wound.

    On the ending I have flip-flopped. At first I was terribly disappointed by the “just friends” resolution between Abby and Luka. Get them back together, already! But after some thought, I think it is more realistic to have them awkwardly choose their friendship over suddenly realizing they were meant for each other. These two characters are so very wary of opening themselves up. In spite of the tremendous capacity for love they both obviously have, in spite of the fact that they have a seemingly sacrosanct tenderness and caring for each other, it will take more than two ships crashing in the night to keep these two ships from passing in the night. But hope springs eternal. Ultimately I think the writers will slowly bring these wounded souls together and seal their healing.
  • The conflicts caused by any sort of "crash" obviously provide numerous opportunities for realism or absurdity; a possible repetitive nature, or a brand new take on a disatrous situation! "ER" has tried the "crash" before- and has always been relatively su

    The conflicts caused by any sort of "crash" obviously provide numerous opportunities for realism or absurdity; a possible repetitive nature, or a brand new take on a disatrous situation! "ER" has tried the "crash" before- and has always been relatively successful with it! Let's see...
    Luka and Abby has been a forced tension for viewers for a while. At least in my opinion. And this entire "sleeping together" storyline to just end up back where they started... Come on already! There is no need for these two idiots (and don't get me wrong, I can truly love both Abby and Luka- they have their moments), for them to, I don't know... be in love but can't handle a relationship. Give them true love and a perfect relationship, or end it already!! But perhaps, that ending has been established in this episode? I don't even know.
    I like the 14-year-old (8th grade) Zoe continuing to be in love with Ray, annoying as some may find it. He's an idiot, and deserves some punishment for sleeping with someone that he didn't even KNOW was 14! And she's a slut too! But they should wrap it up soon- it's getting a little too streched out and "old".
    Neela: we may have all seen (or perhaps not all of us) other characters, many of them not in the show any more, dealing with this type of crisis. But Neela hasn't. I'm not even sure if Pratt has! But back to our favorite British-Indian girl. She got HIGH, for gosh sakes, off of the adreneline rush of saving lives. She loves the adventure, she risked her life, and she saw the guy who liked her (John Stamos, aka guy who won't accept that she has a boyfriend in the army) get hurt! She saw people die, but she also helped save a little boy from dying in a buring biulding. And her reward? Michael Gallant FINALLY comes home for her! That ending scene with her running into the street and almost getting hit by a car in order to jump into his arms was a little corny, but sweet nonetheless.
    Pratt: he's really growing on me. He was excellent in this episode.
    Other tidbits: I'm glad Haleh came back- and Eve was okay with it?
    Sam needs to be on more. And she needs to talk to Luka, or something.
    Clemente- WOAH. What is this little mysterious storyline that gets a little bit advanced each episode? I forget what happened this time- he was helping a married woman cheat on her husband, and he doesn't want to have anything to do with her? Is that is? At least he has SOME story. Now if they could just expand it.
    All in all, pretty good episode. Do you agreee?
  • Wow, what a nerver racking episode.

    The episode started out in a routine manner. Neela rides along with EMT's and Abby and Luka wake up after last weeks kiss. As Pratt watched a helicopter take a patient to another hospital, hell breaks loose. From that point forward, the people in the ER deal with life and death. The story of the young man, who is being kept alive by CPR alone, is especially heartbreaking.
  • Neela's special episode

    Just about every ER character has had his or her special episode that made them a hero, this is Neela's. The episode begins with some humor, which is good as a change of pace but gets serious very fast. Pratt's patient is an interesting side note. The episode really changes suddenly as Pratt is watching the helicopter fly away, then we see the explosion. I loved the scene with Neela in the building with the kid, it was incredible. The real incredible thing is Neela's courage to go into the building and resue the kid. I wanna watch this episode over and over, it is really a great one.
  • i classify this episode as exciting..i was trying to focus on my school work more than this episode, but i finally gave into tempation and turned on the TV..i thought Eve was in that plane; it would have been better if she was even though kristen johnston

    i classify this episode as exciting..i was trying to focus on my school work more than this episode, but i finally gave into tempation and turned on the TV..i thought Eve was in that plane; it would have been better if she was even though kristen johnston is good(as eve)
  • Absolutely loved it!!

