Season 14 Episode 17

Under Pressure

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • Why, why, why?

    I was surprised, this episode actually had the makings of being a great one. All the writers had to do was let the guy kill himself at the end instead of getting shot. His life was over, that was obvious, but taking the decision out of his hands was beyond wrong. That ruined the entire episode. What were the writers thinking?!? I've been watching this show from the beginning. For me it was finally over when Carter left at the end of Season 11. Why they didn't end it there I don't know. Think of Seinfeld! They knew when the time was right. If they did end it there the DVD's would be still flying off the shelves!! Is it contract issues? Or about money? It can't be making any. I keep watching because I have a great respect for Crichton and there's still a small handful of characters worth following; Kovac, Neela, Morris and Pratt. And it looks like Kovac is out.

    5 of the 8 cast members in the photo on this site are no longer on the show.

    PLEASE make it 6!!! I urge everyone to do everything in their power to finally give Abby the ax!! She is so absolutely terrible I look away whenever she's on the screen. This is LONG over due!

    (UPDATE!) I'm writing this as I'm watching the next episode and all of my fears came true!! Abby took the attending job which means she'll be around for who knows how long!

    Why, why, why?!?
  • Impressive

    With really weak episode this seasons and nothing above avarage this one was a nice surprise. I cannot say it was perfect but it was very promising and the storyline exciting.

    It all started with a man and woman brought in who turns out to be jewelry robbers. Woman crashes and with gunpoint Neela and Morris have to try to save the woman.

    Step by step we learn more about the man's life and Morris somehow manages to get to him and it looks like they all are walking away but no - police takes their own shot. It was emotional storyline...
  • the meaning of Cherish ?

    I guess the script writer already forgot the word "cherish", after those life threatening situations that Abby and Luka went through together, he is letting it her that easily, he even decided not to talk about it, this just doesn't make any sense. ER has too much about mix-and-match kind of relationship especially around Sam or Gates, after going through all the possible characters around them and now it's their turn together, the script writers seem to enjoy it so much that they just repeat and repeat the same thing, don't they think the viewers do get bored ? Season 14 is so far the worst season I've seen and I really hope the next won't get worse.
  • Neela, Gates and Morris are locked in a trauma room with two jewelry theives, one who has a gun. Pratt continues to fight to get close to Bettina and the relationship between Abby and Luka is over.

    Pratt continues to try and get close to Bettina and goes and visits her at St. Bartholomew's Hospital where she received him coldly. She tells him she knows that he is not the committment type and tells him to leave before he got any further in. Bettina went for her chemotherapy treatment and the whole time, Pratt waited outside while the procedure was done. Bettina is told this and she changes her opinion of Pratt. When he goes and visits her again, Pratt tells her the reason he didn't want to buy a condo was because he figured that it wouldn't be too long before he and Bettina bought a house together. So, Pratt was thinking of a long-term relationship all along. Josh Stewart from Dirt guest starred on this episode of ER as a jewelry theif who comes into the ER with his just-as-guilty girlfriend via helicopter. She has been sliced open due to result of a car accident that was caused when they were fleeing from the police. Morris and Neela are the main doctors assigned to the case and they work their hardest to save the woman on the table. When he realizes that the police are on their case and sketches are finally released, he freaks out and pulls the gun out. Keeping it pointed at the doctors and nurses while they are working on his girlfriend makes him feel a lot better and in control. No doctors are allowed to leave and when Tony comes in to get something for another patient, he discovers that they are in distress and hits the theif in the head with a metal tray. This just angers him and he shoots out on of the glass doors almost hitting Neela. The woman dies on the table and he knows that the doctors did their best. He is getting ready to turn himself in when he is shot by a sniper rifle, killing him instantly. Finally, Abby realizes that her marriage is over because when Luka is supposed to come pick Joe up, he sends over the nanny instead. She still hasn't heard anything about the attending spot at County General, so she starts looking for positions at other hospitals.
  • You set the thone Morris...

    Previous episodes were so boring, this episode was like a huge wake up. It makes me think of "21 Guns" and "The Long Way Around", for both guns and robbery story. Scott Grimes did a great job. With Maura Tierney and Mekhi Phifer departures, Scott Grimes will maybe have better storylines. It's clearly time for him to show what he can do and this episode show how he can be solid and clever. He changed a lot since season 10. Actually, I hate Morris from season 10 to 12, but now, he's for me the best character of season 14 (except Abby). Maybe Carter was right. Maybe it's time for Morris to set the thone! What else ? I don't really care of Pratt/Bettina and Gates/Sam and I hate Brenner so much... And I want Abby to have the attending position but what the matter if Maura Tierney leaves the show at the beginning of season 15 ? A lot of action and a good directing make "Under Pressure" way better than the last two episodes.
  • WOW ... this episode has to be one of the best of the series ... it was exciting to watch!

    Of course it was obvious as to who Daniel really was ... ie the jewel thief ... but that did not detract from the powerful performances that Parminder Nagra, John Stamos and Josh Stewart gave [I love him in Dirt and he was great in last night's Criminal Minds!]. There seemed to be a more edgy feel to the show ... faster pace ... you were certainly meant to feel 'under pressure'!

    At last Sam and Gates have come clean about their relationship ... which of course the world and his wife knew about anyway! I thought the scene where Dr Pratt tells his girlfriend he loves her was beautifully done; but I had to chuckle at the boy who wanted to join the circus ... his phrase about he thought he had been found on a doorstep because his father didn't like the same things that he did ... that certainly rang some bells!!!

    I am so glad we are going to get a final series because this is one series I am really going to miss!
  • Neela and Morris get stuck in a hostage situation with two bank robbers, one of which is dying on the table, the other holding them at gunpoint to save her. Pratt tells Bettina he loves her, while Abby wonders about her marriage and her job.

    All in all, not bad. Morris gets some real scenes for once, rather than his usual comic relief / ridiculous sideshow. I really enjoyed seeing his character grow in this episode. His character has been almost completely flat since they brought him on the show; for the life of me I can't figure out how he has stayed on this long. Not that Scott Grimes is a bad actor, it's just that they never give him anything to work with. However, that all changed in this episode. We got to see Morris really connect with the person holding them hostage, and at the end, he got through to him and was able to get the gun away. But it was all for nothing, because a sniper outside the trauma room shot the guy just after he surrendered to Morris. It was obvious that the futility of it all really bothered Morris, and in that moment he gained quite a bit of respect from me. It was also good to see more of Neela, who has gotten the shaft for quite a while now, as well. Two episodes out of the last three were fairly focused on her, and that's pretty good odds. But two episodes out of the last at least twenty...not so good odds. Anyways it was nice to see more of her, and at least the tears this week made more sense. I would have liked to see more of Abby, and anything of Luka, but it was not to be. Luka wouldn't even come to the house to pick up Joe, which I think was slightly immature. They are both adults and he shouldn't have to send someone to pick up his son. I understand that he is upset, but avoiding the situation is never helpful. Nice to see a little bit of Joe, though. He sure is growing up fast.