Season 15 Episode 18

What We Do

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on NBC

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  • The few, the proud...the desk clerks! Morris faces a crisis and lands on his feet. Carter faces a crisis and lands on his face.

    Something wonderful is happening on ER in these last few episodes. The stories are quieter and calmer with real issues/resolutions and real character development. The comedy actually makes sense. Archie's girl is shot, is intubated, has surgery and survives intact. He faces a crisis and becomes the Archie Morris we all knew he could be. Strong, emotional and steady. Scott Grimes totally rocked it tonight. Totally. Neela learns the Brenner has a secret he refuses to share with her and calls it quits. Loved her interview enlightenment about why she prefers surgery to the ER. Thought provoking and her character in a nutshell. David Lyons did a wonderful job with Brenner's tortured soul this week. I actually felt sorry for him. Sam's mother continues to push her limits....and Sam - surprisingly - refuses to walk away. Nice stuff with Amy Madigan and Linda C this week. Even nicer stuff between Amy Madigan and John Stamos. (Although he totally needed a shave. Looking like the rabies guy again.) Noah Wyle has done a great job exhibiting Carter's slow descent into kidney failure. He's sick. He's lonely. He's tortured. He'll bounce back. He is the 'soul' of the show.....right?

    But the best thing of all in this already wonderful episode was the screen time given to Chuny, Haleh, Grady, Frank and Jerry. They'll be missed as much as the big hooha stars. Maybe even more......