Season 3 Episode 8

Union Station

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on NBC

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  • Struggle for happiness. Some people get it, some do not. A super storyline with powerful emotions

    After watching this episode, I did cry. The first thought were - they are so cruel. Greene finally got his courage to admit his feelings to Susan and all he gets is her leaving and words, that she does love him too but still has to go.

    After some moments, the beauty of this episode's tragedy comes out and I just understand how well and cleverly the storyline was plotted. By this way, we will remember this episode for long - it just leaves a mark.

    It is fun to watch Greene's struggle in the beginning of episode, his words with Carol, his tries.. it is portrayed in funny way, but also with such a reality - people are not easy to admit their feelings.

    Greene did not get his happiness, but two other people did - Grabarsky and Lydia. It almost went bad with them too, but this sub-storyline leaves the thought that there is always change that people will find what they look and live happily ever after.

    Beautiful storyline and the emotion I have - super
  • Greene has no more time to tell Susan his feelings for her. And a surprise wedding! A totally Susan focused episode.

    Great episode in my opinion! Though I hate that Susan and Sherry leave. I just love them! I enjoyed that this was an all about them episode.
    I've always thought that Susan and Mark should have been together (I liked him with Elizabeth, but liked Susan better!) If she had stayed, probably everything would have been different. The good thing is that she does come back, but not when Doug and Carol are on the show, so it's not the same. I always liked the Carol-Susan friendship and her scenes with Doug were often funny, like when he started to mock of Kerry and she caught them!
    I liked the end of the episode, I'm glad that Mark listened to Doug, at least he tried. If he wouldn't had told her his feelings, he would've regret.
    Lydia's wedding was fun, I keep thinking that that's what ER is missing now, the lack of friendship and sense of humour. I liked Lydia very much she was my favorite recurring nurse. the best scene at the wedding is when Doug has that flower and keeps hitting Connie with it, and finally Carol takes it from his hands. I couldn't stop laughing. And on the DVD commentaries the director says that George was very bored! :lol:
  • This episode had everything, humour, sadness, love!!

    I love this episode of ER, I just feel for Mark when he tells Susan how he feels, the viewer just wants her to say yes Mark I will stay, and we will live happily ever after. But that doesnt happen! The look on Marks face as she leaves is so heartbreaking.
  • Hathaway becomes management to stop the E.R. nurses from being floated to another floor, one of the nurses gets married in the waiting room and Susan and Mark finally express their love for each other but it might be too late in coming.

    Excellent is the only word in which I can describe how well this episode was written. This episode shows the Susan / Mark relationship coming to a very tearful and bittersweet end as Susan says her goodbyes at the hospital and to Mark at the train station. While at the hospital you see and can actually feel the pain it is causing Susan to say her goodbyes to the staff who have become her friends. Then as you watch Mark trying to be with Susan whenever he can in order to just spend a few more minutes with her to try to convince her not to leave. The ending was actually the best part for me as you watch Mark tell Susan he loves her and that he doesn't want her to leave and Susan saying she loves him too but that she has to leave. So bittersweet and just so perfect.