Season 12 Episode 5

Wake Up

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on NBC

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  • It was moving..

    I do not know.. I liked it.. it really got to me.. mainly the Luka's and that patient who woke from coma storyline - trying to imagine what it had to be for her, those flashes, waking up and seven years past - life has gone on. That talk they had on the roof about why this happened.. and then.. she falling back to coma. Just like it was for one instance.. that she could wake up and see around and talk and... somehow it showed the irony of destiny.

    Other storylines - that new attending. oh :( We have now that Eve and now him.. both who I dislike.. what have happened with those good chars?
  • good show

    I liked this episode because it treated several isues with repect, I loved the Abby Storyline, it was well written and very Tasteful,the Lady with cancer was such a sad story, good link to breast cancer awareness without being tacky Was glad all turned out well for Dubunko,overall a pretty solid episode
  • Oh my God, that was the best episode of ER EVER!!!!!!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!!!!! How can anything ever compare again?????????

    When I got home from the theatre last night, my mum announced that ER had been the most wonderful episode she’s ever seen. Normally, she’s not that big a fan, she’s certainly not been impressed with season 12 so far. And after watching the episode I can see just what she meant!

    1. That ending, that ending, that beautiful ending! Oh how I felt for Luka and poor poor Blaire. She was such an amazing character, so full of life despite being so dead of it for six years! That was just tragic, really it was. But Luka, how good he was to her! I was even beginning to think what a beautiful couple they would make.

    2. I’m very glad Pratt and Olivia are together. But please, did we really need to see Ray’s love sceen in flashes between Pratt’s? I mean Pratt’s relationship has meaning, Olivia is a great character, and they’d just had that fight and everything is tied-up with his family and then we just get pointless Ray and some girl we don’t even care about hogging the screen!

    3. Ray…I understand his toxic plant work is medicinal now. I wish they’d made that more clear before. I thought he was just earning money as a part-time job.

    4. A few actually funny scenes with Morris! I loved his discussion with Neela in the ambulance bay when she replied “Well if you think he’s annoying why did you say he liked his shoes?” and Morris replied something along the lines of “Well he may be annoying but I still like his shoes!” The drumming thing was just pathetic really, the humour in that scene was that every other character managed to disappear!

    5. Weaver again in a good way this episode. Loved the scarf –and it’s symbolism. Wish they sold them in England! Since when did she become the actual head of the hospital though??? Or was that a bit of exaggeration to emphasis her senior standing over Clemente? My worry is that Clemente will get away with refusing Weaver’s wishes.. I loved Weaver's speech but she didn't seem to fight back much after he replied. Gone are the seasons when she would have yanked him back by the scruff of his neck and verbally assaulted him until he collapsed in a confused state...

    6. Clemente, Clemente, Clemente…you’ve made quite an impression on the hospital staff! Loved Neela’s like “My boyfriend’s at war and so are my hormones!” in response to finding Clemente attractive. Kind of like when she fancied Kovac. Anyway, I like him, yes. A bit smug with his constant “Oh my God, these are from the 80’s!” but seems like a good doctor. How did Kerry find the money to suddenly start hirinh all these outside geniuses like Eve and Clemente though? Not quite sure of Clemente’s actual character yet. He tests everyone yet offers Ray answers…maybe he just wants his own docs. to appear competent to the other departments?

    7. Sam, not in the episode much, but I liked what little we had of her. Chewing gum was fairly smileable (not laughable though!).

    8. Eve, I’m kind of glad she wasn’t in the episode. She’s such a presence that I feel she would have been just too much in already such a packed episode. I liked the inclusion of a phone-call though, that was very in character scripting of the writers. I think it’s good to have breaks from big personalities every now and again, means we continue being surprised by them rather than bored.

    9. Dubenko’s 30 seconds were great!!! Hehehe, I’m glad he’s having a good time with the ‘satisfaction facilitator’! His line was great too, something about getting it up twice a day….

    10. Abby, Abby, Abby. Definite continues good hair. Glad of it. I felt a bit mmmok :S at the end of the episode, in that it feels we may fall into past habits – all the other characters off having fun, Abby the victim…I mean, I know the story-line is important, of Abby going through this, facing her fears, but it’s such an ‘Abby the tragic heroine’ kind of story-line….

    11. So many characters back!!!! I never expected to see Stephanie again, but it was so lovely that her roller-skating date was still waiting for her! Of course, her return tied into the wider issue of cancer – it was October, breast cancer awareness month when this episode was first aired in America. Stephanie has breast cancer, and we are seeing the results of her treatment, Abby is facing up to her fears, Weaver was wearing the scarf and Dubenko had prostate cancer…
    And do they not normally cut coma patients hair quite short? That was just something I wondered when Blaire fell into her coma again and her hair went everywhere…Just for practical reasons I would have thought.

    12. The t.v. showed the talk between Luka and the coma patient’s doctor twice, once before the break and once after – was that what everyone saw or did the t.v. company mess-up?

