Season 14 Episode 5

Under the Influence

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • Drinking.. again

    So, now we know that Luka is away at least for week and Abby is alone and drinking and she has very hard time in work as there are bright light, some weird sounds.. and patients..

    But she is not the only one in trouble. Morris thinks he has some kind of charm and girls run around him.

    But what was better than those usual storylines.. I think we had a quite new char introduced.. I have seen Reiko Aylesworth in some other roles and I think I am interested to see what comes.

    Oh.. and the storyline with genius intern was good..
  • It's cool episode. Good.

    It's cool episode. I feel that 'Abby' is sorrow. Cheer up! 'Abby'....

    I do not like 'Gates's attitude.
    He must learn attitude for senior staff.

    'Sam' is so attractive woman. She was my kinda girl.

    'Neela' is going to be 'comic mode'.
    ha.... ha...

    I wanna to see 'Luka'...

    I wanna 'Abby' can be happy.

    English is so difficult to learn, write, and speaking.

    I wanna be a good at English.

    hmm, Anyway, 'ER' is a good drama. 'Prison break' is also good drama, but so a lot of violence.

    Thank you for reading...

    and God bless with you...

    Thank you.

    Good bye. I will want to see next 'ER' episode..

    Good bye. Thanks.

  • ...

    I quite enjoyed this episode for a number of reasons.

    It was nice to see Luka.
    It was quite nice to see Gates back at the ER having really learned during his time away.
    It was great to see Coburn and Kayson! We don't see enough of those characters these days, and both were fabulous.
    Although I wasn't looking forward to the direction in which they're taking Abby last week I didn't mind it as much today because her whole day seemed very realistic and I liked watching her talk with Coburn. I was glad of her deciding to go to a meeting rather than ending the episode with her having another drink.
    Neela being strict with her pupil was brilliant! Especially that line when she started to say "You're right - in my way in front of the screen!" The actual intern is quite interesting too.
    I wasn't overly fond of the Morris/Hope bit and did not think that was a good end to the episode! Yuck. Horrible.
    I quite liked the main patients i.e. pregnant woman and baby's father.
    Having a chaplain character could be interesting, I hope that they write the relationship between her and Gates well and don't muck it up.
    Nice to see Moretti, but Abby was mean when he was talking about his son He was opening up and we missed that.
    Abby's hair was TERRIBLE.
    It didn't really feel like Pratt was there at all.
    I liked having Sam about in the background nursing and saying one-liners.
  • Luka is back, at last!

    Saddest scene: Abby wakes up with a hangover and Luka is calling to tell her that he can't leave Croatia yet. Hopeful scene: Abby talking to Coburn, her sponsor, who is telling her off for not confessing her alcoholism. Good to know that someone is checking up on her!

    New guys of the week: *1. Neela's new intern Harold Zelinsky, a child prodigy, 19 years old. *2. The chaplain Julie Dupree (who seems to be a possible new girl friend to Gates).

    Funny scenes: *1. Everyone wants to know Harold's age, but Abby is the only one asking him.
    *2. Neela pretending to be very strict with Harold in front of Crenshaw.

    Silly story: Morris is wearing Hope's promise ring, which makes him irreststable to women.

    Gates is back on ER after rave reviews from the ICU. It seems like he has learned a thing or two up there.
  • ok...

    i think abby is miserable, luca should come back as soon as possible.... how dramatic ER can be!!! she can't afford more suffering! and how coburn knew about abby's alchoolic problem? did i miss something? she should have supported a little more, called luca, maybe.

    what about gates, he's doing nothing good, he should get out of ER instead of luca!i don't like moretti neither! is the same story of pratt/carter, mallucci/weaver, chen/neela.... they fight, but in the end, they get along, and everything gets calm again...

    it seems all characters are lost, without a good story, there's nothing interesting goin' on.
  • Fleeting glimpse of Luka....WAY too much of Morris

    Since I write episode recaps for another site I have watched this episode several times over the past few days. I usually write reviews right after watching the episode but I wanted this one to settle a bit. I liked it...most of it. The promise ring was a nice touch for the Hope/Archie arc. The hot girls hitting on him was not. It was carried way too far and had a creepy eeew kind of ending. I liked Malucci doing his thing in the back of the bus better. At least there was no redemption for his character. I have liked Scott's acting and Morris has grown on me but this time it went too far. Sad. I am back to square one with Morris. Didn't like the looks of the genius intern at first. But after several viewings he is going to be a nice touch for Neela. Not exactly young Carter but.... I LOVED the whole 'guess the intern's age' thing. It was light enough and spread out enough that it reminded me of something the 'old' ER gang would have done. Cute the way Abby cut through all their crap and came right out and asked him. Hee. So VERY Abby. Didn't see much of Pratt. Did he do anything memorable?? I think not. Neela was delightful throughout as she dealt with Crenshaw and Harold. Very expressive and fun in this epi. Loved seeing Kayson(our oldie of the week....). Guy hasn't changed much. Loved his comraderie with Moretti after agreeing that Bevan (our guy with the disease of the week...and one of particular interest to me as I have two adopted Asian children) needs the implanted defilibrator. Enjoyed the new chaplain. Gates was intrigued. I hope they don't do anything to ruin her. I think she will be a better 'religious' interjection than Hope's character was. Loved Maura and thought she handled the hangover situation well as an actress. The protective glasses kept us from seeing her apparent nausea with the pus patient - or maybe I was just nauseated myself and wasn't looking?? Her scenes with both Luka and Janet Coburn were heartbreaking. Luka has to know how hard it is for Abby to ask for help. How could he NOT know that she needs him...badly?? The split screen during their telephone call was a nice touch. They were both distracted enough and self centered enough to not pay attention to what was really being said...and we could see that. And Amy Aquino as Janet Coburn had just the right touch of compassion and unbending resolve as she demanded that Abby make a choice between AA or not. What a good casting decision for her sponsor! Took me back to one of their first scenes together in season 7's 'Sand and Water'. Brought new light to the part where Coburn was angry when Abby wasn't answering her pages from OB. (Abby had left a patient there to help with the delivery and care of a teeny preemie in the ER.) Coburn's anger then makes even more sense now. Did she think Abby was off drinking again?? Wish the show had of ended with Abby's cliffie. Was she going into an meeting or a bar??? Or with Moretti telling Gates he had done a nice job. Watching Morris emerge from the bus with that stupid grin....eewww. A definite low blow ending in what could have been a terrific episode.
  • Everyone is Human

    I think we all believe doctors are super heroes and put them on a pedestal, ok maybe just the ER docs then, but in this episode we see the real human side of many of the doctors. Abby is seen in the last episode having a drink when she returns from a bad day with Joey and the er in general, after talking to her sponser she is seen teetering on the decsion wether to return to drinking or go to meeting. Morris who's love (april) is far away is tempted by many women so he says and you wonder if its his ego or what. In the end he turns down all advances for a phone call with april that develops into a little phone s## in the back of the ambulance. Neela is told that she has to be super Bit##y with her intern and she tries only to find that her way is best. tremendous episode this makes me know ER will always be great.