Season 6 Episode 17

Viable Options

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2000 on NBC

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  • The boy with diabetic is back...

    Carter now has to face his decision's coincident as a boy he did not diagnosed diabetic five months ago as father did not had insurance is now back. He is on coma and everyone is making Carter feeling guilty. Chleo says she will not protect him but to not say nothing either. The father looks like he did not know that it was so serious and it looks like Carter will have problems with it.

    Kovac is trying his best as the patients for new kidney are all not good ones. One is sick, the second one pregnant. And then.. the third one takes drugs. Elizabeth wants to give the kidney to the third one but Luka wants more time. But in the end - her word matters.

    Weaver does something Romano said no and now is sent for home. And it's snows.. at the end
  • Dr. Robert Romano strikes again! He insists upon working in the ER "with the little people" and his Mont Blanc pens ends up in a patient's cheek.

    The on-going storyline with David Greene is touching and very realistic. Dr. Mark Greene's concern is measured. Dr. Elizabeth Corday's compassion is wonderful. She really comes through for Mr. David Greene. She has a level head in this storyline.

    Dr. Weaver's good side comes out. With all her career ambitions, it is nice to see that she can care about a mentally and physically handicapped woman. Now we can like her and dispise Dr. Romano.

    Dr. John Carter has to accept the outcome of the poor decision that he made a few months ago. He knew better, but in this case wisdom comes with experience.