Season 14 Episode 5

Under the Influence

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • It's cool episode. Good.

    It's cool episode. I feel that 'Abby' is sorrow. Cheer up! 'Abby'....

    I do not like 'Gates's attitude.
    He must learn attitude for senior staff.

    'Sam' is so attractive woman. She was my kinda girl.

    'Neela' is going to be 'comic mode'.
    ha.... ha...

    I wanna to see 'Luka'...

    I wanna 'Abby' can be happy.

    English is so difficult to learn, write, and speaking.

    I wanna be a good at English.

    hmm, Anyway, 'ER' is a good drama. 'Prison break' is also good drama, but so a lot of violence.

    Thank you for reading...

    and God bless with you...

    Thank you.

    Good bye. I will want to see next 'ER' episode..

    Good bye. Thanks.