Season 5 Episode 4

Vanishing Act

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 1998 on NBC

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  • Lucy's real skills are unveiled..

    So far Lucy had managed to hide and cover her missing experiences but when the time is critic, she cannot do it, it makes Carter really mad. She and Carter chars were most developed here - he really was mad.. and Lucy.. looking for the body, making all those stupid mistakes - it more and more mad it clear who she is and it is not bad - no more faking. And she is defenetly interesting char - now we learned to know her.

    Corday is having hard time as she is intern now but she is stubborn and even if she is working under her abilities, she can keep it going.

    There were many other stoylines, everyone got little time and some development. It was worht watching
  • Dr. Elizabeth Corday takes a significant cut in status to stay in Chicago. She is making a career sacrifice to stay in Chicago and with Dr. Benton. This reveals an interesting part of her personality.

    Dr. Greene is showing backbone. Dr. Weaver has annoyed him into going to team to select the next Chief of ER Medicine. He did not have the time before she pushed him too far. Now he is staying after 6:00 pm two nights a week to be part of the selection committee. He is doing this inspite of his responsibilities to his daughter.

    Dr. Elizabeth Corday was in for a big surprise. She thought this internship was a formality. Not so. She has to perform the responsibilities of an intern. The work does not go away even though she has more experience than a typical intern. Watching such a driven doctor work through this situation is interesting.

    Carol and Doug have a personal problem...potential pregnacy. This makes them very real to the audience. Of course, they both love children and we know they would be good parents.
  • Takes a lot of courage to start again, I admire Dr Corday for that.

    Dr. Corday begins her first day as an intern and I really admire he courage for starting all over again. Also because she has to put up with Ramano.

    Carol realizes she may be pregnant and I was a little disappointed when she wasn't. I think they would have made great parents and I am happy to see that they are going to try and start a family together.

    Carter finally discovers that Lucy doesn't know how to start an IV. She should have told him ages ago but I can see how that would have been hard to do. I also think Carol should have spoken up sooner.