    13. Smiling Luka

    14. Don’t want this Pratt/Charlie story-line to be dragged-out too long, really I don’t. And please, there’s no way Charlie knew Pratt had been there at the end! (Pratt walks away making a slight bang on the wall and Charlie gives an omniscient eye understanding).

    15. Regarding SS - I think they did the absolute best they could. I mean, if the actress won't do another episode, it's not as though the writers can make-up for her own refusal through the character. Weaver's response seemed cold, yes, but then, the character and actress are totally different people and sometimes people forget that. They expect more of a goodbye for a loved character. Well, Susan didn't necessarily deserve anything more from Weaver, a boss who she didn't get on with after she left so suddenly.

    16. . For some reason, I'm just not connecting with the season 12 titles like I normally do. I've only seen 5 episodes and I've already forgotten one of them! I need to start thinking more about them anyway. I only saw 'wake-up' as the obvious awakening from a coma, and perhaps JL fans might see it as the wakening of the hospital to a new era kind of thing. Maybe we can apply the title to many characters? Like Abby could possibly be 'waking up' to her fears by finally facing them...or maybe I'm becoming toooo analytical here!

  • Neela: "He's at war and so are my hormones"

    This episode was ruined at the end. James frickin' Blunt has to go and ruin it.

    You guys had me way too hyped up about this episode. I'll start with what I didn't enjoy.

    1) Ray. Really, why is he here? Are we going to get an answer soon? Because let's face it, the only reason why Shane West was introduced was to attract a teen audience to the show. They should be hooked now, so fly away Ray. Did we really need to see him having sex with Goth Chick? No.

    2) So Susan's gone. It's been confirmed. Although I'm sure that SS was in the opening credits.

    3) No Eve. I was actually quite surprised at how much I missed her prescence in the episode (even though she was still controlling the nurses on her day off) and I think it proves what a strong character she could grow to be. And there was no Inez either.

    4) Clemente. Words cannot describe how much I already hate this character. From his entrance to his behaviour throughout the episode. He made me enjoy Morris. And no-one messes with Weaver and gets away with it, he made one [i]big[/i] mistake there.

    5) The return of Stephanie. Absolutely no point, except to portray Abby as "the all-knowing" once more.

    But don't fear, there were plenty of things which I did enjoy.

    1) Luka and Blaire. I really enjoyed their interactions tonight, despite being skeptical when I found out she was back at the beginning. This was the plot which I was most emotionally invested in and I enjoyed their interactions. The last scene was very beautiful ([b]the music wasn't[/b]) in which he told her. I don't want to see Blaire die now.

    2) Pratt and Olivia. I am surprised at how much I enjoy this coupling, and how she ties in with his father. And I can't help but hate Charlie Pratt for all the reasons his son does. He's a bad guy, but he's so nice about it that no-one notices. But although the fight between Pratt and Olivia was great to watch, the love scene that followed ... not so much (and they must have been cold).

    3) Neela's one-liners. From "I think I fancy him" to her facial expressions, how could you not love our Neela? And when Clemente suggested Neela take surgery as an elective, I couldn't help but think about Neela cracking jokes during an operation. Will this suggestion make her think?

    4) Abby and Dubenko. Despite the fact that they're making Abby out to be perfect (again), I can't help but emjoy her scenes with Dubenko. MT and LO play off each other very well, and it's fun to watch.

    This episode is pivotal as it begins the Clemente Age. I'm just not sure if this is an age I'm going to particularly enjoy.
  • a good example why is the best show ever for me

    the way that the directors and producer make you follow diferent sotries in a single episode is amazing, it makes you come back to see it all the weeks. The guest actors like danny glover make a good example in how this show is respected by other actor like him. I hope that this show maintains this quality always
  • continuation of the great story of the last episode, but not as exciting

    This is more of a conclusion to what's been happening in the last few episodes. It's a good story, but not as exciting as "Blame it on the Rain." The most compelling part was Luka's coma patient, although I also liked the parts with Dr Clemente and Abby's patient. I liked the ending with Luka's patient, I can't wait to see what happens to her in future episodes. Dr Clemente wasn't quite what I expected, but I thought the way they introduced him was kind of cool. It kind of reminded me of the episode, "Full Moon Saturday Night" where Dr Swift is introduced.
  • same old same old and John Leguizamo.

    Contray to the other reviews I wasn't too crazy about this one. While I think it was great that ER is getting behind Breast Cancer Awarness, the segment in the beginning AND then adding Abby's storyline seemed very Lifetime to me.Having ER do that just seemed..well..werid.

    John Leguizamo's entrance seemed forced. How many new docs are we going to get? At least he's better than (cringe) Eve. Kovac's storyline is what Luka's storyline always is. He was dumped by Sam so now he needs someone else to save. When the coma girl said" What do I have to do for you to give me a break?" I wanted to yell at the screen "have kids". Carol. Sam. To Luka they're all the same.

    I read something in the TV guide saying that ER has over stayed its welcome and it is sad to say but true. I'll still watch...for Carter's return, what's left of Kerry, Neela and Abby but this show is by no means what it once was.
  • "ER" has done it again! Not only can they find a way to make you care about the patients AND the doctors, but you are left wishing for more- and who wouldn't want that in a drama tv show?

