Season 4 Episode 4

When the Bough Breaks

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 1997 on NBC

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  • A episode that really stand out

    oh, it was so refreshing to see something different for a while. It had got so calm and little boring lately (never thought I am going to say that about ER), nut this episode - it brought back the old good action, intriguing cases and that kind of character development and conflicts that I enjoy.

    The school bus accident made this episode special. They were flooded with so many patience and the way they handled it, the way it was written, good camera work - I just enjoyed every second, cannot got my eyes of the screen. I have missed that feeling so long.

    But the case was not the only thing - we had also many fantastic character moments. Carter - he is just always such an amazing, Bello - I really start to like that char, and not mentioning Cordey - she starts to fit in and for me it is the place where she belongs.

    The only negative thing - I am tired of Greene's endless bad mood and the way he treats others (Carol and Carter) and somehow Benton's storyline - it has been squeezed everything out already.
  • Enjoyable

    This was one of the better-than-average ER episodes, one I would consider to be good in terms of writing and characters. I particularly liked the episode for its various charactrer interactions, and the school bus crash provides a nice episode contrast, between the calmness of triage and the manic trauma rush later on.

    Firstly, I'm already liking the new surgeon, Elizabeth. Her personality is such that she can immediately fit straight into the OR team and communicate with Benton in a fresh way (normally we only see him in a dominating/submissive relationship with Carter, or arguing with the ex).

    I'm also enjoying the conflict between Anna and Doug. ER have written this well, with two strong personalities competing understandably. Plus, it hasn't yet become boring, which is good.

    The confrontation between Benton and Carter was also done really well, with some real philosophy thrown-in for measure. I'm finding Carter bearable so far this season, which is always a good sign.

    The Jeannie and Kerry bit could have been better, I think, but Jeannie's medical decision was done well, and this clearly poses questions for future episodes.

    The Carol plot wasn't that great this episode, but it was ok as a minor story-line away from the trauma.

    I'm beginning to tire of Mark, so it does seem promising that he may be forced to change at some point soon. Although, classic ER foreshadowing in the form of a psychic mad person does suggest a new relationship (and the ending, of course)...