    This episode had everything that makes me love ER : friendship, love, tears, laughs... it was simply great... Neelah was great throught the episode, I love her relation with Ray and how she's starting to be more and more sure of herself... The scenes with John Stamos were good too, and funny... And the end of the episode : let's say she deserved it!! I was litteraly jumping up and down when I saw Galant arrive!!
    The scenes between Abby and Luka were brillantly played, you can feel the uncertainty they're both feeling, but that they still feel a lot for each other (friendship or more...?)
    As for the main part of the episode, the plane crash was a new one, after the train, helicopter... I liked the fact that they focused on some patients, especially the one played by Paolo Seganti (I didn't know he was appearing in this episode and spent the entire episode wondering if it was him... and it was!!) The scene when he dies moved me to tears...
    Let's hope ER keeps going like this!!
  • A very special episode.

    I liked this episode for the most part. Gallant, well maybe he has finally grown up. Ray telling the kid to get lost was also good. I guess he now realizes the seriousness of the situation. Luka and Abbey at his apartment, was great they belong together. The way they look at each other, you can see genuine affection for one another. At the end, while they are outside and discussing what happened and what has been going while they were apart, I dont think they can be just friends. When they walked away from one another they both wanted to turn around and say something, but didnt. I think they are afraid of admitting their true feelings for each other. Neela had a great story and the end was awesome. "Gallant". Cant wait for next week. As far as the plane crash/burning building scenes they were good and realistic for the most part. I am glad Sam called Haleh back to work and told Eve she did what she had to do. I also hope Luka gets that position over Clemente. Luka and Abbey rule.
  • Episode begins with a plane crash where a whole bunch of people die. There Neela saves a young boy but the mother of the boy dies. It then shows Luka and Abbey talking about their relationship of being "Just Friends." Finally they show Neela reunited with

    It was sad and all that all those people died when the plane crashed and even worse when that lady with the two kids dies. After that: What happened? "JUST FRIENDS?" How can they be "JUST FRIENDS" after a night that was described by both Luka and Abbey as "Nice?" How can they ever be "JUST FRIENDS?" It killed me to watch that scene. I thought that Luka and Abby would have stayed together. I am still mad about those two not getting together. Luka had to be the one who goes and says something. I like the characters Luka and Abbey. Tell her and tell him how you really feel for each other. Don't play games with each other. Is it so wrong that I would like them to be happy with each other? I did not like this episode. Not one of ER's best.
  • Revitalized the series

    This is why I watch ER. I loved this episode. I think what made this episode particularly great was the last five minutes, and the preview for the next new ER. I was squealing and screaming when I saw the previews. I am enjoying the whole alpha male fight going on between Clemente and Kovac. I am liking Eve, I like her hard core no nonsense personality. The scene with Pratt working on the guy's heart forever almost made me move to tears. I still think the last five minutes of this episode, and the preview for the next episode just excited me the most.
  • Excellent, engrossing episode.

    I love this episode. I just thought all of the storylines were great. I loved how Ray's young ex-girlfriend tried to get him back but he wouldn't take her back. What I really liked was Neela's storyline. I thought that the interaction between Neela and the character played by John Stamos was hilarious. Especially the part where he was asking her if she'd go out on a date with him if she didn't have a boyfriend. Another part that I enjoyed, was her bravery in going after the woman and then going to find the child in the burning building. What topped of a great storyline was Neela's reunion with Gallant. I also enjoyed the fact that Haleh had returned and that Eve had no problem with this. I really hope that ER will have more episodes like this one in the future.