Season 15 Episode 18

What We Do

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on NBC

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  • A really big and amazing episode..

    This was a episode what had the feeling that end is coming.. and that was so dark and depressing in some way, but in other way the massiveness of things they did.. it worked.. everyone was evolving, on turning points. What comes next comes.. and they have set a perfect set..

    I so much enjoyed the interviews.. When I first heard that this episode has that "theme" I was.. not again one of those episodes that so many shows to about looking things live.. they have done it in earlier season.. and I was not too amazed.. but they did something totally different.. they had that amazing sense of emotion through this time. To have those chars talk out about what they think.. about their work.. about themselves. It was priceless. Specially Carter.. and even if I mostly dislike Brenner.. he really made it trough to me.. that pain.. suffering.

    In overall - it was one really huge episode.. having so many storylines, so many developments.. and I enjoyed every piece of it.
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