    "ER" has done it again! Not only can they find a way to make you care about the patients AND the doctors, but you are left wishing for more- and who wouldn't want that in a drama tv show?

    Some episodes of "ER" aren't perfect: but who can blame one of THE longest running shows of all time? The not-so-great episodes give us a greater sense of happiness when an episode is truly superb. Nothing was wrong with this episode, "Wake Up". The new attending playing a gameboy-like device, and annoying everyone, while still being a good doctor? Exciting, humorous, and exactly what "ER" should be. And there's a secret that Weaver knows about him: this should be getting pretty interesting, pretty soon. Luka took it upon himself to feel sorry for the comotose girl who "woke up"- he too has no family, but can't imagine how hard it would be to wake up after 6 years, and find that your entire world has moved on without you, and that your mother is dead. She was planning her wedding when she dropped into a coma- now her finace is married to someone else. Poor Blaire. But feeling sorry for Blaire didn't make a viewers feel less for Luka- because he became a doctor again when she slipped back into her coma, and than blamed himself, or so it seemd, when she didn't awake again. His pain was felt by all, and no one who has any appreciation for Luka Kovac hated him in this episode.
    Morris was, as usual, hillarious. Neela and Abby played their minor parts well, and Weaver still adds a little something to the show. Abby's mamogram thing was a bit sudden- we'll see what happens. My guess- it doesn't turn out all right.
    All in all a great episode, and we all should hope for more like this in the future!
  • Welcome back, ER energy!

    This was what I was hoping for, and not at all what I expected. I thought the episode would start with a bang, which it did (although the much-publicized Clemente entry stunt pretty much spoiled the effect.) But what surprised, and for a time, disappointed me, was the slow build-up of energy in the episode. John Leguizamo was in classic form as new attending Dr. Clemente, alternately bullying and impressing the residents in his charge. I never thought I'd see Morris as one of the gang, but for a time, he was.

    Balancing Clemente's increasingly strong presence on the floor was Goran Visnjic’s gentle Dr. Kovac visiting the coma patient in whom he'd taken an interest. It was a breath of fresh air to see Kovac a bit less buttoned-down than usual and slowly relaxing as he spent an occasionally flirtatious and often introspective day with his patient. And he smiled, repeatedly! That alone made the episode worth watching. Luka has begun to add some new layers and move in an interesting new direction these days, and I look forward to what’s coming.

    The episode’s energy peaked near the end of Act 3, with the completely unexpected first collision between Clemente and Kovac. I'd expected some interaction, but not on this scale. Each quickly established, and stood his ground throughout the encounter, as Kovac refused to be intimidated by the forceful Clemente. It was great to Kovac take charge, going so far as to grab an instrument out of Clemente’s hand, and push him away from Blaire. Round One to Kovac, in what will clearly be an extended battle of will and style, until one emerges as ER leader. My money's on the big man from Croatia.

    A bit lost in the proceedings was Abby's sweet story with her cancer patient that led to her decision to get her baseline mammogram. Plaudits to ER for getting behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Tied to the Cause; the scarf looks great on Kerry! Pratt's story with his father seemed equally lost, and increasingly disjointed, and Ray's just sleazy – do I see penicillin in his future? Every time I start to like him a bit, he reverts to type once again. Overall, a great first effort from new producer/writer Janine Sherman Barrois. I look forward to what she’ll bring to the show in the future.
  • Terrific story and I forgot about everything else.

    This episode was one of those where you know it will stick in your mind. The ex coma patient was played brilliantly and it was nice to see a bit more of Ray this week. Clemente was a little tiresome but Neela's line to Morris, "You liked his bloody shoes you wanker!" was hilarious. I can only hope for more episiodes like this to come.
  • This could be the episode that gets me to watch ER again

    I feel that I need to preface my review with what could be considered a disclaimer...

    I was able to watch most of the early seasons of ER thanks to TNT, one summer. Then I watched a full new season (10 I believe, it was the one after they all came back from Africa) and part of the 11th. I really enjoyed those early seasons, and ER quickly became one of my favorite shows. Then came the 12th season, and boy did my opinion change. For some reason I just stopped caring about any and all of the charecters. There were so many to keep track of, and I mostly did not care. Then Corday left, Romano got crushed by a helicopter (cheap move!). I threw up my hands, and said "I'm done!"
    That being said...

    I watched this episode last night, and I must say I was pleasently surprised. John Leguizamo's character is exactly what the show needs. His entrance was very well done. He reminds me of some of my favorite characters (Green, Doug, Romano), and I think that this charecter is one of the best new ones they have had in a LONG time. Morris and Pratt just annoy me at times. It was awesome to see Danny Glover, I always enjoy watching him. I was upset to hear that Susan is not coming back...she was also one of my favorites.

    In general, this was one of the better episodes of ER that I have seen in a while, and I do believe that it has inspired me to watch next week, keeping an open mind, and maybe, just maybe, have my faith in this show restored.